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Passengers to mark flights
In the next ten days, all passengers flying on one of Jat’s 35 destinations will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and rate their onboard experience with the Serbian national carrier. The move comes as Jat looks to improve its onboard service. Jat says that the questionnaires will show passenger satisfaction with its product and will allow Jat to “continue to improve its service in line with passengers’ requirements, needs and desires”. The national carrier told local media that it is “constantly improving its product and, as a result, a string of new services have been introduced in the past few months".

EX-YU Aviation News can now exclusively reveal that the airline has recently allocated significant funds towards improving its in-flight service with new tableware, blankets and pillows ordered. Furthermore, the airline plans to upgrade toilet facilities on all of its aircraft. The airline justifies the spending, claiming it will better compete with low cost airlines. Jat has also announced that it will not be continuing its seasonal service to Portorož, Slovenia despite an offer from the Piran – Portorož tourist board for subsidised flights to carry on throughout the winter.

Finally, the CEO of Jat Airways, Srdjan Radovanović has been on a business trip to the United States for the past ten days. It is unclear who Radovanović will be meeting in the US although the Serbian Government has said that Radovanović will be seeking a category one rating from the Federal Aviation Administration which would allow a Serbian airline to operate flights to the United States. At a recent gala dinner in New York, dedicated to foreign investment in Serbia and attended by the Serbian president Boris Tadić, a delegation from Boeing was present.


  1. Banja Luka09:05

    GO JAT! Can't wait i would love to fly JAT Directly Seattle Belgrade or Vancouver Belgrade! i Hope they start services soon!

  2. Anonymous09:47

    Ah ah ah ah... Jat is just wonderful!
    I flew them the other day and it was just great. Friendly crew, tasty food, good english... They actually went through the plane with blankets and pillows something I have not seen before.
    I am really happy with these improvements, good job to them :)
    Who needs the lowcost when you have such great service with the national carrier of your country :)

  3. Anonymous10:16

    That's hilarious. They are interviewing their pax. They should be interviewing the people that are no longer flying with them but with the competition as well.

    There passenger figures are decreasing rapidly at a time Belgrade airport is showing huge growth.

    I for one am no longer flying Jat, and I fly A LOT. I even prefer a connecting flight than to fly with that joke of an airline.

    PS. Let's all blame it to the US category II. If it weren't for that, Jat would be the most successful airline on the planet.

    Stop talking about intercontinental services when you can't get even the short haul right. Services? Have you heard of online check-in. I guess Jat is the only European airline that hasn't.

    Btw, Jat's Dubai flight service yesterday was how many hours late? Oh, wait, they canceled it... http://www.beg.aero/putnici/letovi.231.html?flightId=67230

  4. Jimmy Wang10:53

    The average fleet of JAT is so old that's better to plan a gradual renewal of the entire fleet.
    What's the choice? A319 or B737 NG for short and middle
    network? Let's forget direct long haul flghts from BEG by JAT; the serbian national carrier needs a lot of money for the purchase of B787 or A350X, from where?Unless a big airline would buy over JAT providing a huge financial support.

  5. Anonymous11:47

    Yeah, so what if the flight to Dubai was cancelled? The flight before that one was 5 minutes ahead of time! It landed in Larnaca 15 minutes early, I guess no one is talking about that one. Also on the 23.09 the flight from Istanbul came 30 minutes before the shceduled time. Get your facts right. Of course let's bash Jat it's always just so easy to do that. I do not see why they should interview the people that have stopped flying them, they should work on keeping the passengers that fly them now.
    The fact that you don't fly Jat is your own business. I would rather fly my own airline rather than support some western airline. I fly at least once to two times a month and i always try to make it with Jat. They always allow me to have extra weight (over 30 kilos), friendly crew, flights are not always late, actually all of my flights have been more or less on time, decent on board product... You are the usual modern Serb that considers that everything western has to be better than the local product. I have flown on almost every airline in Europe and Jat is far from being the worse out there!

