Niš gets flights

Busy times ahead for Niš
Serbia’s third largest city, and second international airport, has received some good news as foreign airlines plan to begin scheduled flights from Constantine the Great Airport. After Jat Airways announced its withdrawal from the Niš – Zurich service (and Niš itself), Montenegro Airlines announced the inauguration of flights between Niš and the Swiss city on November 14. Flights from Podgorica to Niš will be launched a day earlier, on November 13. Flights will operate twice per week with the Fokker F100. Montenegro Airlines promises that it will introduce more flights from Niš in the near future.

Meanwhile, the Swedish airline MCA will begin its 3 weekly service from Stockholm to Niš starting Monday December 14. A round trip will set passengers back approximately 300 Euros. Media reports state that the city authorities are negotiating with the Italian Windjet to commence flights from Bologna by the end of the year. A private, yet to be named, Russian airline has also apparently requested a license to begin flights to Niš. The Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate has said that it now gives out licenses to any airline wishing to begin flights to Serbia.

As the “good times role”, Niš Constantine the Great Airport launched a new look website.

Do you think all of these flights are disasters waiting to happen or a potential financial goldmine? Send in your comment.

All flight details can be found on the right hand side in the “new route launches” section.


  1. frequentflyer09:08

    Disaster! Disaster! Disaster!!

    What big business is there in the town to warrant flights? Like TZL, this is a 'lets operate flights because we have an airport' rather than 'lets operate flights because there is a big demand to locations X, Y and Z'. YM is using this to gain access from BEG in the medium-term, not due to financial bonanzas.

    And guess who's missing (again) from the equation: [drumroll...] JAT! If they were serious about serving the 2nd airport of their country (as national airlines have an obligation), then we'd see ATRs operating shuttles connecting to/from waves out of BEG.

    But it doesn't happen... because we're more interested in running taxis around Belgrade instead??

  2. JATBEGMEL10:26

    @ exyuaviation

    Passenger wise, INI is Serbia's third airport, after BEG and PRN...

    @ frequentflyer

    very true. the sad thing is that YM have smaller aircraft for the route which would probably be more profitable to run compared to JAT's B733 that ran the route. Would be good for JAT to offer a couple more frequencies from BEG to big routes like LHR, CDG but have them run via INI.

    Good luck to YM on the route...

  3. Whoever has flown with YM or worked with YM know that it's a great airline. Sounds inbelievable, but it's true. They are my airline of choice for flights from Belgrade to Montenegro and Macedonia. No delays, clean and comfortable aircraft, young and excellent cabin crew. Agents and passengers in Serbia know that, but elsewhere YM should work on building their image as people wrongfully associate YM with proverbial or rather jovial Montenegrin laziness. Good luck YM!!!

  4. JATBEGMEL11:35

    @ malisani

    very true. i havnt flown with YM but our family friend choose YM over JAT because theyre cheaper and better than JAT. As for the delays, last year coming back from TIV my cousins were delayed for over an hour and the staff at TIV werent very helpful.

    In the papers a couple months back, those working in YM receive almost if not double the wages their colleagues at JAT earn btw.

  5. Nemanja16:27

    I Dissagree Nis has an approximate population of 300'000 more than Podgorica. If Podgorica and Tivat can gain profitable routes then I dont see why nis cant. Nis needs regional routes such as Skopje Sarajevo Tivat Podgorica Banja Luka nad Zagreb with not many bus a few medium range routes Zurich Moscow and Stckholm no more than that.

  6. Nemanja16:29

    but not bus sorry typing mistake

  7. Anonymous17:27

    I agree with Nemanja and Malisani, absolutely true Nis has population more than Podgorica, I do not see the reason why it wouldn't have more flights(the same with Banja Luka), the problem is there that people are not used to it or if you prefer they do not have "flying culture/habit"... If you interduce to people the routes wit A GOOD MARKETING, afordable flights I do not see the reason why Nis wouldn't become a major airport for that region..... if YM has a good managment they should think about interducing a "low cost" system for regional flight(withing Ex YU countries), without meals, drinks etc, and have special offers where people would have a chance to experience flying, rather than travel for endless hours on coaches etc. I genuinley hope this will work! the best of luck to YM!

  8. Anonymous17:34

    a question:

    Why it says on official Nis airport website that flight to Podgorica and Zurcih by Ym are until March 2010? Is that winter seasonal thing or trial period they have signed a contract for? Thanks

  9. Anonymous17:35

    By the way, new website really looks good! Go Nis go :-)

  10. ^ March 27 is the last day of the 2009/10 winter season

  11. Anonymous18:54

    And they are not planning yo fly during summer?

  12. ^ Most airport's only display the seasonal timetable (flight times for the current season, in this case winter).

  13. Anonymous20:03

    Thanks :-) Hvala

  14. Anonymous22:18

    I don't think that Nis needs any non-stop services to major cities around Europe. A daily flight with a hub-and-spoke carrier like OS to VIE and that's it. Provides more than enough connections. Some summer flights to TIV and AYT. That's the potential of INI.

  15. Anonymous21:03

    What I find rather funny is that in ALL news about Swedish MCA talk like LOW COST company! I do wonder what is LOW COST in 300 euros???!!!! If I am not mistaken(and I am sure I am not!!) that is an average salary in Nis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous01:04

    All they need is connecting flights to PRN and BEG.

  17. Anonymous18:13

    I wish that airport will face more traffic in the future.

  18. Anonymous00:56

    Nis has a great potential to have up to 1 million passengers a year within couple of years. Ryan air can use Nis as an major hub-Belgrade,Sofiya,Skopje,Prishtine is not far away and more than 10 million people are living in the area-good luck Nis-Advertising to the maximum.


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