Record summer for Croatian airports

Zadar - Croatia’s fastest growing airport in 2012

Several airports across Croatia have seen one of their best years on record. Over the summer of 2012, the country saw its best tourism results in history, helping boost passenger numbers at airports across the coast, with tourism revenue set to amount to seven billion euros by the end of the year. The airports in Split, Dubrovnik, Pula and Zadar have seen exceptional figures while Zagreb, Osijek and Rijeka have fallen short of expectations so far this year.

Split Airport is anticipating surpassing last year’s passenger record of just over 1.300.000 passengers. July and August 2012 were Split’s busiest months in history with 293.000 and 290.000 passengers handled respectively. During the first Saturday of August, the airport also surpassed its daily record by welcoming 25.291 passengers through its doors. With constant growth being recorded, Dubrovnik is also likely to surpass its 1987 passenger record when it saw 1.460.354 passengers. If so, it is expected to handle more passengers than Ljubljana Airport by the end of the year.

On the other hand, Zagreb Airport was affected by the bankruptcies of Malév, Spanair and Czech Connect Airlines, resulting in a decline in passenger numbers. However, figures have begun improving over the summer. Ryanair’s pull out of Osijek has hit the airport hard, with passenger numbers dwindling. Only 1.692 passengers were handled by the end of August.

Below you can review how Croatian airports performed from January until the end of August:

AirportPassengers JAN-AUG 2012Passengers JAN-AUG 2011Change (%)
Zagreb1.555.4691.570.611 1.0
Dubrovnik1.065.327988.671 7.8
Split1.033.420957.470 7.9
Zadar270.102206.209 31.0
Pula289.437272.684 6.1
Rijeka62.55462.782 0.4
Osijek1.69216.825 89.9
Brač9.4929.644 1.6
Mali Lošinj3.4884.800 27.3


  1. Anonymous09:15

    Mali Losinj has more pax than Osijek. My god.

  2. Anonymous09:36

    Our government should stop being stupid and should invited lowcosts into ZAG! Apparenlty OU won't do much and it is just ripping us off. No thank you.

  3. JU520 BEGLAX10:49

    just been to Split last weekend. Great destination with still lots of potential. We will see the airports of Dalmatia growing further..

    the scenery approaching Split on a Dash 8 is just awesome

    Hats off to Croatia how they are developing tourism. It will make people more and more come back again and this will def boost further the airport traffic growths

  4. Anonymous11:16

    Zadar has done a good job . In the first 8 months they had as many pax as last year as a whole

  5. Anonymous11:28

    Flight with Qatar on their web page from/to ZAG are bookable only till 14 Oct? Any news about that?

    1. Anonymous11:29

      I hope they are going directly to ZAG!

    2. Anonymous12:49

      I just tried to booked flight from ZAG to DOH in November and everything is ok

    3. Anonymous12:53

      Or they're canceling the route.

  6. Anonymous12:32

    Or they're canceling the route.

    1. Anonymous12:49

      Anon. 11.28 hrs.
      Nonsense about cancellation.

      Go to Qatar Airways site and check.
      It is also possible that you have dial-up connection, so time just runs out.

    2. Anonymous13:54

      Exclusive news: Qatar to cancel ZAG and SOF from winter season, OTP to be linked with KBP, official press release on Monday.

    3. Anonymous14:11

      Nice try to steer up discussion, but try to find something less SF at this point :)

  7. Anonymous13:58


    LDZA site states 1.566.085 pax and you 1.555.469?
    Where you are getting your stats from?

    1. The Croatian Civil Aviation Agency.

    2. Anonymous09:14

      Thank you.
      Yes, you are correct, I spotted this too.
      Obvious discrepancy. Have no idea why?

  8. Anonymous14:01

    What is the chance of seeing QR send their B787 to BUD and ZAG?

    1. Anonymous14:07

      I would say very slim. A321 should be enough and I guess that in a year or so ZAG and BUD will be delinked each getting A319/320/321, pending need.

  9. Anonymous22:50

    Little bit off topic:

    With the new route Skopje - Dubai on 18 October their cargo company "flydubai cargo" will also start the same route carrying goods from macedonia to the U.A.E.

  10. Anonymous00:41

    Has anyone noticed the HG8028/8029 rotation operated by A320 today?

  11. Anonymous03:32

    Yes,first time they use A320 since doubling frequency on that route!
    HG has the best livery so far...

  12. No problem04:58

    Why is Mali Lošinj even mentioned in this list? It is a general aviation only airport!

  13. Anonymous08:32

    Pa naravno, tak napreduje zato sto je to moja Lijepa Nasa - zivjela Hrvatska domovina! ;)


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