Radovanović resigns

The end
Jat Airways CEO, Srdjan Radovanović, resigned last night after mounting criticism from unions, the management board and the media. Radovanović said that a media campaign had been orchestrated against him and Jat on behalf of Saša Vlaisavljević, former Jat CEO (now president of the airline’s management board), who fell from grace in a similar fashion as Radovanović. Serbian media state that Vladimir Ognjenović, deputy CEO will takeover. Ognjenović was part of two disastrous management teams, one led by Radovanović and the other by Vlaisavljević.

The union “Nezavisnost”, which represents all employees at Jat Airways said that the airline’s CEOs have gone from bad to worse. The union criticised former CEOs Nebojša Starčević, Saša Vlaisavljević, Srdjan Radovanović and the CEO in waiting, Vladimir Ognjenović. The union says that the airline has been used as a political tool.

Srdjan Radovanović, a lawyer by profession, came to Jat in 2009 when he was appointed CEO. His grand plans for 2010 included the opening of new bases in Skopje and Banja Luka and the purchase of new aircraft. None of them materialised. During his management, Jat Tehnika and Jat Catering both went on strike. The airline has moved to derelict buildings near the airport, one of which is in such bad state that employees had to move back to the former headquarters this week until it is fixed. Radovanović’s plans to sell tickets in Serbian post offices and provide free taxi services to Jat passengers in Belgrade were strongly criticised by employees. However, during Radovanović’s management some grounded aircraft were returned to the sky and their interior refurbished. The airline launched its first media campaign in decades and employed new cabin crew. Passenger numbers have somewhat improved in 2010.

Vladimir Ognjenović, who is expected to take over the airline, worked as a Jat ground handler at Belgrade Airport since 1995 before being mysteriously propelled to the position of the airline’s representative in Copenhagen and then finally settling for the deputy CEO post. He is also a member of the ruling Democratic Party which named Vlaisavljević and Radovanović as CEOs. Most employees have little optimism he will lead the airline into better times.


  1. Anonymous09:30

    Finally....but this person deserved to be relieved from his position, not to resign.

  2. Anonymous10:31

    Unfortunately, JAT is never ending story about bad policy that last for decades. Only way to take job or promotion in this company always was membership in some political parties or corruption.

    In the other hand people from JAT, mentioned in text, never have possibility to learn something useful about airline management from colleagues.

  3. wait a second, wasn't he sacked?

  4. b-73711:07

    I hope that Vlaisavljevic, Ognjenovic and some other "airline experts" will follow Radovanovic, out.

    It seems that in Jat if you are handling agent you will become a CEO. That is becoming a standard :):)

  5. Anonymous18:08

    I just hope that public realises about risks traveling with the airline in management chaos!
    Not on one occasion there were severe accidents exactly in airlines with internal troubles...

    I really hope JAT wil sort itself out...and fingers crossed in the meantime...

  6. Anonymous22:13

    It is going from bad to worse with every new Jat CEO during the last 10 years. Minister in charge of transport openly admitted that Government does not know what to do with Jat. Does not look like a bright 2011 is in front of Jat, unless something drastically changes in the meantime. It was said many times before that without newer aircraft, Jat will not be flying in 2012. We can only hope for some radical moves, but Ognjenovic was the deputy of the previous two unsuccessful CEOs and that does not sound optimistic...

  7. Anonymous09:48

    Isn't Srdjan Radovanovic a policeman by profession?

  8. Anonymous12:27

    "The airline launched its first media campaign in decades and employed new cabin crew"

    Hey, wake up. Please, check before you write. JAT has new seasonal crew every summer for the last 10 years. Nothing new about it.

  9. CabinScrew15:45


    You are right, it's not true that Radovanovic employed new cabin crew during his management. There are dozens of young and enthusiastic cabin crew members who are working a season past 8-9 years! And Radovanovic didn't do anything about it even when they were at his cabinet to ask him what will happen with their carriers. He was explicit when he said that there are no needs for more cabin crew members, which is not true. It's a rather a shame for an airline to have more administrative workers with permanent job than cabin and flight crew. Shame on him and on all his precendents in past 10 and more years.

  10. frequentflyer13:12

    Bye Bye! Don't forget to close the door as you leave...

    Sad really that political appointments right across the exYU are bringing down airlines that if run properly and were structured would survive long into the future.


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