Big success for Zagreb terminal bid

Zagreb awaits new terminal
A total of 10 world famous companies and consortiums have applied to construct and manage Zagreb Airport’s much anticipated new terminal. From Houston to Seoul, airports across the world placed their bids for a joint Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Croatian Government. The bids that were accepted are as follows: GMR Infrastructure & Flughafen Muenchen (Munich Airport), IC Ictas Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret with IC Ictas Altiapi Yatiramlan ne Istetru and Incheon Int. Airport Corporation (Turkish consortium together with Seoul Airport), TAV Airport Holding & TAV Construction (Turkish airport operator), ADC & HAS Airports (Houston Airport), Alpine Bau and FCC Construction (Austrian-Spanish consortium), J&P Avax & Athens International Airport, Vinci Concessions (European airport infrastructure conglomerate), Hochtief Concessions (from Germany), Zaic (from the United Kingdom) and finally Flughafen Zuerich & Strabag te Limak - French Riviera Airports Consortium (Zurich Airport and Turkish airport operator).

A contract between the government and one of the ten listed above is expected to be signed in October 2011 with construction to start in late 2012. "We will check to see how many of those bids can enter the second stage of the tender. In the second half of June, we will invite those who enter the second stage to submit concrete financial terms", senior ministry official Tomislav Mihotić said yesterday.

The bidders are competing to build a new terminal and operate both future terminals at Croatia's biggest airport. The value of the project is estimated at up to 220 million Euros. To enter the second stage, bidders must not own an airline, must not depend on state financing and are not allowed to be in ownership of any other airport within a 400 kilometre radius from Zagreb. Due to the high number of bids, the tender can be declared as a success.


  1. Looks like Croatia very public flight against corruption and reforms to make Croatia more appealing to investors has paid in dividends here! The fact that Croatia still has a lot to do in this area makes it even more impressive.

    This should be a positive example to the other Ex Yu republics.

  2. I sure hope so. I am tired of small-town, protectionist-type mentality. Living in the States for 10 years and then returning to Croatia in 2005 has made me realize how well nurtured and socially protected people really are... without them even realizing it.
    What country doesn't produce, doesn't put in work hours, has medical care, social programs and has decent standard of living in a beautiful country...
    More work, more progress, less bitching by croatians about unfair capitalist system etc. (oh is this me bitching too... :)

  3. Anonymous20:13

    This move is a double-edged sword. On one hand it relieves Croatia on dependence on its own resources and reduces corruption in this sector.

    However, Croatia becomes dependent on others who may have their own agenda. I am not sure that this move will be good but its the best move Croatia could do.

  4. Intruder20:54

    Yesterday I read the figures of the croatian airports concerning April 2011.
    The pax increase is rather strong:
    Zagreb. 191.000
    Dubrovnik 78.000
    Split. 65.000
    Pula. 12.000
    Zadar. 24.000
    Osijek. 2.100
    Rijeka. 2.400

    A strategic partner for the Terminal in Zagreb in U.S. or South Korea might boost a new touristic wave and intercontinenal connections.

  5. Anonymous21:54

    Off topic... Wizzair is adding a second plane to its Belgrade base.

  6. @Last anonymous
    Where did you get the info? :D
    New routes? :)

  7. Anonymous22:45

    I have said Wizzair is only to be seen in the Balkans, second plane means only more routes and probably adding more flight on existing ones. Planes to/from LTN are fully booked for example so I assume they are planning to go daily on that one.

    I really hope ZAG is going to get well deserved new terminal soon.

  8. frequentflyer02:14

    Well done ZAG. Eliminating the corruptive elements in the process may have resulted in a slower building of the terminal, but shows it can be done. Let's hope it happens across the country too!

    @ Intruder
    If that figure is right for ZAG, that is nearly a 20% increase on last year's April figure of 141k... how is the terminal coping with all the extra passengers??

  9. @ frequentflyer,

    Since Zagreb’s summers see's the airport handle well over 200,000 every month then April was probably not too over crowded at the airport but it might be this summer!

    Anyway, if I did my math’s correct then the figures are a whopping 35% increase on last month’s April! And a 13% increase on April 2009.

  10. would anyone understand the deal with Zagreb's timetable with heavy traffic on Thursdays ?
    i.e. today (Thursday) there are a total of 109 operations (52 take offs, 57 landings), which on this particular day overpasses Beg too (102 for Beg today). Normally Zagreb averages around 96-98 daily operations this time of the year, while Saturdays are not even reaching 80... what's the deal with that ? Do OU charters fly on Thursdays, weird...

    I noticed thursdays and sundays are heaviest, Mon- Wed and Fridays are constant, while Saturday = deserted airport
    any idea ? thnx


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