Air India and Ryanair to skip Ljubljana

Air India flights to Ljubljana unlikely
Air India and Ryanair, which intended to launch flights to Ljubljana this year, have postponed such plans until further notice, primarily due to the extremely high fuel prices at the airport. Last year Air India and Adria Airways signed a memorandum of understanding which was to see Air India code share on Adria’s regional flights, while in return the Indian national carrier would operate some of its services to the United States via the Slovenian capital. Plans were set for flights to be launched either during the 2012 summer season or the 2012/2013 winter season, depending on the arrival of the profoundly delayed Boeing 787 Dreamliners. The airline is expected to receive its first Dreamliner in May.

Zmago Skobir, the head of Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, has told the media that Air India has requested lower fuel prices at the airport and an exemption from paying fees in order to launch services to the Slovenian capital. However, Skobir notes that the airport does not control the pricing policy of the petroleum company. “I stress that this project could be beneficial for both the airport and Adria but it must be approached on an intergovernmental level”, Skobir says.

Meanwhile, talks with Ryanair have broken down. Late last year, Ljubljana Airport initiated talks with the no frills airline in order to cover the substantial cut in flights by the debt stricken Adria Airways. The low cost airline offered to open two to three new routes to the city, however, in return, requested minimal handling and operational fees. Skobir says that such terms were unacceptable. He notes that Bratislava Airport, which handled more passengers than Ljubljana last year, is almost exclusively served by low cost airlines but at the same time suffered a loss of over four million euros. Despite sliding passenger numbers, Ljubljana Airport saw record profit last year.


  1. Anonymous09:29

    Duuuh. Ljubljana is nothing special, it is just overrated.

    1. Anonymous10:39

      Just like all the airports in ex YU.face it, none of them will become an important player.maybe BEG could get one or max. 2 intercontinental routes, while LJU,ZAG&DBV might get some inetrcontinental charters (like JAL etc) during the summer season.about FR, i'm actually happy we won't see them in LJU (it's a suicide for the airports similar range), but it's a pitty that management of MBX could not find a solution for them the keep would be great as FR could cover LJU,GRZ&ZAG area this way...

  2. Anonymous09:58

    Ahahaha, you were serious with Air India? I thought it was a joke.

    1. Anonymous13:07

      You are a joke yourself. Air India is a strong airline and the national carrier of India. It is on way to acquire 27 Dreamliner aircrafts from Boeing. Learn to use google and enlighten yourself of the facts. Also, get over your despicable colonial hang-over and acknowledge changed realities.

  3. Inida in the balkans... i've never seen a indian guy over there in my 26 years.

    1. JATBEGMEL17:28

      had an indian passenger on my BEG-MUC flight last week.

  4. Anonymous10:47

    Slovenian gov destoyed LJU by allowing Jp monopoly. Now Venice can enjoy the ride.

    1. Anonymous12:10

      When they will be no government money - for Adria,Aereodrom Ljubljana, Petrol - the crazy ride will end.
      Petrol is putting prices that are way too hight -they are not carrying by donkeys the gasoline at Ljubljana airport-. Adria is the worse parassite of Slovenian transport "economy" (together with Slovenia railways): just taking taxpayers money and giving 1. expensive 2. no economical logic services back to Slovenia customers.
      Ljubljana airport time will come that you will pray for low budget airlines to come.

  5. Anonymous11:08

    i don't know who is guilty, but it's sad that they can not have one good project together (Petrol, AerodromLjubljana, Slovenian Goverment). there is not one person on high position in AerodromLjubljana who likes Airport and enjoy working on it. I hate that no-one works with its heart :-((
    If that change, LJ will survife, if not.. like every big company in Slo will collapse!!!

  6. Anonymous11:29

    Apology for OT

    Qatar Airways, Doha to LDZA sold out for dates around 17 of August (the lowest economy class).

  7. I fly to LJU from the US once or twice a year. This summer for the first time in 12 years, I will not be flying Adria. They suspended so many destinations and lowered frequencies to many others. Their prices are simply outrageous compared to Croatia Airlines. This summer I booked my ticket on Air France. I am glad that I have an option to fly at least them as everything else in LJU is dominated by Adria and Star Alliance. The Ljubljana Airport authorities should be ashamed for not attracting more airlines to fly and forcing many passengers to choose VCE or ZAG instead of LJU.

  8. JATBEGMEL17:45

    Air India isnt liked even by Indians. The story of Air India flying via LJU to the US was funny to read. But their people do interesting business, like that Indian businesman who bought out Air Slovakia and had flights from the UK via Bratislava to India :D

    I think a Balkan cooperation might make transatlantic work, say TAROM lease an aircraft with JAT cooperation for ops ex OTP via BEG to JFK. Or if more can get involved, say Bulgaria Air and Croatia Airlines, say rotations like OTP-BEG-JFK-ZAG-BEG-ZAG-JFK-BEG-SOF-ZAG-JFK-BEG-OTP, that way you get 2 markets in 1 and can maximise pax numbers, roatations for the aircraft and the viability of holding onto the a/c with shared costs.

  9. Anonymous18:34

    here in Ex Yu we have a lot of
    our "Indijanci"...
    how could you forget them?

    Our beautiful Balkans would be boring without them.

  10. Anonymous16:30

    Ljubljana airport needs Ryanair. Now Trieste will get all the traffic instead.

  11. Anonymous12:23

    I really want to see ryanair in Slovenia with route Ljubljana-Manchester!!!!


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