City airline for Niš

Local authorities plan for Niš based airline

The city of Niš in south eastern Serbia is considering setting up its own airline in 2013, to be based at Constantine the Great Airport. The city’s mayor, Zoran Perišić, says a decision on the future airline will be made once Jat Airways’ restructuring plans are revealed. According to the mayor, there is a possibility for Jat to base an aircraft in Niš and launch flights to several European destinations. If not, the city will look into leasing an aircraft of its own and starting up its own operations. “Such an airline, with 120 to 150 hours of flying time per month and solid ticket sales could become profitable within two to three months without the need of further subsidies”, Perišić says.

Niš Airport is currently served by five weekly Montenegro Airlines flights from Podgorica, with the city providing millions in subsidies each year. In December, Darwin Airline will launch flights from Zurich and Geneva while next summer season services will be launched from Trieste on behalf of Mistral Air as part of a European Union funded project. “Feasibility studies have shown that there is big interest for flights, especially to Vienna and Zurich as well as Frankfurt where passengers can catch onward connections. Furthermore, there is interest for flight to Paris where there is a sizable diaspora hailing from southern Serbia”, the mayor of Niš concludes.

In 2004, a group of businessmen registered the airline Aero Nais, to be based in Niš. The company even leased a Fokker F100 in Amsterdam to the tune of 7.5 million US dollars with plans to launch flights to Zurich, Istanbul and Southern Italy. However, Aero Nais, which intended to employ some seventy locals, never received an operational license and the ambitious start up never saw the light of day.


  1. Anonymous10:44

    City of Nis should launch routes listed at routesonline for would be good start..

  2. Anonymous10:48

    The politicians in Serbia getting ever more realistic...

    1. Anonymous14:19

      Then please, if you are so realistic do join the Serbian government. Armchair experts always know what's best.

    2. Anonymous20:01

      That would be tough, since the government isn't searching for experts, armchair or otherwise.

    3. Anonymous20:10

      That is not true, if you take a look at the latest entry test results for the ministry of foreign affairs you will see that only 20% to 30% of the people who were accepted got there thanks to their link to the government. I guess it is easier to simply say that the government does not need professionals rather than to leave the comfort of your armchair and risk being turned down.

    4. Anonymous20:55

      Hahaha don't worry about Vlada, I guess he is one of those 'I-am-too-important-to-be-considered-with-the-rest-of-the-mortals'. XD

    5. Anonymous16:52

      At Least "Vlada" endorses his comments- name, surname, pic - and stands by them. You two, on the other hand, act like government cronies.
      Get a life. Civil service is by definition a legalized robbery of your tax money.

  3. Anonymous11:05

    I would like to continue yesterday's discussion over why Iberia doesn't fly to Belgrade and why its presence in Eastern Europe is so scarce (especially if compared to its European counterparts), Moscow being Iberia's only destination in the given region.

    Yesterdays reactions:
    "AnonymousOctober 29, 2012 8:40 PM

    Low yield not worth burning expensive fuel

    AnonymousOctober 29, 2012 9:48 PM

    Not really, if you notice it Iberia is cancelling their Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm... flights. So it has little to do with yields and more with their internal problems.

    AnonymousOctober 29, 2012 10:39 PM

    Big difference, Iberia Express is withdrawing, Iberia remain."

    1. Just to inform you that both Iberia and Iberia Express operated by Air Nostrum have been flying for years now seasonally to both ZAG and DBV from MAD, VLC and BIO using A320/A319/CRJ9. So it's not true that Moscow is the only IB destination in Eastern Europe (and the Balkans). And their 2 weekly A320 flights MAD-ZAG (DBV ie ven better), operate with LF of over 80% and with the ticket prices even higher than for other IB european destinations, so it can hardly be called low yield not worth burning expensive fuel.

    2. Anonymous20:40

      Well, they also fly to Athens and Istanbul in the Balkans. If I remember correctly in eastern Europe they also fly to Prague.

    3. My point was that Moscow is not THE ONLY destination of IB in the Eastern Europe. Listing Prague, you just support me.

      And for the ATH and IST, sorry, but those 2 simply never belonged to what is called, and meant Eastern Europe (or Eastern and Central Europe). It was definitely my mistake not to write "Western Balkans" which is reffered as part of the Eastern Europe, unlike Greece or Turkey, but I simply don't like that term so I wrote "Balkans" only hoping my point will be understood.

    4. Anonymous21:12

      My comment wasn't a direct reply to your comment, just to the overall conversation.

