New Ljubljana terminal in 2015

Construction of new terminal begins next year
The new terminal at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport will be opened in May 2015, its CEO, Zmago Skobir says. Construction work is set to begin in 2012. Despite a difficult year for the Slovenian aviation industry, Skobir says that the current 13.000 square metre terminal, built back in 1973, does not have the capacity to handle new passengers. The brand new terminal, which will cost 70 million Euros, will be able to handle 1.800 passengers per hour and will stretch over 31.200 square metres.

Ljubljana Airport also plans to build a small logistics centre in 2013 and a cargo terminal by 2015. The company will try to cover all of its costs itself while the passenger terminal will be financed through a loan from the banks, to be paid off within the next fifteen years. All of the planned investments are part of the major “Aeropolis” project. Slovenian media have recently questioned whether the project will be delayed due to the ongoing Eurozone crisis, however, the airport’s management is adamant that the construction of the new terminal will begin next year.

If all goes to plan the opening of the new terminal should coincide with the opening of rival Zagreb Airport’s new terminal building. Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is likely to lose its position as the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia by the end of 2011. The airport is hoping to attract several new airlines to commence flights to the Slovenian capital next year and in turn regain its position in the top thereby the end of 2012.


  1. Anonymous09:16

    Off topic:

    25th June 2012 Norwegian will launch Copenhagen-Belgrade. Flights will operate on Mondays and Fridays.

  2. Anonymous09:27

    Admin: "the new terminal will have the capacity to handle 1800 passangers PER YEAR"?
    anyway it should have been completed by original plans, so i hope there won't be other delays.

  3. Anonymous09:30

    Probably 18,000,000 passengers per year since we are never going to get a new airport in ZAG... it should serve both capitals (sarcasm)

  4. Anonymous09:32

    Why do they need a larger terminal?

  5. Anonymous09:32

    Because it will become a Balkan hub.

  6. Anonymous09:45

    last two anonymous, it's obvious LJU needs new terminal, specially check-in area, security check, arrival area! the size of planed terminal is completely another question!however better to built it bigger now in case traffic grows, then to become too small after 10 years!

  7. Anonymous09:48

    BTW 1.800 per hour

  8. Tupolev16010:50

    Off-topic, short trip report from my recent flight with JAT:

    Belgrade to Moscow on the 22.11, Boeing 737-300. First flight with the new Jat Airways, last one was with the old JAT several years ago. The drop in service level since is abysmal. The behavior of some members of Jat handling at BEG is unacceptable. We were served just a disgusting sandwich on the 3h flight, and that said i am not a picky person about food. (Before JAT used to serve traditional Serbian meals for lunch, with salad, desert etc..) Good sides: very professional crew, plane old but very well maintained, no IFE (yes, there are people who appreciate it and prefer to look through the window or read), overhead TV's turned off = peace and silence, excellent in-flight magazine... Overall, the service is not worse than on other major pan-European airlines today, my main disappointment coming from the slump in service level from the one i used to remember and enjoy/respect Jat for. Jat is apparently headed into becoming a low-cost: if it's the case, they shouldn't hide it anymore and declare it publicly - or change the leadership and put the airline back on what it used to be before - a world class airline.

  9. JU520 BEGLAX11:40

    who s going to build it?
    SCT is bankrupt!


  10. JU520 BEGLAX11:42

    Tupolev 160

    everytime I read here some sentences, airfare is an important factor. People would like to fly for 200 EUR or even less from BEG to LHR but are wondering that there is no real food and beverage offer anymore.
    From what do u want to pay wine, beer, lunch, desser if the airline gets 100 EUR for a 3 hour flight?

  11. Tupolev16013:48

    No issue about that, the question is why do we pay 300$ one way with JAT and 126$ with Air Baltic. Cause the service is not that different, you know what i mean. I do not think that providing a bit better meals would kill the company financially, but it would earn them many more travellers to fly with. As i said, the other option is that they should publicly start calling themselves a low-cost airline, and charging prices accordingly.

  12. Anonymous14:20

    What a stupid reaction from the other guy. I think is quite obvious to everyone that JAT is very low value for money. No body here even talked about wanting to fly for 100$.

  13. JU520 BEGLAX14:44


    agree and even better that you could book your own meal and pay for it while booking. I would have no problem to pay 10-20 EUR if I get a full and hot meal incl a bottle of water on such a flight.
    with full meal I mean more than a hot sandwhichs or some nuts/chips

    airline tariffs are very complexe and not necessarly always fair and transparent for an individium. they can be market linked or service orientated. For example in November you can get from ZRH to JFK cheaper than during summer holidays from ZRH to PRN. There the market plays....
    where the service plays is for example C and Y tariffs...

