Illyrian Airways to launch flights

Illyrian Airways to be based in Priština and Skopje
A new Priština and Skopje based airline, Illyrian Airways, will commence scheduled flights from December 18 to several Italian cities. The airline recently received a Boeing B737-300 and an Embraer E145 jet, with which it will operate its initial route network. The airline also plans to introduce a Boeing B737-500 and another E145 at a later stage.

Illyrian Airways will inaugurate services with flights from Priština to Brescia and Treviso in Italy and from Skopje to Treviso on December 18. On December 24, the airline will commence flights from its two bases to Rome. On December 24, Illyrian Airways anticipates to launch 1 weekly flight to Antalya. Most other flights will operate twice per week.

Yesterday, Illyrian Airways arranged a promotional flight between Priština and the Albanian capital Tirana. Whether Illyrian Airways will be successful or not remains to be seen. Several previous airlines based in Priština, such as Kosova Airlines and Air Prishtina, suspended services over the past few years.

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  1. Good news indeed for SKP to Treviso , but can not say the same for Rome, from SKP there is Airlift and MatAirways already on this route.
    maybe now will be even cheaper to fly to Rome.

    we need to wait and see.


  2. AirKoryoTU-20410:18

    How many Macedonians will fly on an Albanian carrier that's my question.

  3. Arturo10:21

    Super triangular routing! Damn, how many airlines does Skopje have now? What about Montair? Still flying to Tolouse?

  4. Peter from Sydney10:28

    If a little start up can acquire these aircraft then there's something really corrupt at Jat, and there really is.

  5. ANONYMOUS10:52

    They should just merge all these half-baked Albanian airlines and call them 'Gypsy Airlines' - what a joke!

  6. Anonymous11:22

    God it is getting very confusing, Macedonia only needs one stable airline at this stage
    Simply called Macedonian Airways operating regular scheduled services. Having all these little charter airlines just does not make sense.

  7. Anonymous12:11

    You are so pathetic, it seems everything that has the prefix Albanian bothers you... Wake up! It is all real, it's not a dream! You either face the reality or keep dreaming, its up to you... I am sorry for being realistic...

  8. Doot12:16

    I hope that some airline provides some sort of flight between Pristina and Belgrade.

    Maybe this airline can do it, via Sarajevo, to get around the Serbian stamp issue.

  9. Off-topic
    JAT Airways Rome via Portoroz schedule:

    JU750 BEG1120 - 1255POW1330 - 1505FCO AT7 4
    JU750 BEG0800 - 0935POW1010 - 1145FCO AT7 7

    JU751 FCO1545 - 1715POW1750 - 1925BEG AT7 4
    JU751 FCO1225 - 1355POW1430 - 1605BEG AT7 7

    It doesn't make any sense. Flights are operated on Thursdays and Sundays, with FCO flights already operating on these days (Sunday: JU404 taking off from Belgrade at 0640 and JU750 at 0800!?), but no flights on Tuesdays and Saturdays!? Plus codeshare on daily afternoon Alitalia FCO-BEG-FCO flight... Plus Wizzair... Unbelievable...

  10. Aero13:47

    @ JU500

    It is said earlier in media that schedule will be formatted for long weekend gamblers taken from FCO: Thursday afternoon till Sunday afternoon. That`s it.
    All other purposes all collateral.
    I didn`t find if route is subsidised by Portoroz Tourism Association like those during S10? Does anybody know?

  11. Aero14:14

    @ JU500

    Only now I went to BEG web and saw your point about days 2 and 6. Sorry.

  12. @AirKoryo Your question is legitimate but if the price is fine and the product looks good i dont see ANY problem. (even though i find the name of this company pretty crap, a modern name would help a lot)

    (FYI there are many Macedonians travelling on albanians-run busses from Germany ).

    but why isnt Alitalia coming back to SKP? ;-)

  13. JU520 BEGLAX16:07


    Flight Figures for JP PRN-Germany:

    12DEC PRN-MUC 57 PAX A319
    12DEC MUC-PRN 56 PAX A319
    12DEC PRN-FRA 79 PAX A319
    12DEC FRA-PRN 65 PAX A319
    11DEC PRN-MUC 69 PAX A319
    11DEC MUC-PRN 68 PAX A319
    11DEC PRN-DUS 06 PAX A319
    11DEC DUS-PRN 09 PAX A319
    10DEC PRN-MUC 38 PAX A319
    10DEC MUC-PRN 36 PAX A319
    10DEC PRN-FRA 77 PAX A319
    10DEC FRA-PRN 66 PAX A319

  14. Anonymous17:31

    The flights are subsidised from Portoroz to Rome and they wanted the flights to operate on those days.

