Montenegro cuts prices

Slashing prices ... the Balkan way
Montenegro Airlines, which has been accused by the Montenegrin media for not reacting to the recent news that Montenegrins will be able to travel visa free from December 19, 2009 to countries of the Schengen Zone, has slashed prices on selected routes.

In cooperation with the Montenegrin Government, Montenegro Airlines will organise a special charter flight to Rome on which selected passengers will be travelling. Extraordinary students, notable farmers and those experiencing social hardship will be handpicked by the Government for this flight. The minister for sea, transport and telecommunications, Andrija Lompar, said, “This is a one day field trip to Rome in honour of these exceptional people”. Lompar also advertised the national carrier saying that it will slash prices on selected routes within the Schengen Zone and this way mark the liberation of the visa regime, imposed by the European Union 18 years ago.

Ticket prices for flights to Paris, Ljubljana, Frankfurt, Rome, Vienna, Zurich, Copenhagen and Dusseldorf will amount to 19 Euros. The catch? These are one way tickets excluding all taxes and added fees. For advertising purposes, alike its neighbouring rival, Montenegro Airlines’ ticket prices are hardly promotional when all taxes are included. Thus a return ticket from Podgorica to Frankfurt will cost 180, Ljubljana 194, Rome 168, Paris 214, Vienna 175, Zurich 201, Copenhagen 172 and Dusseldorf 171 Euros.