B&H sees passenger increase

B&H records growth in 2011
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national carrier, B&H Airlines, has had a strong first half of the year. The airline carried a total of 65.309 passengers in the first 6 months, an increase of 20.5% on last year. In the first quarter of 2011 the airline saw its figures jump 59%. However, growth slowed in the second quarter with numbers increasing by only 2%. This is explained by the sharp decrease in flights as B&H suspended several routes during the summer, most notably Frankfurt and Vienna.

Later this month, B&H Airlines will suspend its flights to Stockholm and Gothenburg. Despite rumours that the airline will also terminate flights to Copenhagen at the end of the 2011 summer season, B&H itself confirmed to EX-YU aviation news that flights to the Danish capital will continue as normal. Due to the suspension of its Swedish routes there will be minor changes to the airline’s Amsterdam service. One of the 3 weekly flights will be served by the ATR72 while other days will see the Airbus A319 deployed, as has been the case since the service was launched.

Due to a relatively small destination network, the airline won’t be seeing a new aircraft entering its fleet this summer as was originally planned but it remains to be seen what its Turkish owners, who have now completely taken over the management positions at the national carrier, have in store.


  1. Anonymous10:10

    "Due to the suspension of its Swedish routes one of the 3 weekly flights (to Amsterdam) will be served by the ATR72".

    Please clarify this! I cannot see any logic here, if there is any logic with JA.

  2. Anonymous10:24

    I think that logic has long left Air BH...

  3. Anonymous11:52


    ...Air Berlin is to implement a wide-ranging cost reduction plan that will see it cut eight aircraft from its fleet, cancel a number of routes and partially withdraw from regional airports, in a bid to return to profitability....

    could this mean that they might not be staying in Skopje?

  4. Anonymous12:40

    So, it's clear that THY cut number of flights but improved load factor at the same time!

    Very, very unusual for ex-Yu carriers, and clear example how THY is going to steer BHA: as modern market oriented company!

    Will see...

  5. Peter from Sydney12:54

    @ Anon 3, it's not clear THY have improved load factors, and if I'm not mistaken load factors are still woeful. All they've done year on year, is increase frequencies and random destinations to boost the figure.
    Goodluck trying to run a European airline servicing only a couple of destinations.

  6. Anonymous13:54


    skp is not affected , they still ripping off people on DUs-SKP and Zrh-skp

  7. The saga continues....

    Sorry, unrelated article.


  8. Anonymous14:56

    To third anonymous:
    If air berlin does not fly they get replaced by nikifly .
    Look at Beg: niki but no air berlin

  9. Anonymous14:57

    Yes but wasn't Air Berlin supposed to launch flights from Germany and not Austria?

  10. Anonymous15:44

    It is true that the LF is up. But still below 60%.
    It is interesting to have more passengers after closing three destinations VIE, FRA, BEG. With only 8 routes (now 5) simple math says, after closing, LF must be up more than 20%. Impressive.
    IST must be doing very well.

  11. Belgrade had an average of 16 passengers per flight. So I doubt that it had a massive impact on their passenger numbers.

  12. Anonymous16:51

    ^NIKI also flies from Germany
    ( Dusseldorf)and from Suisse (zurich)

  13. Anonymous17:06

    If you want to see what`s going on
    at Belgrade,Zagreb or Ljubljana airports...then you should go
    on AIRLINERS.NET ...
    then go to Photo Search Engine or Photos ...
    then go to countries/airports !

    Excuse me for that spam ..,but there you also can see what we are all talking about !
    Thousands of photos you can find there !
    Again ...excuse me please !

  14. Anonymous17:45

    ^Omg ...747 400 at Zagreb and Belgrade o_o

  15. Anonymous18:58

    @ Q400

    There is so much wrong with that article!

    1. There were about 215 passengers who were at the gate supposed to be on the flight to Zagreb and Beograd, not 160.

    2. Beograd was also on the route, in that article it mostly said Chicago - Zagreb , and the flight was supposed to continue to Beograd.

    3. Nobody was aboard the airplane, we were all at the gate delayed 3 hours, there was no cancellation 15 minutes before or after scheduled departure.

    I really hope next summer there are at least ORD - BEG flights, air plus saw how many people went to
    Rockford from cleveland for the flights, and hopefully there will be ORD - CLE - BEG flights, even a stop in ZAG wouldn't be bad, but all the cleveland ppl were going to beograd. I really hope next summer there is some connection from BEG to north America. Even if Air Canada flew Toronto - BEG or United ORD - BEG. A charter airline at least! There is such a huge market, I dont know what they are waiting for.

  16. Anonymous19:25

    Well aleks...air canada really
    would be a good option !
    Seasonal flights would be enough ..
    i also have no doubt about profitability for toronto - beg .
    Air canada also offers good connections to the rest of canada,the US or south america.
    You could fly to/from belgrade
    with a SINGLE stop .

    Whatever airline flies FIRST
    to beg ...that airline will
    DOMINATE/RULE that route !

  17. I just fear people have a bad taste in their mouth from getting cancelled on last time. Who would risk it again if you are not living in the area the flights originate from?

    As for the topic of B&H, I think MUC would have potential for them. The different planes on the AMS route likely have to do with varying lf during the week. ATR is more efficient and makes profit with lower lf.

  18. Anonymous19:54

    @ last anonymous

    exactly! Chicago, Cleveland, LAX, many cities in North America are connected to Toronto and then from Toronto there would be BEG flights, not to mention the LARGE diaspora of Serbs, Bosniaks, and Croats in the Toronto area.

