B&H to launch Mostar flights

Sarajevo - Mostar in 2012
B&H Airlines plans to launch flights from Mostar to Sarajevo next year in hope of attracting transit passengers through the Bosnian capital. It has been proposed for the flights from Mostar to depart early in the mornings in order to connect on to B&H’s European network. The flights from Sarajevo to Mostar would leave in the evening hours, with the service to be operated by an ATR72. B&H has requested an exemption from fees at Mostar Airport during its first year of operations and has asked for the flights to be partially subsidised by the Mostar city authorities.

B&H operated flights from Mostar to Pescara in Italy for several weeks over the summer, which proved popular with tourists. The airline is mulling over plans to launch services to Rome next year. B&H Airlines will handle similar passenger numbers as last year. Despite a promising start to the year, with a strong passenger surge recorded, numbers were severely hit in the past few months after the airline’s destination network was significantly cut. On the other hand, Mostar Airport handled 35.329 passengers by the end of November, an increase of 98%.


  1. Peter from Sydney10:09

    "t has been proposed for the flights from Mostar to depart early in the mornings in order to connect on to B&H’s European network." LOL, what European network!?

  2. Anonymous10:44

    Hello? Istanbul and Amsterdam! Duuuh :P

  3. Anonymous10:57

    One more success of Air Bosna!

  4. Anonymous11:25

    Are we about to experience domestic to international vv. transfers at SJJ? What would be the minimum connecting time? How long does it take to reach international departures from domestic terminal? Is it possible to do through check-in at OMO for transfer psgrs and what is going on with bagg?

  5. Anonymous12:22

    Can't wait to see it!

  6. Purger12:31

    Mostar - Sarajevo is 138 km. Even in bad road as that one is, you don't need more than 2 hours for that by car. In same time:

    30' from Mostar center to airport
    30' before flight
    40' flight
    20' to leave plane and find taxi
    30' come co center of Sarajevo
    = 2:30 to take plane

    I can not see any potential pax in transit (especially that there are just 2 flights to be transit to) + no pax at all in point-to-point flights

    Another total waste of money

  7. CTNCTN13:06

    This type of scenario,in my opinon, would work if the flights from Mostar flew to Zag or Beg.

  8. Anonymous13:11

    OU tried OMO and it didn't work and they have an international network.

  9. Anonymous13:52

    Another non-sense from that senseless company.

    By the way:

    " У
    новембру је по истом критеријуму у
    Београду повећање било 18%, а са 215.000 путника "Никола Тесла" је
    имао већи промет од свих 8
    међународних аеродрома у Хрватској


  10. Anonymous13:53

    LOL the only thing that could work is if there is demand for Istanbul otherwise it will be fun to see the loads. Especially since the distance is so small.

    Interesting thing is that Belgrade airport handled 215.000 passengers in November which is more than all the 8 international airports in Croatia.

  11. Anonymous14:10

    to the anonymous at 11:25
    BH Airlines is doing the same at BNX already.

  12. Anonymous15:50

    BEG is lowering airline fees again.

    Someone would be able to provide a list of airport fees in Balkans and Europe?

  13. Anonymous16:12

    I support the last anonymous!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous16:38

    Interesting thing is that Belgrade airport handled 215.000 passengers in November which is more than all the 8 international airports in Croatia.

    That is not true! Croatian airports did have 216.015 pax in November. But you have to know that Croatia had some 5.300.000 pax in 2010 what was some 100% more than Serbia. This year situation would be some 95% more. So, what is your point?

  15. Anonymous16:40

    The whole point is that Belgrade is reporting phenomenal growth.

  16. Anonymous16:42

    I know for a fact that SJJ is super expensive for airlines to operate. Skopje is quite affordable and Montenegro, well, there you arrange the prices with the airport management ;)

  17. Anonymous17:02

    Also how seasonal is the traffic in Croatia. The airports are practically empty in winter time.

  18. @purger and several anonymous

    Finding your luggage and getting to downtown sarajevo shouldn't take you more than 25 minutes tops, so you can take off 25 minutes. The flight is also max 30 minutes, so take off 10 there as well.. And so on and so on..

    This would be new for BH Airlines as there are no domestic passengers on SJJ-BNX-ZRH since a ticket can't be bought on that sector (something with RS government)

    Besides, flights would most probably be extended to Rome (remember the succesful Pescara flights) a few times per week as is mentioned in an article by Vecernji

    just my 2cts,


  19. Besides purger, this would be a feeder-flight and not really for P2P traffic, so taking your luggage and going to downtown sarajevo doesn't really make sense

  20. Anonymous19:46

    eee ljudi, sta se desava sa Qatar AIrways?

  21. Herzegovina Diaspora is huge. Mostly in Germany, but also in other westerneuropean countries and North America as well. Medjugorje is much less in focus compared to some 20-25 years ago, but still attracts LOT of people (tourists=passengers) from all over the world. With functional state, and traffic and tourism strategy, OMO could become much much more than it's today. Unfortunately, few ATR flights per week, even with FCO flights, is almost nothing, taking into account it's potential.

    But it's not only OMO, and not only BIH. It's similar in all ex-yu countries, and airports, which, despite enormous growth of civil aviation worldwide during these last 20-25 years, still can't achieve numbers, and profits which they had been recording at those times.

    And as long as we have nationalistic "flag carriers" which refuse to co-operate with which other, as long as we have nonsenses that part of single country refuses rights to carry passengers to airline which is from other part of that country, as long as we have subsidies, incompetent "managements" and protectionistic measures against others, we'll be in position to discuss should we have three or four weekly ATR SJJ-OMO flights, instead, just for example, once or twice daily frequency for ZAG-JFK (or ZAG-BWK and BEG-JFK, just not to be misunderstood).

    Happy New Year to all of ex-Yu aviation visitors and participants, and may we see drastic changes and improvements in ex-Yu aviation in 2012!

  22. Thank you to the last poster for making sense. It is rare to see someone see past the nationalist curtains that have been placed in front of our eyes.

  23. Purger00:07

    "this would be a feeder-flight"

    Which connections? Everyday IST + 3 times per week AMS and 3 times per week CPH? Those not even 2 flights per day would make OMO-SJJ flight full with transit passengers?

  24. Doot14:13

    I could see this working once they finish Trebinje airport :P


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