Charges against former Jat CEO

Time to face the music - Srdjan Radovanović
A judicial process against the former CEO of Jat Airways, Srdjan Radovanvić, currently serving as an advisor to the national carrier despite the fact that the government found him incompetent of leading the airline, has begun after Serbia’s State Audit Institution filed complaints against him and several other managers for corruption. It is believed that during Radovanović’s leadership in 2010 several unlawful acquisitions were made without a necessary tender. Furthermore, the auditing institution accuses the former Jat Airways management of not adhering to the provisions of several laws and decrees that relate to the manner in which salaries are calculated and paid out in Serbia's public enterprises.

Srdjan Radovanović served as CEO from July 2009 to December 2010 and was the mastermind behind ideas such as a free taxi service for Jat passengers from the airport in Belgrade to their home, free health insurance and came upon the idea that Jat tickets should be sold in post offices. Furthermore, Radovanović employed for his Financial Director an individual without a university degree. Radovanović, a lawyer by profession, never previously worked in the airline industry. He is the member of the governing Democratic Party and is believed to have been nominated to the position of CEO by Dušan Petrović, the Minister for Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Water Management, although Petrović at the time wasn’t part of the Prime Minister’s cabinet. Radovanović previously worked as the CEO of “Palanački kiseljak” - a mineral water company. Although he has never since appeared at Jat he holds the position of advisor with a healthy monthly salary.

It is unclear whether any charges have been made against Jat’s acting CEO Vladimir Ognjenović who was the deputy CEO during Radovanović’s time in office and vehemently supported Radovanović before the opportunity arose for him to replace the embattled CEO. However, Ognjenović’s reign is also believed to be coming to an end. This week, several members of the airline’s management lost their jobs as a result of a recent scandal involving a Jat pilot flying without a proper license. Svetislav Vranić, the Head of Training and the Head of Flight Operations Vladimir Banjac have been sacked. A judicial process has been launched against both.


  1. On a side note, Jat Airways will for the first time in over a decade have decent dedicated flights from Belgrade to Larnaca:



    Naturally the ticket is €280 but we can't ask for too much!

  2. Anonymous09:26

    Too expensive. As well as the hotels there. Next summer - Turkey again, I guess!

  3. Yes but they are aiming at us who live here and who have been paying much more over the past years to fly directly to Belgrade.
    Tourist agencies get discounted flights with Jat, best proof was that this past September pasenger numbers on Jat to Larnaca grew by 24% and there were over 2,000 Serbian tourists flying on Aviogenex.

  4. Anonymous10:43

    After all bad news from JAT is there any "believer" in their next summer season??

    Dear @Nemjee I understand your love for JAT but be real sometimes...

  5. Anonymous11:48

    This news is in fact good. It might send out a message to the current management that they won’t be protected and will face the consequences for their mismanagement. I feel sorry for the people working at JU. Many don’t realise the amount of capable, talented and dedicated people who work there and are shattered by all these clowns who have been put in charge. Naturally all of them have been put on the sidelines and top places have been given to incompetent people. BTW JUs current Financial Director is a 20 something year old whose first job straight out of college is running the finances of a national airline.

  6. Anonymous12:21


  7. Anonymous12:46

    Really boring.

    Ex Yu is far too often giving a space to actually insignificant part of the present aviation industry in the region.

    Obviously, blogger is from the same area and biased, accordingly.

  8. Anonymous13:46

    To the two anonymous above (sorry for myself posting as "anonymous", but I just don't feel like signing up for yet another nick-name):

    First, if you don't like the news item of a particular day, skip reading it and come back tomorrow!

    Second (and most important): you're more than welcome to come up with your own blog where you'll post whatever you think is important/interesting/necessary/unbiased!

    I just think that people in general (not just on this blog) should be a bit more appreciative, realize that somebody is making the effort to post an interesting, aviation-related news item every day and that nobody actually forces anyone to read it!

    So, get over yourselves and stop complaining!

  9. Anonymous14:28

    Last Anonymous is saying absolute true!

  10. Anonymous17:12

    I'm with the 2nd last anonymous, show some respect

  11. Anonymous17:13

    I love this blog and it is not the admin. who ruins it but some of the people and their negativity.

  12. Anonymous18:14

    The clowns at Farmer & Spaić in BG will be a bit nervous today about this news! Remember that HUGE advertising blitz last year?

  13. Anonymous19:47

    Radovanović previously worked as the CEO of “Palanački kiseljak”

    LOL than he must be capable of running an airline. I would also file charges against the people who posted this man to become CEO.

  14. Anonymous20:19

    The blog is great, it actually is my daily reading and thumbs up for the the person/people behind this.

    Those who find it unnecessary should feel free not to read it.

    Greetings from Skopje

  15. VisitBengaluru!23:00

    Sympathetic report about Belgrade Airport and Jat we can find today
    on ANNA.AERO !

    If you roll down the main page you find the article : "Belgrade airport grows to impressive level" !

    Also there are photos about cake ceremony with FlyDubai officials !

  16. Anonymous07:04

    Nothing wrong in presenting information pertinent to Serbia aviation industry only.

    Wrong and misleading are blog title Ëx YU Aviation News" and its description "Latest news from the aviation world of the former Yugoslavia"

    Give a proper name to the blog, "Serbian Aviation News" and "bre" all is fine and OK.

  17. Anonymous12:30

    Front page has 2 Serbia-related articles, out of 6, which is fine considering size of the market and pax numbers. And in last few weeks, we were mostly discussing new SKP, QR flights, JP/OU situation and ZAG tender. So, is there anything significant happening in ex-Yu aviation that wasn't here? Don't think so...

  18. Anonymous13:03

    @ 2nd last anonymous

    Don't be jealous, kako ti nije sramota, obviously a lot is from all countries but Serbia too, I remember for some periods it would mostly be on Adria and Skopje or BH & Croatia, so chill bre.

  19. Anonymous22:43

    I absolutely agree with those in favour of the blog and the admins. first of all serbia is the biggest former ex-yu country, for that it's normal that news from serbia take RELATIVELY much space. second of all there is a lot of stuff dealing with the other ex-yu republics, OU and so on.
    And most important: Why not inform the people about mismanagement - no matter where it takes place! And if those allegations about the Jat-CEO are true - than I'm really sorry for Jat and it's workers.

  20. Anonymous06:55

    What is "more" important in ex JAT CEO Radovanovic's biografy is that he is chosen by Serbian inteligence as their member (Drzavna bezbednost)...


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