More delays for B&H

This B737-800 is currently flying for B&H
The arrival of B&H Airlines’ Airbus A319 has once again been delayed. Originally, the aircraft was expected to arrive on June 4 but was delayed until June 15. The aircraft has now, once again, been delayed and the arrival date of the aircraft is unknown. However, Turkish Airlines, the airline’s part owner, has sent a Boeing B737-800 for a short period of time, until the A319 arrives. The B737-800, in Turkish Airlines colours, has been deployed on charter flights while the B&H B737-400 continues to operate on regular services.

The expected Airbus will replace B&H’s Boeing on all of its services. The airline’s sole B737-400 will remain in the fleet until the end of the 2010 summer season, serving mostly on charter flights and flights to Turkey. With the arrival of a second A319, at the start of the 2010/2011 winter season, the airline will phase out the B737-400. According to current plans, a third Airbus will be introduced during the 2011 summer season. One of the Airbuses will be provided by Turkish Airlines while the other two will be owned by B&H itself, as the Bosnian Government had ordered the aircraft for Air Bosna several years ago. The order will now be taken over by Air Bosna’s successor B&H Airlines.


  1. Anonymous09:12

    As I read on the major Aviation News
    some bad, or very bad news about JAT that it's going to stop flight operations soon, due to stranded and old aircrafts..
    It almost sounds like a...bankruptcy.
    Lack of money and so on.
    I would like to hear some comemnts about it.

  2. Ma jebem im mater, samo lažu! Neće ni taj Airbus nikad doći :(

  3. @Anonymous: As far as I know they are receiving engines for another 2 Boeings so they should have around 12 aircraft operating by the end of next week (while another 2 are grounded as was published here last week). Their fleet is old but airline’s usually don’t stop flying just because they have older planes. Besides, there are articles about Jat declaring bankruptcy every month for the past 5 years so... Similarly there are always articles about how Croatia Airlines is on the brink of financial collapse but these things don’t materialise.

  4. Anonymous11:19

    In today`s and yesterday`s issues of Serbian daily Blic, there are so many proofs that Kon Tiki is organizing media campaign against Jat, following Jat refusal to cancel its own scheduled flights in favour of Kon Tiki charters, missing timely approval for their new charter company, fairly after the dawn of the new summer season...
    Jat publicly confirmed Kon Tiki`s arrogant request and its own refusal on it.

  5. Anonymous12:52

    There are numerous mistakes in this report about BON

  6. New routes
    Dear EX-YU Aviation,

    Would you care to add a new route from TIA to PRN served by Albanian Airlines? You can find the relevant news in the Albanian Airlines website.

    Kind regards,

    Visit Kosovo

  7. @ Visit Kosovo: They will be added as soon as they are in the booking system with flight times.

  8. Anonymous11:50

    Happy news for B&H
    Turkish Airlines leasing
    A319-100 MSN 3142
    Olympic Air SX-OAV
    I think it will be shifted to B&H airlines.

  9. Anonymous17:43

    New Plane coming Aug 1st!


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