Rain delays Tivat Airport reconstruction

Tivat Airport from above
Construction work being carried out at Montenegro’s second largest airport, Tivat, which includes the extension of the current aircraft platform and the construction of additional aprons is taking more time than anticipated due to poor weather. Construction of the new part of the airport platform is worth 2 million Euros. The construction is being financed by the “Airports of Montenegro” company. The investment will increase Tivat Airport’s capacity. The new platform will cater mostly for business aviation which has seen a big increase at Tivat Airport. The new aprons will be able to accommodate the largest aircraft types in the business aviation fleet. There will be a total of 6 new aircraft parking spaces. Alternatively large aircraft such as the Boeing B737 and the Airbus A320 will also be able to park in these spaces. New taxi way lighting will also be put into operation once the entire project is complete. The current platform has a total of 7 parking spaces.

Granted that the weather stabilises construction work should be finished by June. A few years ago the passanger terminal at Tivat Airport underwent significant reconstruction and modernisation.