Croatia and Adria among Europe’s best

Praise for Croatia Airlines and Adria Airways
For the first time, two former Yugoslav airlines have found themselves amongst Europe’s best airlines. At the World Airline Awards, organised by Skytrax at the Farnborough International Airshow this week, both Croatia Airlines and Adria Airways made it into the top ten best airlines in Eastern Europe. Croatia Airlines was voted Eastern Europe’s fourth best airline, while Adria settled at number seven. The two carriers beat the likes of TAROM Romanian Airlines and S7 from Russia. Transaero was awarded the best airline in Eastern Europe followed by Aeroflot and ČSA Czech Airlines. Croatia Airlines was followed by LOT Polish Airlines and Wizz Air.

The World Airline Awards are the most prestigious within the aviation industry and awards are given out based on passenger experience. Air travellers were surveyed by telephone, questionnaires and online about their experiences with airlines on the ground and in the air during a 10 month period. The survey measured passenger satisfaction across more than 38 key performance indicators of airline front line product and service, including check-in, boarding, onboard seat comfort, cabin cleanliness, food, beverages, in-flight entertainment and staff service.

Overall, Turkish Airlines was named as Europe’s best carrier. Star Alliance, of which both Croatia Airlines and Adria Airways are members of, was voted the best alliance in the aviation industry. Qatar Airways maintained its position as the world’s best airline. This year marked the first time that any airline from the EX-YU region made it into the awards list.


  1. Anonymous09:40

    Congratulations to both CA & Adria.

    No surprise regarding CA, at all.
    As a frequent flyer, I consider that CA deserves even higher position on this list.

    Ex-Yu, little correction.
    Skytrax site placed Adria to #7, not eighth.

    The Best Airlines in Eastern Europe

    1. Transaero Airlines

    2. Aeroflot Russian Airlines

    3. CSA Czech Airlines

    4. Croatia Airlines

    5. LOT Polish Airlines

    6. Wizzair

    7. Adria Airways

    8. S7 Airlines

    9. Tarom Romanian Airlines

    10. BlueAir

  2. Anonymous10:02

    Eastern Europe low quality competition.

    1. Anonymous11:10

      you are right, there are less airlines in "Eastern Europe" then in the "Western".however it does not mean that airlines from "western europe" are better.they have different market(s) and probably better on-line&ground handling product.however there are bad airlines in western europe (passanger perspective) and very very bad, like IB, AZ,..!

  3. Anonymous10:42

    And where is Jat in that low quality competition?

  4. QR92111:25

    TK is not an European airline, is Middle/Eastern Asian!
    When will they stop with that BS of promoting Turkey as Europe?!

    1. Anonymous11:43

      Do you also have problems with Russia being promoted as Europe? Or sometimes even Israel..

    2. Anonymous12:32

      Istanbul is a European airport both geographically and politically, but I guess your issues with Turkey are of another kind...

    3. QR92113:06

      Is the IST airport at the same time the Turkish government building and therein its capital?! ~95% of Turkish territory is in Asia and their cultural core is the Middle-East - while they maintain to be considered as exclusively European.

    4. QR92113:42

      What a dumb question. o<O?!
      Russia is in Europe and Asia, everybody knows that. (While Turkey today neglects any mention or connection to Asia.)
      The Russian historical core is on the European continent. There is nothing to be promoted about since those things are obvious, you just have to open the map and see yourself. Only Turkey is promoted as being essentially European.
      Who did mention Israel here? Civilizationally Israel is a Western country. Geographically they're in the Middle-East. Their case is exeptional and they could be included in the Euro-Mediterranean group, together with the surrounding island-nations of same civilizational affiliation.
      The TK case is as if (in an extreme case of comparaison) AF started to claim as being a South American airline (cause someone would find it to be chic for marketing) because of France having few percents of territory and CAY located in Guyana, eventhough is not their main airport. IST faces capacity gridlock and their hub might well be moved to the Anatolian side in not so distant future - but that will not prevent them from claiming European heritage - so that argument goes down with the water. Besides, in Istanbul TK operates out of SAW as well and they have many other bases around the country, ESB, AYT and ADB amongst other.
      All that Turkish-Europe story is linked to their identity complex and political/economical interests (or what they perceive as such). Just tired of hearing it and wonder when will they finally drop that stupid story.

    5. QR92113:55

      If i understood well Skytrax already included Russia in Eastern Europe (not just Europe) so everything is fine with that. But Turkey is apparently closer to Europe (Western) than Russia and most strikingly Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia (EU member states) or others listed above, common!
      They should be expelled from that list, placed where they belong and stop that marketing manipulation. Or they just know that Western airlines are crap so to save the face of Europe they put as number one the closest airline with decent service and accept to pack it into Europe for mutual benefit.

