Jat Airways summer 2009
6 new destinations

Will Jat beat the competition this summer?
This summer Serbia’s Jat Airways will commence services to 6 new destinations. After two decades the airline will return to Abu Dhabi while it will commence services to Gothenburg, Malta and Tripoli which it cancelled during the winter due to low profitability. Seasonal services to Pula will commence earlier this year - in April, flights to Ohrid will operate direct from Belgrade (unlike before) while seasonal services to Tunis begin immediately.

Most services will see increases in frequencies. Jat’s popular service to Milan will decrease from 5 to 4 flights per week however there will be a significant increase in capacity as the aircraft type changes from an ATR72 to a B737-300. Despite being in direct competition with the low-cost airline Germanwings, Jat will significantly increase services to Stuttgart, from 2 to 5 flights per week while the aircraft type will also be upgraded from an ATR72 to B737. Flights to Paris and Moscow will be doubled to two daily flights, Zurich and Dusseldorf will see 3 extra flights per week and Brussels will see 2 extra flights. New flights to Abu Dhabi will operate 2 times per week while Gothenburg will also have the same frequency but for the first time in recent years it will operate as a non-stop flight (in the past it usually operated via Stockholm).

As for regional services nearly all will see significant increases. New flights to Ohrid will operate twice a week non-stop from Belgrade (previously these flights operated via Skopje). Jat will become the second largest carrier operating out of the Macedonian capital with a total of 12 weekly flights (increased by 5). Sarajevo and Ljubljana will have the same frequencies as they had during the winter while there will be a total of 42 flights to Montenegro. Both Tivat and Podgorica will see 21 weekly flights. Flights to Thessaloniki will be increased by 4 weekly frequencies bringing the total number of flights to 6. Services from Niš to Zurich will operate twice per week as they have during the winter. There will also be many charter flights which have increased by 20% when compared to 2008.

The schedule below shows the frequencies during this winter and the planned frequencies. Also the table shows the aircraft used during the winter months and which aircraft will be used during the summer.

Flights from Belgrade:

DestinationFrequency (winter 2008/09)Frequency (summer 2009)Aircraft type (winter 2008/09)Aircraft type (summer 2009)
Abu Dhabi (from May 5)-2-B737-300
Amsterdam5 (2 via Brussels)5 (2 via Brussels)B737-300B737-300
Banja Luka33ATR72ATR72
Gothenburg (from June 16)-2-B737-300
London79B737-200 and B737-300B737-300
Malta (from March 30)-2-B737-300
Moscow714B737-200 and B737-300B737-300
Ohrid (from June 1)-2-ATR72
Podgorica1421ATR72 and B737-300ATR72 and B737-300
Pula (from April 23)-2 (+2 from June)-ATR72
Tel Aviv22 (1 via Larnaca)B737-300B737-300
Tunis (from March 30)-1-B737-300
Tivat1321ATR72 and B737-300ATR72 and B737-300
Tripoli (from March 30)-2 (via Malta)-B737-300

* All frequencies above are weekly. The timetable is subject to change and if there are any changes it will be updated.


  1. Any ideas of introducing Kosovar airline scene and its carriers and schedules to this blog? This market is quite a vivid one, and it certainly qualifies under Ex-Yu label.

  2. jasamseljak01:46

    Just out of my common knowledge, Scanderbeg Air from JFK is flying nonstop to PRN starting June 1, 2009. And the flights are scheduled, too! But chances are they won't last through the winter...


  3. I don't see Dubrovnik in the table..



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