    5. Anonymous08:46

      Iberia also flies to SPU(during summer)

    6. Anonymous10:44

      I don't consider Croatia as "Eastern Europe", that's central Europe or Western Balkans for me. Same goes for Prague. It is even debatable where Serbia is to be placed, but it belongs to the above mentioned region much more essentially than Croatia. Those two countries politically used to be part of Eastern Europe but geographically and culturally they aren't, Croatia in specific. So "your point" is leading you nowhere. The point wasn't anyway to try to find a single airport or two where IB DOES actually flies in E. Europe, the main point was their presence being extremely scarce in the region and to deliberate on the issue. So don't write if it is to tell nothing meaningful and engaging in childish bargains.

  4. Anonymous11:49

    Well there is one more than clear reason about Iberia-Spain as a country is the less conected country with the Balkans in every sense-there is probably not a single spanish investment, no political ties, no diaspora and last but not least MAD is a transfer hub for South America which sees very little pax from ex-yu..The only market is tourism but for this there are charter airlnies..
    Btw. Nis, Banja Luka, Osijek and Mali Loshinj can create a single airline. It will be called

    1. Anonymous12:23

      Ok but why Jat flies to Girona and not to Barcelona or Madrid?

    2. Anonymous13:38

      i'm not sure about all the nations of ex YU, but for example Slovenia has a strong dispora specially in Argentina (and in Brasil&Venezuela too).in Argentina it's just as strong as in N.America and Australia, if not stronger.maybe the difference is that diaspora from Latin America isn't economically as strong as it is in Gringolandia or Australia (but i'm just speculating here as i remeber during my visit in Venezuela, Slovenians living there were upper class anyway).how is with other ex YU nations in Latin america?
      about IB, if you have a chance flying any other company long haul, i strongly recommend it over IB, as it has a very bad product (not to mention rather unfriendly FAs).

    3. Anonymous15:44

      Well, i know. It is a question to ask however why is Iberia totally absent from E. Europe, they send Vueling even to Moscow ("their" only destination).

    4. BA88817:27

      May I remind you that Iberia is part of International Airlines Group with BA and that they pulled out of BEG.

      Yesterday I checked tickets LHR-ZAG-LHR and the price was atrocious and I can not see it lasting for too long.

      They need sales of F and C seats and that does not happen in ExYu.

      Their only interest might be DUB...

      While the rest of the plebs can be shifted by LCCs.

      So the only big one (as anyone can see) is LH due to strong diaspora. That is it!

    5. Anonymous17:52

      I guess you mean DBV as DUB is the code for Dublin.
      Well, many people speculated that their flight to Zagreb is just a slot warmer until they can launch a more profitable route.

    6. BA88818:10

      Yes...indeed! Thought about DBV.

      Plenty of all sorts in DUB! LOL.

      What would be more profitable route than? They are already in DBV. Amongst everybody else. The only thought about ZAG would be connecting to USA/Canada. But LH has been doing that for years...

    7. Anonymous20:06

      What I mean with a slot warmer is that they would keep the slot for Zagreb flights and then use it to launch a longhaul route, as they did with Seoul recently.
      They will replace ZAG with a longhaul route which has a considerable business and first demand. I guess we might see ZAG gone once those B787s start to arrive.

    8. Anonymous10:50

      Zagreb is such a depressive airport...

  5. Doot12:59

    This seems to make more sense than giving millions to Montenegro Airlines.

    1. Anonymous14:20

      Exactly, better to keep the cash in the house then to subsidize an airline that might go bankrupt the next day.

    2. Anonymous14:42

      They need to subsidies its the only airline that flies there. Doesnt look good that an airport needs to create an airline to stay open. what a Great airport

    3. About 40-50 years ago, Olbia and Cagliari in Sardinia, southern Italy, had each few weekly Alitalia flights to/from Rome. Nothing else. Of course, those were different times, when airports didn't have to strictly operate under market economy rules. However, they decided in Sardinia to create their own Alisarda, today Meridiana, with 2 leased DC-9's in the beginning. And then boom and boost started. And those few weekly became over 50 DAILY flights today in the summer season EACH, and about 10 DAILY EACH during the winter.

      Situation 2 : please compare traffic, numbers and incomes of Podgorica BEFORE and AFTER Montenegro Airlines.

      And after these two, can you answer me do you really still think that it doesn't look good that an airport needs to create an airline to stay open.