  6. Anonymous12:14

    Ok, Jat is obviously trying to improve something in the service they offer...We should welcome that fact, tho rather forced by competition, not their intentions to change anything...
    Fair enough, it is a right move.
    But for them, it is going to be a very long, hard road to win new customers and regain the once they lost. But I believe it is possible, but they have to keep changing.
    If they do not get new ideas, just copy what the best in the industry are doing...

  7. Borisav Udududuvivivic17:16

    I am soooo happy! YAY! JAT might FLLLLY again too CLEVELAND, OHIO! So I could get on nonstop flight CLE-BEG :) yayyyy. I would be ok if they atleast have flights from New York or Chicago, to BEG, They would be full, I would fly them which would include that one stop, instead of now so many Serbians and people in Balkans stopping 2 times at airports, this way it would be one stop! :) or non stop :D

  8. Anonymous18:04

    like i said in yesterday's post...jat will try to create long-haul routes to improve its business. although many see this as a loss of money, it can actually bring lots of cash to the airline. for one thing, many people from the balkans live in canada and usa, so a direct cheap flight to belgrade will be a no brainer for them. this will still bring lots of money in to jat, which in turn might allow them to buy new regional planes. but i am sure that soon jat will be privatized and that it will get those airbus it ordered. excellent news though. i realy hope they start services to usa and canada.

  9. Anonymous19:24

    I am sure they could get some 767-300 for a good price.
    I do hope they have a livery change if these plans ever materialise :)
    I am sure they would launch Chicago first as it has the most Serbs living in the US and has good connections to other parts of the US.

  10. Anonymous22:46

    "The airline justifies the spending, claiming it will better compete with low cost airlines."

    Didn't JAT's CEO say that LCCs are not the competition?

    Finally admitted...implicitly.

  11. Just wondering why the CEO of an airline, which in this case is Jat would be trying to remove the US restriction of flights, shouldn't this be done by people in the Serbian civil aviation authority?

    Smells like a free Holiday :)

  12. JATBEGMEL09:32

    I like the idea of surveying pax on their flights, i had that happen to me on other airlines.

    Toilet facilities need desperate attention. A bar of soap 100 other pax have used previously doesnt sound too hygenic either.

    As for the pillows and blankets, good move for the 2+ hour flights imo, especially on the DXB route.

    The new cabin is cheap and horrible and i hope it doesnt come in the expected newer aircraft.

    JAT has been given the green light to Canada a couple years ago, just the US still hasnt removed Serbia from FAA CAT II. I dont think anything bad for the CEO giving it a shot, and i reckon the FAA CAT II is more political rather than safety based.

    @ anonymous JAT basher

    dont fly JAT. avoid it. move to another country that way there is a less chance you will see even JAT aircraft. I prefer supporting an airline giving employment to 1.000+ people in my country. Serbia already sees too many people forced to go overseas for employment as it is. I find the service on JAT far better than that on LH for example. Although, JAT's cabin isnt impressive, JAT crew are excellent and attentive and arent a complete ass.

  13. frequentflyer13:07

    Wow. An airline interested in what its passengers think of it...

    The FAA list for Category 2 seems almost political, it would be interesting to know if there is a renewal process (ie every 3 years) for a country to improve its situation, or alternatively be downgraded. It has nothing to do with the actual airlines themselves unfortunately - possibly as some of the FAAs home airlines wouldn't pass the bar!

    Wasn't UA forced to end its codesharing with OU (or planned codesharing) due to the fact that Croatia became Category 2 not so long ago?

  14. AirKoryoTU-20402:08

    Very ture in regards to the political aspect, another great example is of Air Koryo being banned from the E.U for up to 6 years. Now they have the all clear. So I am quite sure Jat will also be given the go ahead although for what reason? Are they serious about Long Haul to the US and or Canada? Long time in the making if so since the last effor to use 762ER's never came about.


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