Montenegro modifies fleet plans

New jet to arrive in 2014
Montenegro Airlines has delayed the arrival of its final Embraer jet by a year. The aircraft is now set to touch down in Podgorica in April 2014. Furthermore, the carrier has opted for the Embraer E190 jet, instead of the E195 version. Montenegro Airlines already boasts three E195s in its fleet. The E190 has minor variations to the E195 but also a lower price. In 2011 the airline expressed interest to purchase the smaller E170 version but has changed its plans. The Montenegrin government has said it will cover the cost of the ordered aircraft. Currently, the airline has eight aircraft in its fleet.

The news comes after it was revealed that the carrier has made a 5.5 million euro loss since the beginning of 2012, totalling to an accumulated loss of 17.5 million euros. The airline blames high fuel prices and a volatile euro for the negative trend. However, the good news is that the airline has managed to see its passenger numbers rise thanks to a strong tourist season this summer. In the first half of 2012, passenger figures were up by 6% thanks in large part to a strong June when numbers rose 16%. The airline has also managed to claw back passengers on its main market, Serbia, and is recording impressive figures on flights between Podgorica, Tivat and Belgrade this summer season.

Taking a swipe at a recent article published by EX-YU aviation news, Montenegro Airlines CEO, Zoran Djurišić, said that the government is the one that decides who is competent enough to lead a company based on concrete results rather than “rotten internet portals and opinions of non-governmental organisations”.


  1. Anonymous13:00

    When are they going to retire the f100? They are getting old

    1. Anonymous22:07

      You are so right!
      I also hate those worn out planes...
      the same with Austrian.

      the ERJs are a very good replacement and i
      prefer YM all the time before Jat on the
      Belgrade route.
      And only because of their E-Jets!

  2. Stefan13:02

    Good news. I think EMB are the perfect aircraf for ex-yu airlines.

  3. Anonymous15:55

    Accumulating 17,5 million euros loss and planning to get one more aircraft can only state-funded company! How big the loss will be in 2014?
    Montenegro has started accession negotiations with the EU and will have to harmonize relations between the state (government) and the airline when it comes to financial aid from the state.
    EU does not recognize the so-called "national airlines", and state governments are not allowed to give any priority to certain air carriers or to subsidize them. Especially not them buy aircrafts!!!!!!

    1. Aэrologic23:14

      Actually it's not that illogic. Purchasing more planes gives you a change to better cover the market and make profit that you can't with an insufficient fleet. Now that the government backs it that's another question.

    2. Anonymous23:30

      Yes but Montenegro Airlines got kicked out of Pristina and Skopje due to unpaid bills. I wonder to what markets they will keep on expanding if they can not pay their bills.

  4. Anonymous15:55

    Could you please explain why is perfect for ex-yu airlines?

  5. Anonymous16:52

    Off topic:

    yesterday Belgrade broke its own record in passengers served in a single day. Total number: 15.640.

    Great job BEG! Can't wait to see the numbers for July!

    1. Anonymous19:49

      Over 400.000 passengers in July.

    2. Anonymous19:53

      Off topic... New modern gates A2-A3 will be reopen at BEG at the beginning of next week.

    3. Anonymous21:06

      Actually from what I heard they were supposed to open today or on Monday.

    4. Anonymous22:53

      Hardly today, as some final finishings need to be done before. I came late last night from Milan and work was in progress with strong smell of fresh paint.Two days earlier when I was boarding at gate C3 I saw works on C1 and C2 gates already in course

    5. Anonymous23:28

      Wow really? What kind of works? I didn't know they were going to start it so soon. I thought they would wait at least until September.

      By the way, how was the load on your flight to Milan?

    6. Anonymous00:02

      Actually I flew BEG FCO on Thursday morning on JAT Biz class 4 out of 8 seats, Economy 117 out of 118. Total 121 out of 126. Load 97%.
      Milan to Belgrade last night on JU. C class 4/8
      Y 116/118. Total 120 out of 126. Load 96%
      These are exact numbers, was traveling in biz and have heard crew confirming after counting passengers

    7. Anonymous10:40

      Wow that is exceptional load, I am really happy that their routes are performing well to Italy. If Jat was a normal airline we would have seen additional capacity to Rome and Milan by now.

