Turkish denies Macedonian plans

Adria wants a piece of the Macedonian cake
Turkish Airlines has denied speculation by the Macedonian media that it will become the designated flag carrier of Macedonia. In a statement to the media, the Turkish carrier said that the Macedonian market is important to them but that it is not interested in commencing such a wide scale project. It is believed that it would be unprofitable for Turkish to operate 2 airlines in the region, one being in Macedonia and the other being B&H Airlines in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Meanwhile, Slovenia’s Adria Airways is believed to be very interested in becoming the designated flag carrier of Macedonia. Adria has been willing to explore new markets and has also expressed interest in Montenegro Airlines’ privatisation process. However, with a greater market, Macedonia would be more lucrative.

Macedonia has been without a national carrier since MAT was grounded in January. Since then, many plans have been proposed for the launch of a new airline, none of which have become a reality yet.


  1. Anonymous09:59

    Well expected

  2. It may have just been a stunt to attract further interest or to increase the price of what ever they were selling.

  3. JATBEGMEL17:04

    mah, who knows what will happen in Macedonia, whether they will get another carrier soon. Adria is also posting losses, and by the way theyre selling off their fuselages for advertisement for money...no comment.

    out of all the carriers in the Yugoslav region, i believe that only OU would be something more believable if it were to be mentioned that they would create the next macedonian airline. After all they seem to be looking after themselves quite well, nice fleet, smart changes. JAT would be more believable if they would improve on their own fleet and its Belgrade market first let alone the fleet of a sub company and the Macedonian market.

  4. Austrian budget arline Fly Niki, owned by former Grand Prix driver Niki Lauda, has received permission to operate from Belgrade to Vienna, on a trial basis, from February next year. The cost of the cheapest return ticket will not exceed €29 euros, including taxes.

  5. ANONYMOUS13:04

    Croatian Airlines backs are also to the wall like the others - they can't even make a profit when they face minimal LCC competition, good luck to them when the LCC's flood the market...

    There is only 1 logical solution to Macedonia: Wizz Air Macedonia. Problem solved. They don't need another 'national' airline to provide connecting traffic feed to hubs, when all the others already provide this: eg. Austrian, LH, Turkish, CSA, etc.

    They need low cost point to point services, something they don't have now.

  6. aleksanadar

    i think i agree with idea Wizz Air Macedonia
    i flew with Wizz Air and it's great, cheap and comfort.
    the best is prices
    Macedonia will have a huge increase of passengeres with Wizz Air.

    hope this will soon happen.


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