    Personally I would love to get the complete transparency in what u can buy: seat pitch, food/beverage service etc.
    I also don t mind to pay on KL 20 EUR extra for the emergency exit seat. it s a fair deal to me and I buy it when I fly KL

    regarding rates Air Baltic / JU.
    a big difference makes the time when u purchase a ticket. of course as closer to the departure u get and less seats are available as more the tariffs increase

    offer and demand principle...

  14. Just to add another thing to airfare differences - many airline employees such as at JU are controlled by strong unions, which demand higher pay and benefits for the employees. I doubt this is the case with AirBaltic and therefore lower prices. Also, you have to take into consideration that JU has probably much higher expenses in terms of aircraft maintenance and oil prices as its aircraft are much older and burn more fuel. If you add to this bad management and poor business model, it pretty much describes the situation.

  15. Traveller18:07

    Can't they make a viable bus station in Ljubljana first?
    It's the worst capital bus station in Europe.
    Most of bus stations in capitals of Africa are also better.

    First impression coming to Ljubljana by bus is terrible.
    You can't have a second first impression.

    And yes it would be much cheaper compared to the air project.
    Cant believe in 20 years plus can't managa the bus station.
    In a country full of new large roads and buildings.

  16. JU520 BEGLAX18:50


    absolutely right. Slovenia is a terrible example for public transportation places such as Bus-, Railways Station and Airports...
    also the road infrastructure took them way too long to construct. same counts for hotels. Only one international known hotel chain and this not even in the capital.

    much of a close minded population. too much mountains around, so they miss the foresight...

  17. @Traveller
    Different organisations run LJU airport and Ljubljana bus station. Perhaps the municipality of Ljubljana manages the bus station and not enough travellers use it to justify the investment. On the other hand, the airport probably is operating at a nice profit margin hence private banks are happy to loan the money for the investment. You can't say to the airport management, please invest your profit in Ljubljana bus station -- the banks would not approve the loan. They are different facilities (businesses) run by different organisations.

    Now, how many foreign travellers visit Ljubljana on buses and how many of these foreign travellers are narrow-minded enough to allow the inadequacy of a transport facility to define their perception of an entire city or even country?

    On a more positive note, the new terminal is a very positive development for LJU airport. I love the airport. Beautiful location, landing first thing in the morning with a clear view of the Alps. I look forward to experiencing the new facilities in the coming years. Best wishes to LJU from Kosovo!

  18. Anonymous21:15

    interesting:))) 3 years for 31.000 sq. meters terminal. just go and see SKP new terminal, it was built for less than a year and it is 44.000 sq. meters. Bur still it is a good news and congratulations to LJU.

  19. Anonymous21:56

    Here is document-masterplan for LJU

  20. Anonymous21:58[2].pdf

    English version as well

  21. Anonymous05:18

    We know, who and from where, is arriving to LJU by bus, for the first time, so we are not going to improve the bus station, purposely.

  22. Anonymous09:28

    lovely, peole are again turning off from aviation, to things like, bus terminal!!and "a character of a nation"!this is why 90% of comments on this blog are so stupid,based on hate and perjudices! anyway also for all those, a new bus teminal and railway station are in construction.

  23. JU520 BEGLAX10:13

    last anonymous:

    I m half Slovenian and I m very critical to Slovenia and this with good reason. If you follow Slovenia inside, there is no way around than to critize things which are going really bad in this country. And there is plenty of things going bad in Slovenia.
    As far as I know the Bus and Train Station Project in LJU are still on hold. Would have been a nice thing. But most Slovenians of course think, it s not needed, why do we need this, why do we have to be so advanced? This is the narrow minded mentality I dislike about many Slovenias. Even in my familiy I have plenty of those.

    Arriving at LJU airport and not being destined for LJU city, is a complete no go. Except you have someone who picks you up or you take a cab which costs you more than in many western european cities. And what we def need is a new Terminal with some amenities where I can spend my time, money etc.

    The comment from 2nd last anoynmous is superfluous.

  24. Anonymous16:16

    Traffic at Ljubljana bus station is way bigger than traffic at the airport. Sooner or later everyone on public transport visitng Ljubljana (and Slovenia) must go thru ...

  25. Anonymous16:17

    thru Ljubljana bus station :(


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