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Jat’s B737-700 is expected in Belgrade in March 2010
In face of large scale competition, Jat is rapidly moving to change its old ways. The Serbian carrier has announced a network wide ticket sale, starting today, which will see ticket prices slashed to many European services. Also today, the airline has called on Belgrade taxi corporations to send in their best offers for the free transportation of Jat Airways passengers to and from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. From January 1, 2010 all passengers travelling Jat will be able to hitch a ride to and from the airport for free with a certain taxi company in Belgrade (which will be chosen through this tender). Passengers will present their Jat ticket to the taxi driver and receive a free ride, within Belgrade.

It has also been revealed that Jat is directly negotiating with Boeing’s director of sales for Europe and Russia for the lease of a Boeing B737-700, scheduled to join the airline in March 2010. Jat has requested for Boeing to send in its offer for the lease. This could mean that the aircraft could be either brand new or up to 2 years old.

All of these measures are part of the airline’s 2010 plan, also dubbed the “recovery plan”. The Serbian government will, by Friday, set up a task group that will oversee how the recovery plan is progessing and whether Jat is meeting its deadlines and obligations. Jat’s management has repeatedly blamed Jat’s previous CEO, Saša Vlaisavljević, and his team for destroying many aspects of the airline. He, as well as many of his colleagues have either lost their jobs or been demoted.


  1. The ticket sale has been cancelled. Fares are not available through GDS's. This is going to be interesting! :-)

  2. frequentflyer10:13

    Given they could almost get 2 'almost new' leased planes for the same price as buying a single one, I know what i'd be choosing when i'm faced with a fleet of ageing 733s...

    And what a nice touch to blame the former CEO for everything! Yes, he may be responsible, but it is the current administration's job to fix the situation immediately!

    @ EX-YU

    I believe the last word should be 'demoted' - that word currently written there doesn't exist!

  3. @ frequentflyer

    The word 'demoted' does exist!

    It means:
    'to reduce somebody or something to a lower rank, status or position.'

  4. JATBEGMEL11:10

    @ frequentflyer

    well the new guy wouldnt comment Vladisavljevic as a top bloke for doing little if anything in improving JAT. But yes, blaming people isnt going to solve anything, and very true that changes to fix the situation should be immediately.

    @ malisani


  5. I think the free taxi service is a great initiative and a great example of thinking out of the box BUT....., Jat will need to implement some kind of system to ensure they are not ripped off.

    We all know how doggie taxi driver can be in any country and I can already see Taxi drivers over charging Jat. I mean will a customer really care if the meter is running and for how long the meter has been running for? They will just be more then happy to have there free ride and will pay no attention to the meter.

  6. I assume that JAT will do the flat-rate for the airport rides, as some taxi association are doing (I think Zuti taksi), and that is common in other cities, like JFK-Manhattan (I think it's $45 or $55 +tip +tolls).
    I just can't get out of my mind that the new CEO was blaming the last one because he wanted to leas 3 B737-700, by saying that Jat should buy planes, or something like that, and now he is doing more-less the same thing.

  7. Ups, not 3 B737, but 2.

  8. Anonymous08:22


    What are you reffering to when you say that ticket sales have been cancelled in the gds'?

  9. JATBEGMEL08:58

    @ Milos Djeric

    Vlaisavljevic wanted to have the B737's come in during September this year where as Radovanovic didnt see the point in brining in additional aircraft into the fleet during the winter months while JAT normally is reducing its frequencies.

  10. @ Anonymous

    The promo fares that should have been available from yesterday were taken out of GDS's and the advertised ticket sale was cancelled.

  11. ANONYMOUS16:01

    The ticket sale was cancelled with about 6 hours notice.

    The taxi idea is absolutely RIDICULOUS! they need to LOWER costs, not raise them. Stupidist idea i've ever heard of.

  12. Anonymous19:10

    Now when the Serbian government is behind Jat-Take a great loan and buy 5-6 Boeing 737-700, 5-6 Atr 72-500 and maybe 3-4 crj-900 or similar.

  13. Anonymous19:15

    Jat should lease a lot of aircrafts now,the market is full with unused aircrafts so they can make a god deal now, if things should go in a positive direction within 2-3 years, then they could buy some aircrafts and join for ex star alliance

  14. JATBEGMEL11:29

    why should JAT join star alliance when in the Balkans star already has OU and JP? JAT will probably go into SkyTeam.

    Not all the million passengers JAT flies is now gonna go by taxi because there is a free taxi service. Remember, a RETURN ticket with JAT is needed to be elegible for the free taxi WITHIN Belgrade. If Pera for example is going to Cacak, he aint getting the free taxi. JAT should of made the free taxi service available for Business Class passengers only.

  15. Anonymous18:31

    Good to hear about modern Boeing 737-700 will join the JAT fleet - modernisation is a must.

  16. Anonymous05:46

    Yeah Right keep on dreaming.....


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