Qatar and Macedonia sign air deal

Macedonian skies open for Qatar Airways
With the singing of an air transport agreement between Macedonia and the Gulf state of Qatar, the sky has opened for airlines between the 2 countries to commence an unlimited number of both passenger and cargo flights. The agreement was signed by Ibrahim Abdul Qadir, Qatar’s Civil Aviation Authority deputy chairman and the director of Macedonia’s Civil Aviation Directorate, Zoran Krstevski. Under the agreement, airlines from both countries would be able to operate an unlimited number of passenger and cargo flights using any type of aircraft. The two countries also agreed to adopt an open skies policy in order to include third, fourth and fifth freedom passenger rights on intermediate routes and beyond. This would, for example, allow an airline from Qatar to open flights between Macedonia and another third country.

Although Macedonian media have speculated that one of the world’s fastest expanding airlines, Qatar Airways, could begin services from Doha to Skopje, it seems unlikely at this point. Qatari newspaper, “The Peninsula”, believes that the new agreement could lead to increased trade and tourism between the 2 countries. Currently, Skopje does not have direct air links to the Middle East, with most passengers transiting through either Belgrade or Istanbul.


  1. Well good step done, but media always puts to much hopes, i think is hard to believe that one of the leading airlines in the world will start flights to Macedonia.

    This will be really good for charter flights as well for cargo flights.
    and about the regular flights will take some time....

    However it is good step.


  2. One question what has happend to Meridiana flight FCO-SKP?

    It has been removed from their website????

  3. Anonymous13:23

    I think they will use the Sky and maybee...maybe a flirht to SKP.

  4. frequentflyer02:35

    QR to SKP... a double-daily frequency with one of their 777s? These people need to get real!

    On a different note, great to see OU re-opening the domestic line OSI-DBV, weekly on Fridays from June 25. Let's hope there is a strong enough demand to keep this flying into the future, and perhaps next year also trialling OSI-PUY. Does anyone know if this is a public obligation (ie govt-subsidised) route?


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