    Also, United can launch Chicago to BEG, Chicago has good connections and that is another city with a huge diaspora of Serbs, Croats, and even Bosnians. Also as everyone knows, Chicago had a lot of connections!

  19. Anonymous21:01

    ^So right man!
    It is the same as with the women:
    a woman will never forget the one
    with whom she had her first time...

    That regular airline that will fly first time belgrade ..will stay in the hearts of its passengers
    for ever!

  20. Purger08:46

    Even if Air Canada flew Toronto - BEG or United ORD - BEG.

    You have to stop dreaming...

  21. Anonymous14:32

    @ purger

    Its a dream for now, but there is no reason for it to not be a reality. alo bre, It is just about time

  22. Anonymous00:20

    I actually agree with the last anonymus, flights to USA and Canada will commence soon, but I'm not sure if United or Air Canada will launch those flights, rather Delta or some other airline.

  23. Anonymous01:50

    @ last anonymous

    Where is your reasoning for Delta? To fly from their Atlanta base to Beograd? Unlikely, I mean there is some Serb diaspora there, more of Bosniak though. Detroit is a good possibility considering the Serb diaspora and the close distance to Cleveland and Chicago and connecting flights, JFK is even more of a possibility but why would Delta instead of UA or Air Canada launch them? And none of the rest of Delta bases would make sence. From UA you have Newark and ORD which are most likely. Even Cleveland!

  24. Purger11:21

    You don't have even elementary knovlege about air traffic. Delta main hub to fly to Europe is JFK, not Atlanta. Delta fly from JFK to:
    Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Brussels, Dublin, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow-Sheremetyevo, Paris, Prague, Rome, Venice, Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen, Málaga, Manchester, Nice, Pisa, Reykjavík, Shannon, Stockholm, Valencia, Zürich + many African and Meadle East destinations + codes-share flighst in Europe by other companies.

    And yes, the only company that have real chance to start flying to BEG from USA is Delta. They like to open exotic destinations and they are in SkyTema which recognise Jat as their fotential member.

  25. Anonymous16:30

    ^^ I'm the ''anonymus'' who wrote that Delta would probably seem more interested in commencing flights to this part of Europe then US or Air Canada. I fully agree with you Purger, couldn't write it better myself.

  26. Anonymous18:18

    @ Purger

    Yes i have more than elementary knowledge of aviation, dont judge me when you dont know me, but i do agree with you about Delta and JFK. We will have to wait and see who will start it first.

  27. Anonymous20:38

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. Purger03:46

    No one!

    All exYugoslavia market is too small. And when it is split it is even more nonatractive.

    There is too many destinations around Europe which are much more attractive than BEG or ZAG, and even ZAG is much more attractive because of tourism, much better economy, near membership in EU, termination of visa in USA in several months (for Canada we don't need visa), bigger Diaspora...

  29. Anonymous07:53


    According to all your posts Zagreb seems like heaven for aviation.
    Very soon Croats will be able to travel to the US with no visas,which means that a lot of US airlines are potentially going to put ZG on their radar. There is going to be more ZAG to EU demand due to the membership in the Union, there is the booming tourism industry- whose boom was not reinforced by the uprisings in North Africa as stated by some people on here..... However, bottom line is that Zagreb has a below average number of airlines and that it is far from being any sort of hub that could attract airlines.

    Then if, and that is highly unlikely, Delta does decide to launch flights to Croatia from the US there are more chances of it being to Dubrovnik.
    First of all, Dubrovnik could become a destination like Venice. Naturally Dubrovnik and the entire Croatian coast are miles behind what Venice and its region can offer, but anyway.
    Second of all Dubrovnik has a new terminal which would attract more airlines than the Titoist one in Zagreb. Simply more convenient and easier to operate out of.
    However I know some people that flew to Dubrovnik this summer and they told me that the new terminal is nothing impressive.

    Also, I would not get too carried away in your case. Serbia and Serbs might not be as 'Europenized' as Croats but for the sake aviation comparison between Europeans (Croats) vs Balkan mountain people (Serbs), Jat did manage to completely destroy Croatia Airlines on the Dubrovnik>Belgrade>Dubrovnik route.
    Both airlines operate twice a week using turboprops, BUT, Croatia Airlines operates their brand new dashes, which are faster and generally nicer, a Star Alliance member and has better times out of Belgrade.
    Jat has none of those, yet they fly their archaic flying cans, aka Atrs, they have a 07:30 departure out of Belgrade which is not that good especially when OU flies in the afternoon, they can't offer miles on the route...and so on.

    Yet in July, Jat carried around 1,200 passengers whereas OU carried barely 700.
    Interestingly, even the number of passengers from Dubrovnik to Belgrade was higher on Jat. Naturally, since Serbs were expelled from Croatia we can't say that it's patriotic Serbs flying on Jat. So what is it Purger?

    Finally, there is no need to insult anyone on this forum. So what if Alex said some stupidity? Mostly everyone did it a couple of times on here.

  30. Anonymous19:05

    ^So splitting up yugoslavia was a good idea ?

  31. Anonymous01:18

    I think it is better the admin deleted your comment Purger, I have seen you say some stupid shit too, you dont see me bitching like a little girl.

    Yeah yeah ok Zagreb is gonna become a new European hub, we will see! Serbia still has a long way to go to develop, where Croatia is much developed already, yet Beograd has more PAX and destinations than Zagreb. We will see with time, no one can predict the future, including you Purger.

  32. Purger22:14

    Get real and you will have much better future...

  33. Well, situation for them is become quite critical. Thats why they suspended other flights.


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