    8. Anonymous11:38

      I fly to FCO and MXP very often and both JU and AZ are performing very well in each direction. AZ sends A321 twice to four times per week to FCO, while JU is always packed. Both airlines have daily flights in each direction.

      By the end of March I flew MXP BEG and all Y seats were occupied and 5/8 in biz class. that is nearly full load. The only time of the year when I noticed lower loads is November - mid December with 50 to 70 % on BEG MXP BEG and slightly higher on BEG FCO BEG. I also wander why there is no increase of flights with such a demand.

  6. Anonymous17:23

    Just look at Split today, it wil make BEG total look pathetic

    1. Anonymous18:50

      Look at the yearly results, it will make any airport in ex-Yu look pathetic.

  7. Last saturday Split handled 23.000 pax in a single day. You don't wanna be there on a Saturday, trust me. The check in queues go all the way to the palm trees. :D

    1. Anonymous22:10

      Good to hear!
      All the best to Split airport!

    2. Aэrologic23:57

      Any info on how much TIV handles on busiest days (Saturdays usually)?

    3. Anonymous23:58

      TIV handles some wide-body traffic as well.

  8. Anonymous21:38

    I know it is highly seasonal but what SPU achieves in summer weekends is phenominal, even ZAD has 22 flights today.

  9. Anonymous23:53

    OMG, was curious and checked SPU had 96 flights departed today and as much landed. LOL I think the queues were beyond those palm trees LOL

  10. frequentflyer00:20

    Taking a swipe at a recent article published by EX-YU aviation news, Montenegro Airlines CEO, Zoran Djurišić, said that the government is the one that decides who is competent enough to lead a company based on concrete results rather than “rotten internet portals and opinions of non-governmental organisations”.

    Here is the gem for today! I wonder which nickname Mr Djurišić posts as on here as he clearly reads (with noted concern) what is being said - i'm guessing 'Anonymous'...

    The internet and fora such as these do not allow the previous 'we are the management and we know best' (fitting well with the socialistic exYU model), rather it is the comment and discussion of people who use the service and have suggestions/improvements, some well wishers, and - sadly for this forum - too many people making snide nationalistic remarks with no real contribution to an aviation forum. In the real world, honest feedback, true business sense, and a competent service is what keeps airlines afloat - not government interference and corruption.

    Admin, have you taken offence at this place being described 'a rotten internet portal'!??

  11. Anonymous03:04

    QR increses capacity on DOH-BUD-ZAG flights with A321 due to high loads on BUD-ZAG leg

    "The reason behind putting the Airbus A321 into operation is the significant increase of demand for the flight of the five star Qatar Airlines connecting Zagreb with the Hungarian capital...

    Starting from August 2, Qatar Airways will increase the capacity of its planes flying to Budapest. The Doha based five star airline flies to BUD featuring 177 seats in Business Class and up to 165 seats in Economy. This allows Qatar Airways to deliver 33 more passengers with the extended body aircraft on the Doha-Budapest route. Whilst 220 passengers could be seated, passengers can look forward to exceptional levels of comfort as there are ‘only’ 177 seats featured by Qatar Airways."

    Source: BUD website,

    1. Anonymous10:37

      'The Doha based five star airline flies to BUD featuring 177 seats in Business Class and up to 165 seats in Economy.'

      What kind of super aircraft are they using on the route with 177 seats in business and 165 in economy. Have they leased an A380-800 from Emirates to operate this route? ;)

  12. Anonymous09:32

    When I visit their website, it shows as an A320 for september not A321. It's still a long flight even for a A321.

    1. Amadeus shows A321 for flight departing on Aug 2.

  13. Aэrologic11:10

    Would they ferry an A321 from BUD to DOH half-empty just because of ZAG-BUD demand? I hardly believe so. An exceptional upgrade of equipment - possible - a scheduled A321, i don't think so. Even IST doesn't always get it.

