Ljubljana Airport wants Ryanair

Ljubljana seeking Adria alternative
Ljubljana Airport has begun talks with the low cost airline Ryanair in fear that Slovenia’s biggest airport will suffer as a result of Adria Airways’ plan to cut up to a third of its flights from the Slovenian capital. The troubled Adria currently holds an 80% share of flights from Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. Recently, the airport managed to lure RusLine to commence flights from Moscow to Ljubljana. The service was originally planned to commence on August 15, though it has now been pushed back to September 2. According to the Slovenian media, the airport is now in talks with Ryanair which had a short and unsuccessful run in Slovenia. In 2007 the no frills airline operated 3 weekly flights from London Stansted to Maribor Airport. The flights lasted 9 months before they were cancelled. Following Slovenia’s accession to the European Union in 2004, several new airlines commenced flights to Ljubljana but Adria’s dominance saw them cancel their services soon after.

This week, Ljubljana Airport’s Supervisory Board is discussing whether the airport’s CEO, Zmago Skobir, is capable to steer the airport through its upcoming time of crisis. Skobir will be up for re-election for another 5 year term next summer. The airport warned that the construction of a brand new second terminal, to commence in 2012 with a price tag of 50 million Euros, will be affected by Adria’s crisis and states it must find new customers, which is why it is in talks with Ryanair. The airport is also hoping that Air India will make good on its promise to begin flights to Ljubljana in 2012 which will continue onwards to the United States.

Adria Airways has little competition on most of its routes. From September 1 only 7 airlines will have regular scheduled flights to and from Ljubljana, although the airport sees a flurry of charter airlines operating throughout the summer.


  1. Anonymous09:06

    Ljubljana where is norwegian, TAP or even for summer Sata and Iberia? Does LJU has tried to get an italian company to connect MIL or ROM? What is whit additional asian companies?

  2. Anonymous09:15

    Just like anonymous above...please don't bring this shitty airline to my home airport!!where are other normal airlines??

  3. OU should base 1 or 2 Q400s in Ljubljana.

  4. Anonymous10:26

    Ljubljana airport was never interested in Ryanair.
    They made life hard for them as much as can.
    Ryanair pull out as a consequence.
    It's true that many airports are giving subsidies to Ryanair. But not all.

    Now that plans for enlargment of Ljubljana airport are on risk (why the hell such an investment for this smal ghost airport?
    It's totally unreasonable.
    Connections from airport to downtown are at lowel as much as possible.
    Not everyone flying to Ljubljana is from Slovenia (so he-she has a car there) or is renting a car.

  5. Anonymous10:28

    Bus service from airport is pre 1989 Moldova style.

  6. Anonymous11:15

    Bus service from LJU airport to the centre of Lj is not as good as it should be, however it improved last years a lot, with private shuttle services, which can go either directly to the centre or door to door service. so comparing with "pre1989 Moldova style" just shows sbd.'s ignorance.if you're not capable to get info about getting to/from certain airport from their web page it is only your problem!

  7. ott topic:

    @ex-yu your blog was mentioned today in the shittiest macedonian newspaper ;)


    They even used our comments here for their "article", lol

  8. Anonymous14:17

    maribor is the airport for freighters and low costs! ljubljana should develop normal lines and please!!!! london market should produce at least 14 flights per week to LJUBLJANA!!!

  9. Anonymous14:18

    q400 - where did you hear about basing CTN in Ljubljana? Do you something more about it?

  10. ANONYMOUS14:30

    If LJU lets Ryanair in, they will destroy Adria for once and for all - so these are just threats to motivate the losers who run Adria to get their act together.

    1. Anonymous00:46

      Very well said! I couldn't agree more. After all, isnt't Aerodrom Ljubljana still state owned? If this is indeed still the case, then it wouldn't make sense for the Slovenian Government, i.e. the owner of both companies, to make things worse for Adria. And aren't the landing fees at LJU outrageously high?

      - Slovene in Berlin -

  11. @Last Anonymous

    SHOULD is not a statement!
    It is just a wish.
    Adria could really lease few of them to cover CRJ2 on MUC VIE ZRH routes to see if it works better.

  12. PRAGuc16:28

    E ajde da niko ne komentariše off topic VEST na blicu pošto će opet da nas dušebrižnici optuže da off-topičimo :).

  13. don't know if this is the off topic news from Blic but I read in Vecernje Novosti that from November 1st Fly Dubai will be launching flights to Belgrade...

    So after all Belgrade is the city of Gods, at least in the ex-Yugoslav region.

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  17. Anonymous17:39

    I hope Belgrade will get Ryanair as well.

  18. Doubt that Ryanair will launch Belgrade. In their attempt to lure more lowcost carriers into Belgrade the management had invited FR to start flights but they refused.

    Not to mention that the CEO of Belgrade airport is far from happy with Wizz Air so I doubt we would see more lowcosts in BEG soon.

  19. Anonymous17:47

    FlyDubai offers connecting flights in cooperation with Emirates.


  20. PRAGuc17:53

    Yeah, I was talking about that but as you see it meant a lot of deleted envious comments :)

  21. Anonymous22:43

    Nemjee, why CEO is unhappy with Wizz?

  22. Because they do not use airbridges, because they use almost no facilities... that is, they do not make him as much money as he hoped for.

    Actually, his words were that Wizz Air and Ryanair are absolutely the same kind of carriers. I think that should give you a clear image of his knowledge in aviation.

  23. Natalia CG15:25

    I am not a big fan of Ryanair, but I must say I am crossing my fingers for Ryanair to come, or at least some one else than Adria. I am spanish and I live in Slovenia , and It's sooo dificult to come to this country from Spain, a country that is just 1500 km far away!
    Adria's price for a flight to Madrid is more than 400 euros one way. 400 euros one way!!! WTF!??? I can go to New York for 400 euros! With that price who is going to fly with them? I cannot afford it. I am not surprised that they are in crisis. So, my only chance is to go to Spain from any other surrounding country, so I also need to find my way from there. This is a story that repeats with all of the 150 spanish erasmus inLjubljana, 60 spanish erasmus in Maribor, and hundreds of spanish tourists. Not talking about the tourists that are deciding to go someplace else because of the difficulties to come here. And I am just talking about Spain, but this is aproblem of connection with more countries than mine.

    I dont care if it's Ryanair, Easy Jet or any other. I just want a possibility that makes my transport easier and the Ljubljana's airport worth, because it's a bit of a shame for being the most important airport of Slovenia.
    So, at least if Ryanair comes will be a slap in the face of Adria to lower prices and acept "normal travellers", and not just rich people

  24. Anonymous00:55

    I'd personally prefer any "real airline" such as Germanwings, Air Berlin or Lufthansa to fly from Berlin non-stop to Slovenia.

    Maribor is the European City of Culture 2012 - and the organizers neglected to cease such an opportunity to fly to Maribor/Ljubljana!

    I'm sorry, but flying to Graz, and then taking a hired car or train to Maribor increases the travel time to Maribor considerably (you have to pay for and pick up the car - or take the bus from the airport to the railway station).

    Please, please, please, allow highly motivated, talented and qualified people manage and market our airports in Slovenia.

    - Slovene in Belin -


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