New flights from Banja Luka

Banja Luka Airport terminal building
B&H Airlines and Serbia’s Jat Airways are negotiating with the airport of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city, Banja Luka, in order to begin new services from the airport. Jat Airways, which currently operates 3 flights per week from Belgrade, is interested in beginning services to Tivat in Montenegro from mid June. Banja Luka Airport is trying to persuade B&H Airlines to introduce a stopover on its new flights from Sarajevo to either Stockholm, Gothenburg or Copenhagen. B&H Airlines operates 3 flights per week from Banja Luka to Zurich which according to Banja Luka Airport CEO is recording satisfactory passenger numbers. “The flights to Zurich are very popular which is the reason why the number of flights have been increased from 2 to 3 per week”, Velimir Bobić, Banja Luka Airport CEO said.

During 2008 a total of 12.000 passengers passed through the airport’s doors, while this year the number is expected to be significantly increased. The airport’s management believes that passenger figures would be even higher if the rigorous visa regime currently in place would be lifted. Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina must have visas to travel to any country within the European Union and they are often difficult to get.

Currently, the cost of tickets from Banja Luka to Belgrade one way amount to 148 Convertible Bosnian Marks (75 Euros) while a return ticket costs 273 Convertible Bosnian Marks (139 Euros). A one way ticket on flights to Zurich cost approximately 178 Euros, although there are 10 different pricing options, all of which depend on the amount passengers stay in either Zurich or Banja Luka, depending on which city they travelled to. Plans for the launch of the low cost Sky Srpska, which was to have its hub in Banja Luka, have been delayed until further notice.


  1. PhilipSweden10:42

    I hope the Banja Luka Airport will make some more promotion about the airport, and of course make stopovers in either belgrade or sarajevo, because i have flying with both Croatia Airlines and Jat, and it always empty seats, and i hope they will fill those seats with Banja luka passengers!/ Philip

  2. Anonymous13:43

    Banja Luka airport also met with Ryanair back in March...

  3. when are you going to show jat's new cabin?

  4. Anonymous17:20

    Why all of us stop talking about any progress regarding ex YU airports because of the visas!!! Why we don't start intreduce our cities, Banja Luka, Ohrid, Nis, etc. In other countries as a weekend holiday destinations! I am sure that every city in EX YU countries has to show something for a long weekend! Until visa regimes get more liberal maybe we could have more people from other countries knowing us for nice things, not only the war! Thanks

  5. Anonymous18:41

    Question for EX YU aviation: Why the flight Banja Luka-Belgrade and Belgrade - Banja Luka are never listed on Nikola Tesla's web site arrivals/departures?

    Thank you in advance


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