May start for new Priština terminal

Priština awaits new terminal
The construction of Priština Airport’s brand new multi million Euro terminal could begin by the end of the month, the airport’s new CEO said last week. The Turkish-French consortium, Limak Holding and Aeroport de Lyon, which will be running Priština’s airport for the next 20 years promised to begin construction of the new terminal building back in January. However, a delayed handover of the airport to its new management postponed the project. The price tag for the new terminal is expected to amount to 140 million Euros together with supporting infrastructure. The planned investment foresees a 27.000 square meter terminal building, a 77.000 square meter apron and runway, a new traffic control tower, car park facilities with a capacity to accommodate 1.750 vehicles and the refurbishment of airport access roads. If work begins in May, the project should be completed by November 2012.

Meanwhile, in the first quarter of 2011 Priština Airport saw its passenger numbers increase by 5% compared to the same period last year. The number of flights operating out of Priština also increased, up by 11.6%. The airport plans to handle 4 million passengers annually by 2030. In 2010, Priština Airport welcomed a total of 1.305.532 passengers, thus becoming the fourth largest airport in the former Yugoslavia after Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana.


  1. Anonymous04:56

    they are supposed to start construction by the end of June not May.

  2. would anyone know what'd be the total passenger capacity with the new terminal ?

  3. @Petar

    It's not clear. We are lead to believe that the new terminal with have the capacity to handle up to 4 million passengers a year, but it's not clear if this is related to the initial development or whether this will be the maximum capacity with future expansion(s) of the terminal.

    Also, it's true. The constructions is going to begin at the end of June. I hope they don't cut corners :)


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