Montenegro airports boom

Big passenger increase for Podgorica and Tivat
Podgorica Airport has reported a significant increase in the number of passengers served so far this year. The airport recorded an impressive 47% passenger increase, while its rival Tivat posted a 2% increase. During the first 10 months of 2010, the two Montenegrin airports handled a combined total of 1.075.673 passengers, an increase of 20%. With November and December to go, the two airports are on track to beat the record set in 2008 when they handled 1.109.113 passengers.

The notable increase in passenger numbers is due in part to a significant increase in the amount of flights operated this year to Tivat and Podgorica. By the end of October, the two airports handled 9.573 flights while last year’s total for all 12 months stood at 9.681.

Montenegro could expect even more traffic next year as the low cost Air Berlin will launch flights to Tivat and Montenegro Airlines plans to introduce new flights to Milan and Brussels.


  1. Let's just hope they get rid of YM and get some more LCC's in there.

  2. Anonymous15:23

    why would they get rid of YM?!it seems montenegro airlines is doing fine.besides, LCC's won't save the world!!!!speciallly not monsters like MOL is!!!!and also, Montenegro is a too small market, they would maybe operate only during summer season, like SPU&ZAD

  3. YM is the worst airline ever.

  4. Anonymous18:41

    I know this is unrelated BUT it seems to me that Jat will be discontinuing their Thessaloniki route next year.
    Just tried to book BEG-SKG for April and there is nothing.
    I guess now we know where the Atr will come from for the Portoroz-Rome route

  5. Why would they do that, I thought the Thessaloniki route was doing well!

    Pozdrav iz Novog Sada.

  6. @ Boeing737-800

    Route BEG-PUY was not only doing well, but was absolute winner of all JU routes - 95% load factor, and tickets sold months in advance.

    And, with no explanation, it was just stopped.

    So, nothing new from JAT, unfortunatelly...

  7. Jimmy Wang20:36

    My good friends,
    I realise that nobody concerns Dubrovnik Airlines
    small croatian airline, 6 aircrafts MD-82 and -83,
    charter carrier, smaller than JAT and Croatia Airlines but bigger than some other ex-Yu Airlines.
    I guess this airline from Dubrovnik did a good season this
    year and possibiy they plan to buy some new aircrafts.
    Figures? Statistics? News?

  8. Jimmy Wang21:19

    Sorry, I crossed the name! Air Dubrovnik is correct.

  9. Anonymous04:47

    @Jimmy Wang

    I think it's good to have a local charter airline based from the region. Serbia had a couple of charter airlines and they all failed badly. There is also Aviogenex if that counts, but I don't consider it to be an actual airline. But many prefer going by Croatia Airlines or JAT because they have a name...and in JAT's case a very good name.

  10. Anonymous08:25


    I agree. charter flights are good to have, and the increase of passengers in Croatia and Serbia prove that. But like you said, airlines with big names get the most attention. I would however like to see how the Serbian market turns out once Wizz Air open their base in Belgrade.

  11. Anonymous11:12

    Actually to be honnest SKG wasn't doing that well. At least not that good for Jat to keep it.
    I guess they need the plane for the planned Rome-Portoroz flight.
    The problem with Thessaloniki was that it was very much dependent on the O&D market, which obviously was not enough.
    They had three fligts a week and only one would sleep there, the other two would be back late at night.

  12. To be honest, I think all ex-yu airlines should do a review of their routes success and stop less profitable flights and start services to more appealing places e.g. Jat to Barcelona and Madrid and B&H to London.

  13. Anonymous18:28

    Maybe JAT could start flights to USA...

  14. frequentflyer05:20

    @ Boeing737

    Every airline has a route (or 3) which may operate at a loss, but contributes to how other routes across their entire network operates profitably. You don't cut off your nose to spite your face, but routes that are heavily loss making should be reviewed urgently.

    The only exception to this would be JA who has no concept of what a network is, only single routes from SJJ. Parent TK mustn't be too happy with how the airline is running!


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