Summer 2013
Jat Airways and Montenegro Airlines

Summer changes for Jat and Montenegro Airlines

The 2013 summer season begins on March 31. Airlines will see a busy start to the summer schedule as it falls on Easter Sunday according to the Gregorian calendar when passenger numbers generally surge. Just over a month later Easter will be marked according to the Julian calendar. Jat Airways and Montenegro Airlines will increase their flight offer this summer.

Jat should see an exciting summer season ahead with the addition of six new aircraft to its fleet. The airline will be boosting frequencies across its network. Most notable are double daily flights to Paris and Moscow, up to sixteen weekly flights to Vienna and daily flights to Thessaloniki during the peak summer season. Throughout May and June the Serbian carrier will resume seasonal flights to Dubrovnik, Split, Pula, Malta, Monastir, London Gatwick, Girona and Ohrid. Compared to last summer, the airline will operate one weekly flight less to Brussels, Larnaca, Tel Aviv and London Gatwick.

Montenegro Airlines will be boosting frequencies to several destinations from its base in Podgorica. An additional five weekly flights will be operated to Moscow while frequencies to Vienna, Zurich and Copenhagen will also be increased. The airline is still considering whether it will operate services to Niš. Talks with city authorities are ongoing. The airline operated daily flights to the Serbian city last summer season. From Tivat, Montenegro Airlines will operate one weekly flight less to both Paris and Moscow but will add two flights to Belgrade. Throughout the summer the airline will maintain its traditional charter flights to the Italian coast.

By clicking on the links below, you can review the 2013 summer season changes in more detail. Note that the tables display the peak weekly frequencies for each destination during the summer (keep this in mind especially for flights between Belgrade - Tivat - Podgorica as some services operate only for several weeks). Over the next two weeks the 2013 summer season changes for Adria Airways, B&H Airlines and Croatia Airlines will also be published.


  1. Anonymous09:13


    1. Anonymous12:10

      I will only believe it when I see it!

    2. Anonymous12:18

      Of course we can't have a Jat post without people writing such comments.

    3. Dan Syd06:32

      Sadly the same people will make up some other bullshit when they arrive.... "Haters are jus confused fans"

  2. Anonymous10:11

    ohhh im looking flights to tgd 42 pw, and i am waiting the day when jat will fly to ams, cdg, lhr, fra 42 times pw :))) ohhh when will it happen...

  3. Anonymous10:31

    Not bad at all. Go Jat!

  4. Anonymous11:40

    It’s obvious from JUs schedule that they will have an additional ATR compared to last summer. The frequencies actually look pretty good.

  5. Anonymous13:39

    Ah yeah but when build a build aaaaaa

    1. Anonymous16:29

      Final part of the loan confirmed yesterday by EIB; construction starts in few months.

      And have you ever thought of what's gonna happen to your brains when zagy zagy when build a build is actully completed?

    2. Anonymous16:58

      I don't think anything is gonna happen with his brain, cause once the bigger terminal opens it will just become too obvious how the airport is dead-empty. ZAG can manage its passenger numbers with current terminal for many years to come. Even when built, it will still lag behind BEG in capacity.

    3. Anonymous17:58

      hahahahahahahahaha; first I thought it would be : nothing's gonna happen with his brain cause he doesn't have it, then I realized you are when zagy zagy when build a build, hahahahahahaha

  6. Anonymous15:41

    Ex-Yu: Please, i would have a question for you. I would like to ask if you know or if you could inquire at the given airline and share with us in one of the related news, as to why Jat doesn't put its flights to Sochi into the GDS? They fly there almost daily for several years now, while regular people are just unable to purchase the tickets - neither JU to benefit from eventual connecting passengers from Sochi to Western Europe and vice-versa. I would really like to know why that line fails to materialize officially. Thank you very much.

    1. Anonymous16:01

      I believe it is a chartered flight. Gazpromavia used to operate this flight, in addition to a Vnukovo flight, some years ago.

    2. They are charters for builders working on construction sites for the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi.

    3. Anonymous17:31

      We know it's charter, but why not sell it as scheduled? The demand is there, at least on the course to the olympics.

    4. Anonymous17:32

      Wow, that's was such a modest answer.

  7. Anonymous15:44

    Will JU be selling connecting tickets from SPU, PUY and DBV to/from SVO for instance?

    1. Anonymous16:15

      Last year, Aeroflot operated DAILY A320/A321 flights from both SPU and DBV to SVO. Highly likely both services to operate this summer as well. Not to mention other russian airlines operating both airports.

      PUY, on the other hand, is croatian airport best connected to Russia, with 9 russian airlines operating LCC, charter and regular flights (Transaero 767 and 744, just for example).

      Knowing these facts, why should anyone, instead daily nonstop service, fly JU ATR's to BEG, and wait there to continue to SVO, probably for higher price than Aeroflot?