      Especially if the Greatness of that airport is heavily contributed by the Directorate, BEG N.Tesla and Jat Airways.

    4. Anonymous22:19

      Sardinia and Southern Serbia have only one thing in common-both have S as a first letter. Sardinia is a famous Jet set island where tourism potential was enormous. Similar case with Montenegro! Its like comparing fogs and grandmas

    5. I was NOT comparing Serbia with Sardinia TODAY, but 50 years ago. Exactly as much as "Western Balkans" predominantly Serbia, is lagging behind. Because of the people who don't want to change, who think are the cleverest in the world, and who are not aware of their own potentials, including those in tourism and airline industry.

    6. Anonymous00:28

      Yes and 50 years ago Sardinia had all those beautiful beaches, sea and charmant city like Cagliari. You cannot expect that Southern Serbia will be a famous touristic place even after 50 years, although rich, so creating an airline for NIs is waste of money or money laundring..

    7. Anonymous10:31

      well i believe Sardinia still HAS all those beautiful beaches etc.keep in mind that (specialy 40-50 years ago)lot's of islanders were leaving the island in a search of a better life, for example London is full of them.

  6. Anonymous18:51

    Absolutely support the idea. Although, if that happens I think the project should be done only by people with a lot of experience .. From choosing the fleet, destination selection up to branding and its development.
    PS. As for the selection of the fleet the right choice would be ATR 42, DHC8-300, ERJ-140/145 or EMB170. Cheers!

    1. Anonymous02:34

      ATR 42, Q300 and ERJ 140/145 can not be profitable even if they have 100% load factor!

      EMB170 must have some 85% load factor to be probitable. EMB 190 is the best plane for the job.

    2. Anonymous12:15

      You can not just say like that if a plane can be profitable or not. There are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

    3. Anonymous14:50

      Yes I can. Those planes (exempt ATR 42) can not be profitable even with 100% LF + the best possible conditions (taxes, landing and handling, good fuel price etc.). To fly them without loosing money you must have huge subventions.

      That is why most of companies get rid of those planes even without getting any money for them. They even pay for disposal!

  7. Anonymous20:32

    Why would you want to set up an airline when you have 3 relatively important cities nearby: SOF, SKP and PRN?! Plus, INI has not got so much such as BEG and Novi Sad for example. Weird.

  8. Anonymous21:44

    Very clever using a gas guzzling erj145, airlines are desperate to get rid of those expensive beasts.

  9. No problem03:21

    To: Anon 11:49 AM

    "Btw. Nis, Banja Luka, Osijek and Mali Loshinj can create a single airline. It will be called"

    Excellent idea! Kraljevo, Maribor and Tuzla should join the bunch:) !

    1. Anonymous21:08

      It looks like we have an EXPERT !!!

  10. Anonymous06:44

    Apology for OT;

    Croatia Airlines: Gubitak smanjen čak 75%

    Autor/izvor: SEEbiz
    Datum objave: 30.10.2012. - 16:01:00
    Zadnja izmjena: 30.10.2012. - 19:42:30

    ZAGREB - Hrvatski nacionalni zračni prijevoznik Croatia Airlines u prvih je devet mjeseci ove godine ostvario operativni dobitak u visini od 2,7 milijuna kuna, no s s financijskim troškovima, odnosno troškovima financiranja flote i troškovima vezanima uz promjene tečaja, krajnji gubitak iznosi 9,9 milijuna kuna, što je 75 posto, odnosno gotovo 30 milijuna kuna manje od gubitka iz istog razdoblja prethodne godine.

    1. Anonymous09:28

      Well, that is nice to see but we must not forget that these numbers are for the first nine months. Let's see how they perform during the winter season. Hopefully not everything made during the summer will be spent.

    2. Anonymous11:43

      But it is still 30 millions kuna (4 million EUR) less than last year same pariod.

    3. Anonymous12:13

      Of course, and it is good however we should wait and see how they end they year. November is a really bad month for aviation, hopefully they do not bleed too much. :)

  11. Anonymous07:30

    When zagrab

  12. Purger09:12

    That is just 1,32 million EUR.

    In same time:
    Block hours rise from 29,7 to 30,5
    Number of passengers rise from 1.497.000 to 1.550.000
    Passengers’ km rise from 1.53 to 1.160 min
    Post rise from 2.528 to 2.661 tons
    With less number of operations from 21.626 to 21.366
    Tone km rise from 97 to 118 min
    Capacity down tone km from 173 to 172


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