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Croatia and Montenegro sign new air agreement
Representatives of the Croatian and Montenegrin governments have signed a new air agreement between the two countries which should regulate air traffic. The agreement will allow Montenegro Airlines to introduce a 2 weekly service from Podgorica to Zagreb from this fall. Previously, air traffic between the two countries was regulated based on old and out of date documents. Croatia Airlines already serves Podgorica from Zagreb three times per week and will continue to do so during the 2009/10 winter season, without decreasing existing frequencies. The new agreement will allow airlines from Montenegro and Croatia to receive a license to operate to the other country with more ease.

Meanwhile, another Croatia Airlines Dash 8 Q400 aircraft has been involved in an incident, this time however the incident was minor and through no fault of any mechanical failure. The aircraft was hit by a bird which flew in the propeller of the aircraft as it was landing at Split Airport from Vienna. No one was aware of the strike until ground handling staff noticed blood on the wing of the aircraft and found the birds’ remains in the engine. The aircraft’s next flight, to Zagreb, was cancelled as a result. Despite the fact that there was absolutely no danger to passengers, some Croatian tabloid newspapers did not hold back in dramatizing the event. The aircraft in question is the brand new Dash 8 called Istra which began operating for the airline less than a week ago.


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  3. frequentflyer11:16

    Another good move in terms of cooperation in the region. Let's hope to see a few more!

    Was anything said about compensating the equipment stolen from DBV in '95 (some of which is being used at TGD) which was a major sticking point between the two countries achieving something like this in previous years?

  4. I think Croatia was given some 50 cows for compensation.

    It made big news in Croatia as well.

    No Joke!

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