Crisis not over yet

Zagreb reports greater passenger decreases
Some Croatian airports for the month of October have reported a big decline in passenger figures when compared to last year. Over the past few months the number of passengers handled was lower than last year but the losses were not as great as they were at the beginning of the year, prompting the belief that all the affected airports will stage a recovery by the end of 2009. However, Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik and Pula continue to see passenger numbers fall while Rijeka is the newest addition to the list.

The number of passengers handled at Zagreb Airport in October decreased by 10.4%. A total of 174.490 passed through the airport this October compared to last year’s 194.747. The number of passengers transiting through Zagreb Airport fell by a significant 71%. Rijeka, which saw a 5.6% increase in September saw a 15.3% passenger decline in October. Continuing with its downward trend was Pula Airport which handled 10.781 passengers, down by 16%. Dubrovnik and Split also reported losses – 8.2% and 2% respectively.

On a more positive note, Zadar continues to report substantial passenger growth with its October 2009 figures increasing by 83.8%. This growth can be largely contributed by the increased number of operations from the airport. Osijek also reported good results with passenger figures increasing by 62.6%.

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  1. Looking at that picture there, the terminal just looks absolutely disgusting with it's Titoist-style architecture - yuck!

    The airport needs either a big renovation or a completely new modern terminal.

  2. Anonymous10:52

    wow i have to agree, the terminal looks so....communist!

  3. Anonymous11:18

    the picture actually doesn't show the terminal ... that is more to the right from this building :-) And the terminal itself underwent modernization this and last year and looks much better than before ... but I agree that a complete overhaul is needed!

  4. Sadly, Zagreb lost it chances of being anything significant in the region long time ago when the new terminal project was continuously delayed.

    Zagreb will need a sound business plan plus a lot of luck to become this regional leader they always talk about.

    With all the construction going on in Croatia, I can't believe this terminal has not been STARTED yet!

  5. Agreed with you all. One of the most beautiful cities in the world with an ugly airport like that? Shame.

  6. frequentflyer00:04

    It wouldn't surprise me if the growth and profitablity of OU is directly related to the lack of development of ZAG.

    The longer the terminal upgrade takes the worse off for Croatia's aviation and tourism industries. The present terminal is too small, uninviting for the passenger, and isn't the best first impression you want to give when arriving in a country!

    @ Bosnian

    Why they are still looking at a new terminal is very puzzling - an expansion and renovation of the present terminal is the cheapest and most logical solution in the medium term.

    @ Q400

    Yet this is at the same time that OU is expanding its fleet and trying to build its hub at ZAG. There's clearly no strategy at play here, especially at a political level!

  7. Anonymous21:56

    Could the removal of visas for Serbs affect Zagreb? maybe more airlines concentrating there? Now BEG has more chances of becoming a regional leader


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