Jat Tehnika expands

New hangar for Jat Tehnika
Jat Tehnika has announced the construction of an additional hangar at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport which will be able to handle a Boeing B737 next generation aircraft as well as the Airbus A320. Furthermore, necessary equipment is being purchased in order for the maintenance company to begin work on servicing Airbus jets this summer. During the week, the Serbian government gave its approval for Tehnika to take out a five million euro loan in order to finance its new endeavours. The loan will be repaid within the next five years. Jat Tehnika, which was separated from Jat Airways in 2006, expects to see an increase in business as a result of the new investments.

Tehnika currently has three hangars at its disposal at Belgrade Airport. Two are used for medium sized aircraft and can fit three jets each at one single time while the third hangar is for larger aircraft and can fit two Boeing 747-400s. Besides Jat, the company currently provides maintenance to airlines such as Jet2.com, NordStar Airlines, Astraeus Airlines and Transaero.

Meanwhile, Jat Airways has announced that it has resumed operations at terminal two at Belgrade Airport. The carrier was forced to move to the older terminal one due to expansion wok being carried out at Serbia’s busiest airport. Furthermore, the airline has launched a new frequent flyer program for passengers on March 1.


  1. Anonymous09:27

    Wonderful news, finally something positive from the region and problem free.
    I wonder which Airbus operators would be interested in servicing their aircraft in Belgrade?

    Good job to the Serbs for taking steps to make Belgrade Airport as attractive for business as possible.

  2. Anonymous10:19

    Where is the new hangar going to be located?

    1. Anonymous10:25

      Probably next to the current one, there is a lot of space in that area. Plus it would make sense to keep it all together.

    2. It is actually a "big hangar" that is finally going to be finished. MRO business is potentially significantly more lucrative than the airline business, and this is by all means a way to go.

      Hope they can also solve their staff rationalization and ageing issues as development of MRO services at BEG definitively has a strong business case.

  3. Anonymous11:14

    Great news. Finally something is moving.

  4. Anonymous12:43

    I think this is a very wise move, by expanding their business they will decrease the impact of having too many employees.

  5. fifi17:58

    Off Topic:

    CSA Czech Airlines will cancel its service to LJU.

    Their direct flights will be replaced by Central Connect Airlines(also direct flights).

    I dont know which day exactly CSA will stop flying
    but C.C.A.will begin service today with Saab ac.

  6. Anonymous18:55

    Just waiting for Purger to announce that they'll soon start servicing B&H's ATR's in ZAG and that it is the sign of Zagreb turning global, LOL...

    1. Anonymous20:48

      Come on, our Atrs are not good enough for ZAG... they are going to service QR's future A380s!
      Another loss for SJJ :/

    2. Well, Zagreb has been servicing A320 type aircraft for the past what? 12 years now. Good on you Belgrade for finally trying to start catching up!

    3. Anonymous06:29

      ROFL suuuuuure... I do not know who is trying to catch up with whom in Yugoslavia. Look at BEG and then look at ZAG.
      You have been working on servicing Airbuses while Belgrade has had experience in aviation even before AeroPut (1927).

    4. And Zagreb since 1909!

    5. Anonymous08:55

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    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    7. Anonymous11:31

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    8. Anonymous11:32

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    9. 'Not Croatia, Austro-Hungary, that is the main difference. ;'

      mmmm, I wonder why my comment was deleated but not this one. Both were stating hisotical truths.

    10. deleted and historical just to correct my spelling.

      Anyway, I was just responding to a couple of cheap shots directed at Zagreb and was trying to be sarcastic and humorous. Not getting offended or trying to offend.

      And, they were aviation related!

  7. Anonymous20:50

    Taj "novi hangar" bi u stvari trebao biti veliki hangar u koji su mogli da stanu 2 DC-10 ili 2 747 + još neki normalan avion u sredinu. Taj hangar se koristi, ali nikada nije tehnički primljen, i nije dovršena infrastruktura pomoćnih prostorija. Znači prvobitni plan je bio da se tih 5 miliona uloži za finalizaciju tog velikog hangara i pomoćne opreme za farbanje aviona. A takodje i za školovanje kadrova i kupovinu alata za Airbusove avione koji bi inače trebao biti partner JAT Tehnike u ovom projektu.

    U tkzv. starom JAT-ovom hangaru postoje 4 linije za rad koje su do kraja godine rasprodate (3 Jet2.Com-u i 1 Transaeru)

    Mali hangar lake avijacije je vlasništvo Jat Tehnike, ali je izbačen iz Part 145 MRO i iznajmljuje se većinom Princ i Pink taksi avijaciji.

    JAT Tehnika je EASA Part 145 organizacija i ima sve dozvole za rad (EU, USA, Rusije i još čudo kojekakvih). Ima sertifikat za samostalni dizajn svog inžinjeringa bez zapitkivanja Boinga i Erbasa za svaku sitnicu. Od ove godine ima i svoj školski centar sa Part 147 ovlašćenjem.
    Istovremeno iz Vazduhoplovne Akademije(Drapšin) izlaze svake godine 2-3 odeljenja aviomehaničara, tako da bi valjao još jedan hangar u produžetku gore navedenih.

    Ako nizašta drugo, a ono za JAT-ove avione za koje nema mesta u hangarima i koji se uglavnom rade napolju na platformi.

    Otprilike je 50% prihoda Jat Tehnike od JAT-a, polovina od drugih mušterija. Moguće je da će ove godine udeo stranaca biti veći.



  8. Anonymous03:21


    They have been working on Boeing aitcraft for five decaded here in Belgrade. We just decided while back to go with American company.

    1. Srbin iz Hrvatske04:33

      exactly, it seems that q400 got high today, so thats why he wrote this non sense. He also is imagining that ZAG will service Qatars airbus 380, hehe.

    2. Well that was part of the deal to ALLOW Qatar to start flights to Zagreb. Qatar has to set up a maintenance base in Zagreb or they'll miss out on connecting the best geographical region of south east Europe. I mean why else would they have purchased the A380!

    3. Anonymous08:56

      Yes, we can all see how ZAG is flourishing at this moment. Not only is the airport a true hit but OU is a top class airline.

    4. Finally we agree on something.

    5. Anonymous11:33

      And best proof is today's news ;)

  9. Anonymous15:06

    Quite some additional capacity at BEG today:

    Morning flight of Swiss is an A320 (usually F100/A319).
    Turkish Airlines increased from a B737-800 to an A321.
    Aeroflot increased from an A320 to an A321 today.
    Finally Olympic Air is sending their A319 instead of their Dash-8.

    I guess numbers should rise again at BEG.


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