Strong start for Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Airport aims for new record in 2013

Dubrovnik Airport welcomed 18.879 passengers in January, an increase of 6% compared to the same month last year. The result represents a strong start to what is expected to be a record breaking year. In 2012, Dubrovnik ranked as the fourth busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia, handling 1.480.470 passengers and was only 46.664 passengers short of overtaking third placed Priština. Last year within itself was historic for the seaside airport as it surpassed its all time 1987 passenger record.

It is believed Dubrovnik will greatly benefit from Croatia’s entry into the European Union this summer with tourism set to sky rocket as countless airlines have already announced new flights to the city. From Scandinavian countries alone the number of services will increase by 43% with 722 flights to be operated. Furthermore, Croatia Airlines plans to run 1.995 flights to and from Dubrovnik this year with 1.010 international flights and 985 domestic services. Airport authorities have announced that they are in talks with Hainan Airlines in order for it to open a seasonal service from the resort city of Sanya on Hainan Island in Southern China during the summer. In addition, some Middle East based airlines have recently expressed interest to launch flights to Dubrovnik.

Today, Dubrovnik boasts the most modern passenger terminal in the country. A new terminal is being planned in place of the old airport building, constructed in 1962, which has now been demolished to make way for a new modern structure. The price tag of the project amounts to seventy million euros and is to be financed out of a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In May 2010 a new terminal opened at Dubrovnik Airport stretching over 13.700 square metres. It has the capacity to handle two million passengers per year.

Below you can view Dubrovnik Airport’s five most successful years since opening its doors in 1962



  1. Anonymous09:06

    Congratulations to Dubrovnik Airport, they are doing a great job. This summer season they will have around 120 destinations. Really impressive. Five weekly flights to Belgrade especially make me happy, it is 2 flights per week more than last year.

  2. DKinVXO09:12

    What happened to those jetways? Does anyone know? I think I read here they would have been set up in december?

    1. Anonymous18:52

      they'll be installed once construction of entire terminal is complete, 4 passenger boarding bridges will be added, works should be complete by the end of 2015.

      Whole terminal once complete will be 36500sqm and with initial capacity of 3.5 million passengers.

      New taxiway and resurfacing of the runway should be complete by 2017, total investment planned in to the airport exceeds 80$ million, some of financed by the EU some of the by the airport and some from loans.

  3. Anonymous09:16

    what the hell no jetway?

  4. Anonymous10:39

    BEG pax numbers fell by 2% in january, from 214.579 to 210.050.

    1. Anonymous10:42

      With 6% less ac operations (around 200 takeoffs and landings less)

  5. Anonymous11:08

    It's just the beginning. The best is yet to come to DBV! Congratulations!

  6. Anonymous14:00

    congratulations from belgrade!!! hope in years that come to have 2,3,4 daily flights Beg-Dbv, although ive never been to DU :)

  7. Anonymous14:04


    I guess we have our answer, that is what will come first, ju's fleet renewal or Zagreb's new terminal :D :P

    1. Anonymous14:26

      Yeah... and your paying for it!

    2. Anonymous14:39

      Obviously they will pay for it, they are the owner of Jat. Quite obvious isn't it? I guess not for all of us.

    3. Anonymous01:25

      But now they will not lease Airbuses but Boeings. So, what about those 4 Airbuses waiting in Libya in Jat colors? What a waste of money... hahahaha...

      Jatovanje again.

      That only means they don't have idea, and they did nothing to lease those planes. So in middle of February they decide to try to find planes and start to fly with them in just one month? Congratulations...

  8. Anonymous15:48

    Hey guys PRN announced there PAX statistics of January 2013; 121 754, 10 & Increase from Jan 2013, Great job PRN Proud of my Airport.

  9. Anonymous16:44

    DBV has less than 19 000 pax in january... Like a one day pax number in season. Extremely season sort of airport which is dead in the winter.

  10. Anonymous16:52

    Well the the new year season in Kosovo for albanians living in diaspora is from 23 dec to 17 january, If you dotn belive me you can read the kosovo-albanian newspeaper Koha today. Full schedul, PRN expects up to 17 % increase on the total PAX for 2013.

  11. Anonymous17:47

    I flyed Belle Airs LZ118 Stuttgart flight yesterday, PRN-STR absolute full load, 188 passanegers, Belle Air is the new upcomming lowcoast carrier and it will take out more destinations, Just these year they have carried near 1,000,000 PAX to and from PRN,TIR,SKP. Now are preparations for the summerseason comming on, Planning 4 more routes out of PRN and 1 from SKP.

  12. Anonymous18:07

    again in the media... and it will again probably disappear after a few days...

    1. Anonymous21:04

      ...and they talk about Jat.

  13. Anonymous20:00

    BEG january 2013 results our out: 2% less pax, 4% less operations:

    Jan 2013: 210.050 pax
    Jan 2012: 214.579 pax

    1. Anonymous01:28

      And we read just 3-4 days ago that January pax was 6% up even with cancellation of flights because of plane shortage...

      Tipical propaganda...

    2. Anonymous02:40

      You're confused. These are BEG figures, not Jat Airways.

  14. Anonymous20:46

    This topic is about DBV, isn't it?

    1. Anonymous02:38

      Less than 19k pax. Not much to discuss, is there?

  15. Anonymous10:21

    Given strong figures in DBV, as well as expected influx of tourists, should they consider terminal expansion? Can this airport handle widebodies?
    I hope it's yes to both questions and looking forward to visiting

    1. Anonymous07:51

      They are building a 2nd phase of the terminal, larger section, where 2 additional passenger boarding bridges will be added, whole thing should be complete by end of 2015 at the latest first quarter of 2016. Once complete new terminal will be stretching on 36500sqm, about the same size of current 2 terminals at Belgrade Airport. Designed capacity will be 3.5 million passengers but terminal will be able to handle 5.5 million with relative ease.

      Airport is future proofed for next 20-25 years as capacity of the airport during peak hours is around 20 landings, in future this will increase to 30, once taxiway is added and new Cat 3B landing instrumentation installed at the airport. Currently only Zagreb Airport in Croatia has Cat3B landing, installed in 2004, in Ex-Yuigoslavia Ljubljana is only other airport with Cat3b, Unless Belgrade, Sarajevo, Skopje and other cities have installed latest Cat3B instrumentation landing, I didn't hear anything about it so I don't know, but since Cat3B isn't cheap, and takes 3-4 months to install and put in to operation.

      Zagreb old terminal planned anex will increase capacity of old terminal to 3.5 million pax.

      image of new anex

  16. I agree the article is a bit confusing about terminal(s). I'll try to explain: the new building (on the photo above), finished about a year ago, is just the first phase. Another building (terminal) is planned in the second phase, which is to be finished in about two or three years.

    About widebodies : Ex-JAT, during ex-yu, operated REGULAR flights on DC-10, from DBV to JFK and ORD, each once weekly, during summer season. Since 2005, JAL operate charter chains to DBV from several japanese destinations, on B777. VIP B747's from China and Oman can be seen in DBV, too. It is stated in article DBV is in talks to Hainan Airlines for flights to China. If realized, they would definitely not be flown on Q400's, but widebodies.

    And the last, but by no means least, you are welcome to DBV and HR, anytime!


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