October growth for Croatian airport

Osijek's numbers rise after several months of stagnation
Most Croatian airports reported passenger growth in October 2010 when compared to the same month last year. Both Dubrovnik and Split have already surpassed last year’s annual result. Osijek has managed to buck the negative trend, recorded in the past few months, and report a sensible increase.

Croatia’s main hub handled 187.286 passengers in October, up by 7.3%. Split and Dubrovnik also continued their impressive run, recording an increase of 14.4% and 10.1% respectively. Osijek welcomed only 2.311 passengers, but saw numbers increase by 4.1%. The star of the pack, Zadar, proved it could continue to grow even during the winter as the airport handled 25.590 passengers and saw an increase of 33.6%.

Rijeka Airport has continued it’s less than impressive run. In October, its passenger numbers more than halved. The airport handled 3.620 travellers compared to 7.944 last year. Since January, its numbers have slumped by 44% compared to the same period last year.

Below you can view October 2010 results for Croatian airports:

AirportPassengers OCT 2010Passengers OCT 2009Change (%)
Zagreb187.286174.490 7.7
Dubrovnik102.96393.483 10.1
Pula10.71410.781 0.6
Split85.59274.766 14.4
Zadar25.59019.147 33.6
Osijek2.3112.220 4.1
Rijeka3.6207.944 54.4


  1. Anonymous12:00

    Is there any chance of more expansion at Zadar next year? Relying on Ryanair is very dangerous.

  2. Anonymous15:58

    That is quite good news for the most of teh airports. I am prettu sure that RJK would haveseen a few more passangers if they let FR flying to/from there. I still don't understand why OSI doesn't have flights during the winter? let sbe fair and clear, Osijek is not the most popular summer destination, so I assume that the passangers arew mainly people visiting each others and i do not see any reasons why they wouldn't continue to do so during the winter months. with BUD basicly only active airport in hungary I am quite sure that people from south of Hungary would use OSI as alternative and people from Western Vojvodina too. Just my point of view.

  3. Anonymous16:12

    teh airports. kudos!

  4. Anonymous16:22

    sincere applogies, genuine mistake while typing

  5. Anonymous18:16

    i wasn't being judgmental.

    "Teh is a corruption of teh word 'The', meaning 'The'." - Fox News


    sorry for teh off-topic, but it's not much fun here today.

  6. Anonymous21:47

    cool :-) thanks for info :-)
    no hard feelings

  7. @ second anonymous.

    Agreed. People from Belgrade go to Timisoara for cheaper flights, why not Osijek?

  8. Anonymous06:59

    It's quite sad that Osijek didn't manage to attract some passengers from western Serbia. Especially since both Serbia and Croatia have their diasporas living in pretty much the same regions of Europe.
    Then again I suppose that for people in North-West Serbia Belgrade is not that far, especially now that there is a highway (or at least something that resembles one)

  9. Anonymous01:24

    zadar is doing great congratulations ryanair!!!!!!
    hahaha for rijeka silly airport really ! Mali Losinj will soon overtake them in passenger numbers


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