Passenger numbers continue to decline

Jat cabins empty as passenger numbers decline
As May draws to a close Jat’s passenger figures continue to decline for a 6th consecutive month. The airline has published its results for the month of April. In the first 4 months of 2009, Jat Airways has carried a total of 261.203 passengers, 602 tonnes of cargo and 210 tonnes of mail. Comparing to the same period last year and with 19% less flights Jat carried 19% less passengers, transported 34% less cargo and transported 10% more of mail. The Cabin Load Factor (CLF) which stood at 53% by the end of April in 2008 now stands at 50%, 3 index points lower. In the first 4 months of the year Jat is particularly noting a decline in passengers travelling to Montenegro. Passenger numbers on lines to Tivat and Podgorica declined by a large 55%.

In April 2009, Jat transported 77.273 passengers. This means, compared to last April, passenger numbers have declined by 18%. In April 2009 the CLF stood at 57% which is a decrease from 59% in April 2008.Compared to last year the only sector seeing an increase in passenger numbers is charter services. There were a total of 15 more charter flights in April 2009 compared to the same month last year. Charter flights have increased by 10% this year while passengers on charter flights have also increased by 12%.

By the end of April 2008 a total of 15.000 passengers travelled with Jat to Montenegro while this year the number is 5.646. On Euro-Mediterranean services Jat carried a total of 67.323 until April 2009, compared to 74.894 passengers last year. Passengers travelling on Jat’s charter flights increased from 3.833 to 4.305 this year. Nevertheless, April is so far the best performing month for Jat so far this year. The low passenger figures are a result of the global financial crisis. The airline will publish its May results in a few weeks. Last year Jat recorded its best May passenger figures since 1991, which will be tough to beat this year.


  1. Anonymous21:58

    that's why Jat should focus on buying smaller planes

  2. Anonymous04:02

    and the leather seats look ugly!

    does any other airline from ex-yu have leather seats for busines class?

  3. Anonymous13:52

    I would argue that the low passenger numbers are in large part due to the expensive tickets on the Tivat-BG route. Recently I was in Herceg Novi and I needed to fly back to Belgrade. The cheapeast ticket I could find on line on either JAT or Montenegro Airlines web sites was 103 euros. I was on the verge of making the journey by bus. When I went to the travel agency to buy my bus ticket, I asked them for the price and they were able to find me a ticket for 67 euros one way on the first morning flight at 7 a.m. So I wound up taking the plane. These days, whenever I travel from the EU to Montenegro I try to go via Zagreb and Dubrovnik, since Croatia Airlines has deals on the ZG-DBV flights to the tune of 50 euros for a one way ticket. Perhaps one day when Wizz Air or Ryan Air are allowed to fly the BG-Tivat route, we will have tickets at 50 euros or less?

  4. @ Anonymous, Montenegro Airlines has leather seats in their planes.

    @ Anonymous 2, were the ticket prices between Tivat/Podgorica and Belgrade just as expensive now as they were last year?

  5. Anonymous04:31

    arrghhh okayy. B&H Airlines has blue leather seats all throughout their ATR fleet.


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