Skywings to join EX-YU alliance

Skywings joining Jat and Montenegro Airlines
Macedonia’s largest charter airline, Skywings International, operating under the name Air Lift Service, has said it is joining Jat Airways and Montenegro Airlines in a regional EX-YU alliance. “This project plans to reduce ticket prices and establish new destinations to Western Europe”, a spokesperson from Skywings said. “We face the problem of high kerosene prices and taxes at both Skopje and Ohrid airports”. Skywings operates flights from Skopje to Dusseldorf, Zurich, Istanbul, Vienna, Rome, Brussels, Berlin and Hamburg. From Ohrid, the airline flies to Zurich and Skopje.

Last week there was confusion when the CEO of Montenegro Airlines, Zoran Djurišić, said there would be no unification of airlines or alliances. However, a few days later Montenegro’s Minister for Transportation, Andrija Lompar, told the media that Djurišić meant that there would be no takeover of airlines like some media suggested, rather, Jat and Montenegro Airlines would cooperate in order to decrease prices and jointly participate on certain routes.

The new EX-YU alliance will come into operation from October 31. Slovenia’s Adria Airways has also shown interest in joining the alliance while Croatia Airlines rejected its invitation.


  1. Aero09:21

    Ok, let them show us that winter schedule finally.

  2. Anonymous13:10

    Skywings is not charter airline but scheduled. I hope that we gona have cheeper ticket in winter schedule and more destination in macedonia.

  3. Anonymous13:45



  4. Anonymous15:32

    From 1. NOV/2010 Adria Airways will also fly on Priština - Düsseldorf route. ;)

  5. Anonymous19:39

    Jat is so stupid it's almost unbearable. Sure the the regional cooperation saves costs, but it also adds up on costs too. And in this case, Jat is losing more than gaining. Montenegro will be getting the most benefits, and Skywings will be a parasite for Jat. Why are they so stupid? Jat already has Kon Tiki travel (former Mat) in Macedonia so it has representation in Macedonia, and Montenegro is losing to JAt on the routes to Podgorica and Tivat. Now they gave that strategic position stupid!!!

  6. Arturo20:30

    Does anyone have the full schedule of Skywings? Their website is miserable...

  7. Anonymous21:28

    JAT is desperate, because they don't have money to buy or even lease aircraft. That why they want to consolidate with YM.

  8. Has B&H Airlines responded to this proposition already?

    By the way,

    2x/week SJJ-BNX-VIE
    2x/week SJJ-BNX-FRA
    3x/week SJJ-BNX-ZRH

    SJJ-SKP flights removed from Amadeus.
    SJJ-AMS flights still not loaded.


  9. Anonymous09:14

    TO be honnest I do not mind Skywings, let them operate the afternoon flight from Belgrade to Skoplje and Jat keep the evening flight, at least until they have the money for some new planes.
    As far as Montenegro goes, that makes me sick beyond words. They go back to the Montengran market and start gaining what they lost and now everything is falling apart.... What a bunch of incompetent idiots and morons are running our airline!!!

  10. JATBEGMEL09:33

    @ anonymous

    JAT is the way it is because of the lack of government investment. The government missmanages things real bad and Dinkich is more focused on privatising as many Serbian companies as he can, just like JAT. If the Belgrade City government took JAT into its own hands we would see something better, but it would be a similar situation with our city rail. Belgrade invests and uses while others dont and complain they dont have service! what interests me is if next month we see the arrival of 2 leased B737NG's.

    As for Skywings joing the alliance, i think the alliance in it self is stupid but lets see what happens.

  11. Anonymous13:28

    Does actually anyone know what is their website???????????

  12. Anonymous22:40

    Skywings is not an airline at all, it has never been registered as an airline, it is only an internet seller of the charter flights and these flights are operated by Air Lift Services air company. All their flights are chartres, Air Lift Services hasn't got a rights to operate regular flights, they can operate only a charter flights and not all of their flights are operated only on befalf of Skywings! And according to me, this airline is not interesting for any alliance, it has complerely nothing to offer for cooperation ..


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