    1. Anonymous13:03

      It would be pathethic for BUD if they had this news only to announce one-time upgrade. Btw, in magyar version the aircraft does not have 177 seats in C :)

  14. Anonymous11:25

    Budapest airport is in deep mess so they get excited about anything.

    1. Anonymous13:31

      Even if it was in a terrible mess, its figures are higher than ALL ex-YU capitals together and no...this is not an exaggeration. Check it yourself. If BEG is trying to proof itself better somehow than BUD then that'd be the joke of the decade.

    2. Anonymous14:11

      Your post is typical of ex-Yugoslavs who apparently have a problem with us.
      Hungary, just like the rest of Yugoslavia (except Serbia and Montenegro) had fast development throughout the 1990s.
      Serbia did not, and even if it was totally outcasted from the world for a whole decade it still manages to post impressive results.
      That is why it is not a joke, and that is why it can not be a joke.

    3. Anonymous
      July 19, 2012 10:39 PM

      "Would like to see where Budapest would be after a decade of wars and isolations.
      Taking everything into account Belgrade is doing great as a city, as a phoenix."

      July 22, 2012 1:16 PM

      "This is the most lame comment I have EVER read lately. How come you possibly compare Budapest with Belgrade?! Simply cross the Serbo-Hungarian border and it seems you were in Kandahar entering into New York! Budapest is very very well ahead of Belgrade. Period."

      July 23, 2012 2:41 AM

      "I think that it is your stupid mind that is lame. For example, you couldn't have read something "ever" and "lately" at the same time, right? That already proves you're stupid. Secondly, i guess you have never been neither to Kandahar or to New York to be able to give that sort of a comparative argument. So better talk about things you know, such as Lajkovac, or Zagreb, maybe Slavonski brod, since you like talking about the borders. Third, which proves your mental disability even further is that (for your information), Belgrade is NOT just across the border to Budapest. Across the border are Subotica and Szeged and i really don't see any stark contrast between the two. So i don't know which cities you had in mind.
      Now for serious people. I have been to Budapest many times and never found it that special. Those who are the most enthralled by Budapest are mostly (1)Serbs that have never been abroad previously, (2)citizens of countries who used to be Austro-Hungarian colonies and who return to their ancient capital (where their master used to be alongside Vienna), and (3)those who traditionally look down and spit on everything that is linked with their national background and who like to overestimate everything foreign.
      I think that Budapest is by far an overrated city and not only by the ignorant provincial Serbs. A friend came from there yesterday and said "that in two days he had enough of the plastic tourism and emptiness" while he is enjoying Belgrade so much better. Among diplomatic circles in Europe, Belgrade is considered as on of the places TO BE at the moment to go on mission. Even if subjective, the comment of the previous person wasn't totally senseless: we would have been able to make a much more accurate comparison if Budapest would have gone through the same hardship as Belgrade did in the past 20 years. Yet, Belgrade still ranks in the top-lists of world-travel magazines where it is featured as one of the best places in the world to visit. Budapest doesn't and so doesn't any other city in the region. Besides, i don't know why it should be self-evident to us that "going to New York" is much better than going to Kandahar. Cause New York is definitely not a place i look forward to visit again, i've found nothing special in there, it's just the biggest city of a rottening culture/country.
      I guess now you know where to put yourself your "period".

    4. Anonymous09:31

      Actually, Budapest airport *is* in a deep mess. With overcapacity due to Ryanair doubling Wizz Air's network, there's only one way - down.

      They've already closed down T1, and the current market situation does not bode well.

    5. Anonymous10:15

      OT -

      As for ex-Yugoslavs having a problem with Hungarians - LOL. :-))))))

      Try the other way round. And apply to all Hungarian neighbours. And intra-Hungarian as well; I heard the government is screwing Wizzair big time at every opportunity. Love is all around you.

  15. Anonymous15:51

    Ego ego ego. Nobody was talking when BEG had 747 Qantas. That's because nobody knew about Budapest back then.


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