B&H launches new webpage

B&H Airlines has launched a new corporate website at www.bhairlines.ba. The new website, which had been announced by the national airline of Bosnia and Herzegovina for some time, finally allows passengers to book their tickets online. Online ticketing is a compulsory service all IATA member airlines must offer to their passengers or otherwise they will face suspension. The Bosnian carrier has been a member of IATA for some time now. B&H Airlines is the last national carrier in the former Yugoslav region to introduce online ticketing.

The new website is still in the development phase and thus many of its links are still not functioning, including the ticketing purchase option. The website is expected to be running smoothly by the end of August. Since the airline was taken over by Turkish Airlines late last year, B&H Airlines has changed its web page design once.


  1. The website looks real good :) Apparently it says that they are working on duty free and that in-flight magazines will be published twice next year. Ordering special meals will be enabled soon as well :D

  2. yayyyy its about BH Airlines is getting serious! Just let us get the other B734 and we will be happy for the time being!

  3. Yeah, they're also thinking of getting a third Boeing and an ATR, but we'll see for ourselves. Times will hopefully get better. Let's hope we will even get through this current economic crisis!

  4. Anonymous21:06

    I don't think it's very wise to get the 3rd B737 at the end of this summer season. With 2 B737s they could easily cover 2 or 3 more destinations such as London, Paris, Amsterdam and use ATRs for Munich and Ljubljana to get some market share from Adria and Lufthansa.

  5. I don't think they need a third Boeing for now, but they might in the future.


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