  15. Anonymous19:25

    I give it only a couple of months until the airline defaults. Only Albanians are gonna use this airline and they are too poor to buy the tickets so go figure...

  16. Anonymous21:07

    For the chap who called the other bloke to stop dreaming.
    I do not think he needs to wake up but someone in Kosovo needs to do that. They are apparently living the dream called let's try to have an airline.
    This has as much potential as Jat getting a decent CEO, 0%.

  17. Anonymous21:08

    How much is Jat charging for Rome-Portoroz?

  18. Bosnian01:40

    @ Doot: That is impossible, I think it is even worse to fly from Priština to Belgrade via Sarajevo, as Bosnia did not recognize Kosovo as an independent state, and therefore doesn't accept Kosovo documents at all unfortunately.

  19. Skopje-Treviso and Skopje-Rome seem to me like a joke, this airline has no base in Skopje, not at all advertising, marketing..
    It is not a question if it is albanian, this does not matter, but it is a question if it is safe.
    Btw. Airlift Service is grounded and doesnt fly any more.
    So the only carrier now is again MAT Airways.
    I have seen on the web page of Macedonian airports that starting from 11.12 MAT commences flights from SKP to Maribor.
    Ex-yu can you provide any information about this?

  20. Anonymous09:33


    Very true, although I for one would never trust this carrier or any Albanian shotty run start up, although Belle Air or what ever they are called seems alright with their fairly new Airbus equipment.

    I wouldn't see much business for so many charter business airlines from SKP or Macedonian in general. As previsouly noted by a few posts the nation needs a stern carrier that can maintian a simple route with frequency and with a good standard product.

  21. JATBEGMEL10:00

    I lutem shumë suksesi për kompania ajrore i ri në Kosovë dhe Maqedonisë, Illyrian Airways.


    Shumë faleminderit.

    You're a ray of light in this dark region full of pathetic hate and senseless bigotry. Some of the comments here are absolutely shameful.

    @ Illyrian Airways

    Is this really the best name you could come up with?

    Interestingly, all these airlines show up around Christmas/New Year or summer period and then disappear. If they're around in February 2011 I will be surprised. This does not mean I don't wish them every success in the world ;)

  23. Anonymous22:08

    @Visit Kosovo

    Because of you I will be writting my first post here.
    I am Dutch and my government has recognized Kosovo as an independent country (at least for now). As someone who doesn't give a damn about politics I have to say that you are the first one to mention them here. I do not think anyone has made fun of these Albanian airlines because they are Albanian which would be a synonim for crap but have rather made fun of all these different airlines going bankrupt time after time.
    Any airline in thta region is a joke, not because we think that but because they have shown us from their own examples.
    It's time for you and all these pathetic wannabe CEOs to get real and stop blaming other for your own failures!

  24. Anonymous00:37

    @the flying dutchman

    True! Every man is the architect of his own fortune. And so is every airline.

  25. JATBEGMEL12:59

    @ Visit Kosovo

    S'ka problem dhe ju falaminderit shumë për koment :) Paqe.

    A di po lajmet i ri nga Illyrian Airways?

    Tung e madhe nga Beogradi.

  26. Anonymous11:09

    Illyrian Airways Air Fleet

    Boeing 737 - 500
    Number of seats: 120
    Cruising speed: 920 km / h
    Maximum cruising altitude: 12.500 m
    Maximum Range with full payload: 4400 Km
    Medium Range Aircraft 120 seats with 30" inches of Pitch
    Two engines CFM 56 – 3C – 1S Turbofans

    EMBRAER 145 ER
    Seat Number: 49
    Cruising speed: 835 km / h
    Maximum cruising altitude: 10.800 m
    Maximum Range with full payload: 2445 Km
    49 seats with 30" inches of Pitch
    Two engines: Rolls-Royce AE-3007A turbofans.

  27. Anonymous11:10


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