Tivat Airport expansion begins

Construction companies from Montenegro have begun work on the expansion of the country’s second international airport – Tivat. The project includes the construction of a new platform (apron) for aircraft handling and the project will also include the construction of supporting infrastructure. The project, which is being financed by Airports of Montenegro, is worth 2 million Euros with its aim being to increase handling capacity at the airport. The new platform will be primarily used by general aviation (as in private jets) which are seeing a large increase in operations to Tivat. The new platform will be able to handle six aircraft with a maximum wing span of 20 metres. Otherwise two scheduled commercial aviation aircraft, known as category C aircraft, can be handled. Category C aircraft include Boeing 737 jets and Airbus A320s. The project should be complete in 3 months after which a new lighting system will be implemented.

Tivat Airport is seeing an increase in passenger numbers this year despite charter flights being rerouted to Podgorica due to noise complaints from the citizens. Currently reconstruction of Podgorica’s terminal 1 is also under way. These projects take place under the new expansion strategy for Montenegro’s airports.