Priština to get new terminal

The French and Turks to run Priština as claims of corruption mount
Authorities in Priština have announced that the French-Turkish consortium has won the bidding for a 100 million Euro contract to run Priština Airport for the next 20 years, the “USA Today” newspaper reports. Under the deal, Limak Holding and Aeroport de Lyon will construct a new passenger terminal. The consortium beat the Turkish-German group Fraport-ICTAS and the Bouygues Batiment-Egis-PAIC international consortium for the contract. Priština Airport handles some 1.2 million passengers on a yearly basis.

Limak Holding and Aeroprot de Lyon will be required to modernize and expand the airport, investing over 100 million Euros in new infrastructure, including the construction of a new terminal building. Priština Airport was opened in 1965 and renovations to the apron and terminal were conducted in 2002 and 2009.

The news has been overshadowed by claims of corruption. Allegations from businessmen and opposition politicians say that the deal was not transparent. The decision to award the French-Turkish consortium the job was also strongly criticized by the American ambassador to Kosovo, Christopher Dell. Meanwhile, members of the Kosovar Government say that the process should be praised for its transparency.


  1. frequentflyer14:21

    Transperant or not, this is possibly the only airport in exYU with such a serious increase of airlines and pax through the doors in recent times, and looks like it will continue to grow in the near term.

    Roll on the new building!

  2. Anonymous11:20

    You totally missed the part about allegations. A local businessman that lost the bid and his paper criticized the deal. And no, the American ambassador defended the process.


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