  5. BA88812:08


    It must take a lot of effort to be behind Wizz!

    (And they are apparently 6th place!)


  6. frequentflyer12:29

    These 'customer-voted' lists are highly subjective and should really be taken with a grain of salt. What happens if one of the two airlines mentioned today drops off the list next year - does that make them an instant failure? Or what about the other exYU airlines which didn't make this year's cut??

    Let's talk about what is most important for the two 'winning' airlines for their futures:

    OU: surviving despite losing government 'top-ups', widespread corruption and government interference, shaking the slowly-strangling grasp of LH, new medium-haul destinations (including DXB), and the desperate need for increased capacity at ZAG to allow the fleet to expand (more Q400s please!)

    JP: keeping in the black financially, replacing the 6 expensive/thirsty CR2s with Q400s or 2nd-hand CR9s from Pluna who have just gone belly-up (and have quite new planes in good condition!), finding the right sustainable destinations to remain profitable

    1. Totally agree!! How much objective can ethnic passengers get? Think that Serbs are one of the rare nations that would argue that for example LH's Recarro slim seats or Austrian's in flight "micro" cracker are better product than JU.

      How on earth can WizzAir be placed anywhere above last place? Perhaps some of their passengers that rated them never flew full cost airlines?

    2. Anonymous18:29

      Skytrax is about quality of service, food, staff, planes etc., not about earnings, debts, coruption, relationship to politics. But even by this standard Jat is so behind Croatia and Adria

  7. Anonymous16:04

    Croatia Airlines definitely has best inflight service. Food on international flights is very tasty and served in very expensive dishes.

  8. Anonymous16:09

    Ha, what a misleading title.

    Is it the first time Skytrax have published a top ten of east europe? (i remember them publishing only the top3 of each region)

    However, Wizz at No6 is hilarious

  9. Why the alk about Turkish whyle there not even on this list..

  10. Anonymous16:40

    cause TURKISH AIRLINES is named the Best Airline in Europe at the 2012 World Airline Awards (2 years in a row)

    and that hurts the haters oh so much

  11. Anonymous18:17

    omg, I am realising now that most comments here are about TK, totally out of topic!

    1. Anonymous18:26

      i agree.unfortunately many comments on this blog are OT.i understand it when somebody wants to share new news/data with readers but usually it's about nationalistic crap,inferiority complex or just politics in general.

  12. Anonymous19:14

    Or perhaps that's because OU and JP are not so interesting... There is nothing to comment about those two minor LH feeders, we know everything already.

  13. Anonymous02:19

    just as much we know about Jat and it's shitty planes, bad business practice and the fact that corrupt serbian gov't is the only factor keeping it running alive (otherwise it would have ended like Malev).

  14. Anonymous05:37

    Hmmm interseting, but Lufthansa's 737 from 1985 are not shitty?

    Oh I get ya that you can not point you finger at them.

    1. Anonymous09:49

      Yeah, but in same time they have brand new A380s, 747s, A320s etc... And how many new planes are in Jat fleet?

  15. Anonymous08:40

    So, obviously, we all, who have never flown with CA or Adria have concluded that Skytrax's assessment is incorrect and that in order to proper asses all airlines and airports, "experts" from Ex-Yu site forum should be consulted.

    Dubrovnik Airport had been declared by ACI as #2 in Europe in category up to 5 Mil pax, also without consultation "experts" from Ex Yu forum, which is of course, not acceptable and as such, not validated.

    "Experts", please, just keep up with good jokes, as usual.
    This is one of main reason to stay with this site.

  16. Anonymous16:17

    Croatia for sure is in Eastern Europe.

  17. Anonymous17:39

    Croatia is placed in the most beautiful part of Europe, we do not mind if it is eastern, southern or central.

    1. Anonymous08:57

      Oh, now you dont mind being in Eastern Europe? That's a laugh...
      Slovenia and Croatia in Eastern Europe... wow!

  18. Anonymous09:00

    THE TITLE : Croatia and Adria among Europe’s best

    and then

    "..both Croatia Airlines and Adria Airways made it into the top ten best airlines in Eastern Europe..."

    Unprofessional title... are you trying to be like 'Kurir'...? Shame ex-Yu

  19. Anonymous18:37

    Who cares if our Slovenia is in East, South or whatever Europe!
    For the French we are in the East,for the Scandinavians we are Southerners and i bet for the
    Russians we are in Western Europe...
    everyone from his point of view has right!


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