    2. Anonymous17:01

      The question was "will they sell it", not who is flying there and how.

    3. Anonymous18:10

      Is Jat Airways "legacy carrier"? Yes.
      Are JU flights to PUY,SPU,DBV charters? No.
      Do "legacy carriers" operate P2P flights? No.
      Do "legacy carriers" sell tickets for "connecting flights"? Yes.
      Is there any reason to treat JU flights to PUY,SPU and DBV in different way then other JU flights, TGD,SKP,SJJ? No.
      Therefore, your question was answered exactly the way it deserves.

    4. Anonymous07:46

      Do "legacy carriers" operate P2P flights?

      Yes, they do. JU operates BEG-AER for years as P2P only. There was a question about it today. TK operates SAW-KBP as point to point. There are thousands of other examples around the world where legacy carriers operate point to point traffic only for logistic, commercial or administrative reasons.

      Is there any reason to treat JU flights to PUY,SPU and DBV in different way then other JU flights, TGD,SKP,SJJ? Yes, cause they're seasonal.

      If "Knowing these facts, why should anyone, instead daily nonstop service, fly JU ATR's to BEG, and wait there to continue to SVO, probably for higher price than Aeroflot?", sounds to you as an answer to "Will JU be selling connecting tickets from SPU, PUY and DBV to/from SVO for instance?"? If yes than i would really be further comforted in what concerns your brain capacities.

      Trying to be so smart might take you to the exactly opposite direction without you even notice. As you can see, you kind of already screwed yourself right at the start.

    5. Anonymous16:04

      Jat's flights to Sochi are CHARTER flights. Of course that charter flights can be only P2P. It is very sad that you are on this page, and you don't know the difference between charter and regular/scheduled services.

      Check THY page : for example flights TK456/TK2918 Kiev-Izmir VIA SABIHA. So your statement that TK flights SAW-KBP are P2P is absolute bullshit (or deliberate lie).

      The only difference between seasonal and all-year-round regular flights, are in period of effectiveness of their operation, and it has nothing to do with them being "connecting" or P2P.

      Trying to be smart is not bad, on the contrary, it's good characteristic of personality, if one posseses enough knowledge and experience for being smart.

      Insulting people, based on lack of information, or illiteracy, and/or as deliberate act, is BAD, VERY BAD, and is negative characteristic of personality.

    6. Anonymous17:43

      Oh, sorry, just one more thing and I'm not arguing about this anymore :

      To answer your question, you need to go to Jat webpage, write PUY, or SPU in origin, SVO, in destination, and fill in the dates (in season).

      Approximately 30-40 seconds is what you need to get your answer.

      Therefore I'm pretty sure that I understood real meaning of your question, which really pissed you off. Cheers!

  8. Anonymous16:21

    Pitty JU didn't resume PRG at least twice weekly with AT7...
    Apart from not introducing any new destination, JU'S summer timetable is not that bad at all :)

    1. Anonymous16:59

      No, it is really not bad, especially the 5x to IST! I am also amazed however that they overlooked Prague

  9. Anonymous16:35

    I'm wondering will JAT have enough planes to execute all these flights, even if they lease 6 aircraft. Today they are flying only 5 Boeings plus 1 ATR. But who knows ? Anyway, good luck !

  10. Anonymous16:55

    Any information on SU2090 being delayed by 5 hours today at BEG?

    1. Anonymous21:03

      Horrible weather in Moscow.

  11. Anonymous18:29

    I think JAT should introduce flights from INI as before mencioned. Many of those flight from summer timetable are absolutelly unprofitable, so why dont we try to fly INI to ZRH, FRA and VIE at least 2-3 times per week.. Lets just try for summer seasson and if works keep it if not just cancel them all is easy.. I forgot to say that 1 AT7 would me more then enough..It pissed me of that Montengro could start flying ZRH if we can keep mone at home.. Hopefully there will be interes in starting those flights.Cheers¡

  12. Anonymous21:58

    Six times daily to Tivat...
    thats massive for Jat!

    Good to see Ohrid going nearly daily-
    beautiful place.

    1. Anonymous07:50

      SU will be code-sharing to TIV.

  13. Anonymous02:50

    why is there no other company entering BEG market when it comes to the Paris route? During summer jat goes double daily, but during winter i am sure there is more demand then just daily flight

  14. Anonymous11:48

    Well the same aplies for Barcelona as well ,after Spanair's bancrupcy no one enters the market yet, tho JU flies seasonally to Girona. Too expensive and a bit far...

  15. b73719:26

    On reservation system for Thessaloniki stands only 4 flights per week, but here is daily flight. Is that means that they are waiting for new AT7 or what.

    1. Anonymous20:16

      Daily flights are only during peak season for a few weeks


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