easyJet cancels Paris - Ljubljana flights

easyJet dumps Paris service as Ryanair confirms Ljubljana interest
easyJet has announced that it will cancel its service from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Ljubljana Jože Pučnik in 2012 with the last flight scheduled to operate on March 1. The suspension will leave easyJet with flights from London Stansted to the Slovenian capital. This comes as bad news for the airport’s management which is trying to secure new services in order for it to overturn its sliding passenger trends. In October, Adria Airways suspended its flights to the French capital citing competition by easyJet as one of the reasons behind the suspension. Air France will come out as the biggest winner as it will be the only airline offering direct flights between Paris and Ljubljana. This winter easyJet is operating two weekly flights between the two cities with an extra weekly service added during the busy Christmas and New Year holiday period.

easyJet has already announced that it will also be suspending its Paris - Zagreb service from March 23. Ljubljana Airport is still hoping for the Russian airline RusLine to commence flights from Moscow. The two weekly service was originally planned to launch on September 1 but the flights never materialised. Ljubljana Airport is currently served by only six scheduled airlines.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, has confirmed that the airline plans to commence services to Ljubljana next year if the airport lowers its fees. “If Ljubljana Airport were to lower its taxes Ryanair would surely return to Slovenia”. The two sides are locked in talks in order for the no frills airline to launch flights to the Slovenian capital. The airport has proposed for Ryanair to operate flights out of Dusseldorf, Madrid, Oslo and London to Jože Pučnik Airport. In 2007 the no frills airline operated 3 weekly flights from London Stansted to Maribor Airport. The flights lasted 9 months before they were cancelled.


  1. Anonymous10:06

    Any news on how Adria is doing?

  2. Adria would operate moe routes too if LJU had lower it taxes.

    Adria estimates -11M in 2011
    LJU apt had +5M at the end of September 2011.

  3. JU520 BEGLAX11:54

    off topic:

    what happened last night at Maksimir? sold game?

    Sky: agree with you. Don t see why Airport LJU should lower fees to Ryanair. Easyjet left ZRH as well and came back again seeing the potential we have for ZRH-UK flights. And they pay the same as other foreign carriers....

  4. Anonymous12:03

    How is Adia load on various routes?
    Anyone has date for October, November 2011?
    Comparison load 2010 - load 2011 October- November for Adria?
    Thank You.

  5. BSL-BEG12:47

    at JU520 BEGLAX

    FC BASEL is the best!

  6. Anonymous13:02

    FC Basel is ok. I got some money betting on them!

  7. JU520 BEGLAX13:28


    congratulations to FCB, great achievement!

    regarding Easyjet: you don t have problems as LJU and ZAG...plenty of destinations out of BSL....

  8. JU520 BEGLAX13:54

    another reason to fly during Winter season to Rijeka is the following:


    Didn t know they have such a big Carneval tradition on the adriatic coast.

  9. I wish EASYJET could focus on Belgrade. It would be fabulous!
    Flights to Paris, Prague, Amsterdam and Lisbon for eg.
    Or Tel Aviv.

  10. And Geneva! :D

  11. TANI17:19

    I dont believe Easyjet will ever come to BEG...dont know why but believe
    they think it is "not good enough" for them.

    Wouldnt be a problem if Wizzair
    would offer more flights ..but also
    Wizzair seems to have lost interest in BEG.

    There is so much potential in destinations like Milan,Cyprus,Berlin,Hamburg-Lubeck,
    Dusseldorf,Prague, even Geneva or Lyon....not to forget Madrid and Tel Aviv!

    But as someone said ...Serbian government together with Jat are maybe blocking foreign airlines and especially LCC to serve this destinations....dont know how this
    can be with Open Skies?

    Maybe we have to wait till Jat does open those new routes...but I very much doubt this will ever happen.

  12. Anonymous18:40

    LJU should support Easyjet not to cut Paris they should add Madrid and Lissabon to Ljubljana!

  13. LJU should not subsidize these low cost carriers. Ryanair, and similar airlines, basically look to operate routes where they can establish an absolute competitive advantage. I dislike their business model.

  14. Anonymous20:31

    all this airliners are much better for users and for slovenian tourism as adria airways ... no knowledge to yield routes, no right marketing and sales strategy... etc.

  15. Anonymous21:00

    Doom and gloom for LJU and BEG, but FR to fly MRS-ZAD next year!

  16. Anonymous21:43

    Haha yes, Ljubljana and Belgrade dissappoint, but Croatian coast flights are growing like mushrooms after heavy rain !

  17. Anonymous22:46

    FR adding two more seasonal routes to ZAD: Billund (march 2012) & East Midlands (April 2012)

  18. Anonymous22:51

    Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. About Adria statistic:

    1.038.238 pax which is 1% more than last year (note April 2010 LJU apt closure and vulcano)
    1% more pax in schedule tfc and 2% more in charter
    21.360 flights which is 1% less than in 2010
    While the LF was 63,7 which is 5 % points less (was 68,7 last year)
    note that empty charter flights or low charter numbers on ad hoc flights lower this quite a lot.

    As per october 2011
    there were 95.382 pax whixh is 4% less than in 2011
    LF was 59,31 which is 10 pts less than in 2010 (note bad media about adria not oeprating since september etc... tickets went down for oct and nov 2011)
    and 2.087 flights which is 4% less than in 2010

    notes that ASK went up 7% that is why LF went so down (beside negative publicity)

    nothing yet for november which should be more interesting.

  20. it is reported to have -11M at the end of 2011 which is much better since last years cc -20M from oeprating and -40M from fleet re-evaluatuion together around -60M.
    The positive result should be in 2013.

    A319 are reported to be leased to Croatia during the summer.

    Adria is planning to have 9 CRJs and 2 A32s from which S5-AAS is staying for sure (A320 180seats) during the summer.
    But this is just the beginning of some summer fleet plans.

  21. Anonymous00:38

    Look at CSA, American Airlines, Malev...

  22. Anonymous00:40

    Unfortunetly, LJU and BEG will next year be the most boring airports in the ex yu.ZAG nothins special also, but the croatian coast airports will boom for sure, thats what i think...

  23. Anonymous03:41

    @sky....if JP had 1%less flights and 1% more pax than in 2010, how on earth LF is decreased 5%?
    Thanks for answer!

  24. Anonymous03:43

    Lack of people/passengers in ex yu...except in Croatia were structure is 82% of foreigners..

  25. As I explained in the same post, ASK (available seats per km flown) grew for 7%. In the other way, flights were operated by bigger aircraft than the last year, that is why LF dropped.

  26. Is it possible that Serbia is telling easyjet that they have to decide between Pristina and Belgrade and they're sticking with what works for them?

  27. Anonymous19:54

    No business is business.

  28. Anonymous01:11

    Doot ,
    Germanwings,Adria,Malev and so many more airlines fly Belgrade AND Prishtina...

  29. What about us?



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