Summer 2013
Adria Airways and B&H Airlines

Summer changes for Adria and B&H Airlines

The 2013 summer season begins on March 31. Airlines will see a busy start to the summer schedule as it falls on Easter Sunday according to the Gregorian calendar when passenger numbers generally surge. Both Adria Airways and B&H Airlines will make notable changes to their timetables.

The Slovenian national carrier will introduce daily flights to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and launch two weekly flights to Tel Aviv from June 3. Adria will also boost its offer to the Albanian capital Tirana by operating ten weekly flights compared to last year’s ten. In addition, it will resume seasonal flights to Manchester and Split. On the other hand, one of the three daily flights operating to Vienna will be discontinued, leaving the airline with two daily services instead. Adria will also reduce one flight per week to Amsterdam, Priština and Skopje. The airline won’t be resuming seasonal flights to London Luton though it plans to operate charter flights to the British capital. As is the case each year, Adria will operate numerous charters during the high season.

This summer, B&H Airlines will boost frequencies across its network and introduce services to Skopje four times per week. The carrier’s signature route to Istanbul, now facing significant competition, will be maintained with daily flights. Services to Copenhagen are planned to operate three times per week while flights to Zurich will run five times per week, with four weekly flights making a brief stopover in Banja Luka. The airline anticipates leasing a jet engine aircraft in May, either a Fokker 100 or an Airbus jet. Its arrival could signal changes to the carrier’s timetable.

By clicking on the links below, you can review the 2013 summer season changes in more detail. Note that the tables display the peak weekly frequencies for each destination during the summer. Next Saturday the 2013 summer season changes for Croatia Airlines will be published.


  1. Anonymous09:09

    Am I the only one that see adria sinking like a titanic?

  2. Anonymous10:37

    Worth mentioning is that one of the 5 weekly flights to BEG will have an overnight layover: arriving in BEG just after midnight and leaving back to LJU in the morning.
    I wonder how they plan to do it? The layover is some 6 hours, will they be carrying an additional crew?

    1. Anonymous13:24

      Same is with Croatia Airlines evening flight from Zagreb to Pula via Zadar. They arrive at 11 pm and depart at 5:50 next morning. They sleep in hotel for maybe 3 hours. Horrible for cabin crew.

  3. Anonymous10:53

    Adria’s summer will only get worse since they will probably get rid of more aircraft

    @Anon 2: Can't their crew just sleep in BEG?

  4. Anonymous11:41

    No they can't. The flight lands in BEG at 00:05 and returns at 06:10 leaving too little rest time.

    1. Anonymous21:20

      If it lands BEG 00:05, and we take generous 01:20 h block-time, it departs LJU 23:45. If it returns at 06:10, with the same generous block-time it lands LJU 07:30. Working hours are calculated 1 hour before and 30 min after departure/arrival time. That means that crew working hours are 22:45 - 08:00. It is 9 hours and 15 min working time, and EUops (ex-JARops) gives 12 hours maximum working time, which can be exceptionally extended to 13 hours. Even with night flight reductions, working hours are still within limits and regulations, especially as probably crew do go to a hotel for short break, which is the rule/obligation if the break between 2 flights is over 4 hours, which here is the case. I don't know on what you base your claim that they can't do that.

    2. Anonymous22:58

      Mistake, it's 22:45, 21:45, and 10 hours 15 min duty time, but it changes nothing, still it absolutely possible and legal.

  5. Anonymous12:44

    Well, they won't be sleeping. They'll chill out at BEG instead. LoL

  6. Anonymous13:24

    Maybe they gonna give Jat pilots A320 lessons and than fly one day later home!?

    1. Anonymous14:32

      they intend to show Jat pilots how to fly the Airbus 320.
      But in the end they will end partying hard in some Belgrade clubs.

  7. Anonymous13:32

    1. Adria will also boost its offer to the Albanian capital Tirana by operating ten weekly flights compared to last year’s ten.
    Last year Adria operated daily flights to TIA, not ten.

    2. Why no mention of reduction of flights to BEG?
    Three flights less per week.

  8. Anonymous13:37

    Well I think they're just having some rest in the plane. In SKP the plane lands at 01.20 and it departs 04.45. Few months ago I hava written on this blog that JP should hava max. 7 planes and what I think now is that they don't need more than 5. They didn't even manage to capture the potential of PRN. Other airlines in ex-yu are lacking on organisational skills and management but JP doesn't have a single business model. What are they- airline of Slovenia, airline of Kosovo, feeder of LH, transfer airline, slovenian charter airline, serbian charter airline carrying workers?!?!?!?
    It seems they have failed in every field and will end up only with feeder flights to FRA, ZRH, MUC, VIE!


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