Belgrade expects 2.7 million passengers

Belgrade Airport ends 2010 on a high
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has announced that with just over a week to go until 2010 becomes history, it expects to handle 2.7 million passengers, the record number of passengers since 1990. Thus, the airport expects to end 2010 with a 14% passenger increase. December has been particularly strong for the airport, with a recorded increase of 30% compared to the same month last year. “In 2010 we handled more passengers, more aircraft and have recorded a better financial performance”, the airport’s director Velimir Radosavljević told the Serbian media over the weekend. He revealed that from January 1 the airport will be decreasing handling fees by 7% for all carriers.

Several new routes have already been announced from Belgrade in 2011. Wizz Air will commence flights to Gothenburg, Stockholm, Charleroi, Eindhoven and Memmingen. airBaltic will resume flights from Riga on March 27 while Albanian Airlines has announced it will commence services from Tirana to Belgrade in 2011. Although planed for January 13, Jat Airways is unlikely to commence flights from Belgrade to Portorož due to low interest.


  1. Anonymous09:49

    Dubrovnik Airline has announced seasonal flights twice per week from Dubrovnik to Belgrade. In 2011 they will be operating these flights from May 1 to October 31. So, I guess they beat Wizz Air to the punch!

  2. Anonymous09:54

    If Albanian Airlines start new service twice daily, Airport Belgrade will reach three million mark before start of privatization.

  3. Where did you get that info about Dubrovnik Airline? :) It would definitely be great! :D
    By the end of 2011 I expect 3-3,3M pax.
    Dobro jutro Beograde! :)

  4. Anonymous11:35

    Ah wonderful news! I am especially happy that they are reducing the handling fees, this will make the airport more attractive to airlines. I wounder what the passenger numbers would be if the World Economic Crisis didn't take place this year.
    By the way, since 1990 was the most succesful year for Belgrade Airport, could someone tell me how many passengers it handled back then?


  5. big numbers, but only 14% increase , i was excpecting over
    20%, SKP had so less new flights but so far has 13 % increase.

    Visa liberalisation was good for aviation in Ex-YU.

  6. Aero12:02

    Off topic, but strong>

    This morning Tanjug is reporting sell-off of the century:
    Dubai is selling off Emirates !!!

  7. Anonymous12:06

    HUH? It has to be a mistake...

  8. ANONYMOUS12:15

    Don't forgot: Almost 100% of the growth at Belgrade airport is from Wizz.

  9. @ JU500

    3-3,3M? somehow, i have a feeling it would be over 3,3M.

    @ Anon #1

    where did you hear that?

  10. Dubai is doing what???! Where did you hear about that!?

    Ljudi, nisu iste cifre u pitanju kada racunamo u procentima.. 13% od 700.000 ne moze bas da se izjednaci sa 14% od 2.300.000, zar ne? :) you do the math :)

    Kada ce se znati nesto detaljnije o Albanian Airines?

    ocekujem bar toliko, ako ne i vise :):):) 3,5M je sasvim moguce :) fingers crossed for easyJet :D

  11. Anonymous12:53

    @JU500, @Nikola:

    The article about the Dubrovnik Airline flight to Belgrade is at:

  12. Anonymous12:59

    Ok, saying that the growth is only coming from Wizzair who until recently didn't even fly daily to Belgrade is plain stupid!

    When are we going to know more about the Dubrovnik-Belgrade flight?

  13. Aero13:00

    H2 2010 in BEG is providing good signal for trend - 3.3 to 3.5 m pax seems to be reachable in 2011. Due to expected macroeconomic circumstances in coming year, local influence on that figure can be disadvantage. Nevertheless, everything above 3.5 m in 2011 in BEG is cosmic premium.
    At the same time, I am looking to INI. I strongly believe that 2011, with proactive managament onboard, can be new milestone there with +50k pax. Foundation for that is surprisingly boosting investment activities in the region.

    Related to my off topic earlier today about Emirates, please see:

    If that comes true, that will inevitably affect ex-yu airlines strrugle for survivor.


  14. Aero13:50

    I saw my comment accepted, now disappeared...

    Anyway, I believe that BEG`s pax forecast for 2011 ranging between 3.3-3.5m is reachable, but due to unclear macroeconomic prospective, this can be hurt by negative local influence of damaged living standard. Everything above 3.5m, in any case, I believe is cosmic premium.
    For me, more challenging is prediction about INI. My forecast is that 2011 for INI can easily, with proactive management onboard, be a new milestone in which this airport would start to play more significant role on its micro-plan. I believe we can see finally +50k there, based on surprisingly heated various green-field investments cycle currently going on there.

    As of my off-topic this morning about Emirates sell-off, please see:


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  16. Extra!
    Jedva cekam da sledece leto do Herceg novog dodjem preko Dubrovnika! :)
    Iskreno se nadam da ce linija uspeti, a ocekujem da ce onda 2012. godine frekvecija da se poveca, a i da se uvedu nove linije... mozda JAT konacno nesto uradi po tom pitanju, pa se i pridruzi 2D ;)

  17. Anonymous14:44

    I wonder if this will have an impact on the Belgrade-Tivat flights?
    Maybe now that Dubrovnik is going to take place Pula might become a reality.
    I guess here we can see how sad and incompetent the managment of Croatia Airlines is. If they started the Dubrovnik-Belgrade flights on their Dash-8 they could have gone with a higher frequency, heck if these guys are planning a three times a week on an MD then OU could have gone even daily or 6 weekly!!
    Let's see what happens in summer!
    At least now we know that the Croatian government can't revoke Jat's licence for Croatia coz then they would be cancelling Dubrvonik's flights as well...

  18. Anonymous17:54

    I must correct the news feed:
    BEG is decreasing landing fees.
    Anyway, way to go BEG!!!
    @last Anonymous
    A little bit, probably but BEG-DBV is planned 2xweek, BEG-TIV 10xday!
    @Anonymous #5
    Well, W6 did significantly increase PAX # but I disagree that it's 100%. More like 70%. Must say when rest saw competition, on routes where there is one, they have significantly decreased ticket prices. During summer there have been couple of airlines promoting Europe for 99EUR and one could find tickets for 99. Don't forget charters increased for 10% (50-50 JU and JJ).
    Should BEG do what they have said in 2011 regarding increasing terminal building and apron I hope we're gonna see a bit new BEG. Additionally, should standard increase in Serbia BEG is about to boost! Hopefully triggering the boost for INI, BJY and the rest of the APT's.

  19. Anonymous20:40

    Does anyone know how much they are charging now for the landing fees? How come they are reducing them all of a sudden?
    I thought that when Wizzair would be using terminal 1 they would be using the gates as well such as A8, A9...

  20. Anonymous07:40

    Reaching 3 m pax in 2011 is a good result for AP Beg meanning increase of more than 10% again. Results will also depend on economic terms.
    Ref DBV Airlines flts I think it is possible that BEG-DBV route will take some of pax ex BEG-TIV refering really sky-high tkt rates of 130Eur for RT...

  21. frequentflyer09:26

    But increasing pax numbers never tells the whole story.

    Jat, with its strong share at the airport would bring those numbers to a crashing halt should the airline cease flying (and God only knows how they are still in the air). Wizz and others wouldn't have a hope of filling *that* immediate void.

    I wish them well, but there needs to be a degree of logic and long-term planning with who is operating these flights, how successful they are, and what will still be around in 5 years...


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