B&H’s grounded ATR returns to Sarajevo

B&H’s ATR ready to fly

B&H Airlines’ ATR72-200, which has been grounded in Germany for months, has returned to Sarajevo and begun operating flights for the national carrier. The aircraft was sent to Monchengladbach in Germany’s west for maintenance. While work on the aircraft was completed weeks ago it could not return to B&H Airlines as the Federation government had not approved the necessary funding to pay for the repairs. However, two weeks ago funds were allocated for the ATR, with the aircraft touching down in Sarajevo on Monday.

Last Friday B&H Airlines wet leased an ATR72 from Malaga based Helitt Lineas Aereas for three days in order to resume operations after several weeks, since the carrier’s second ATR has had technical problems and is now grounded in Sarajevo. The ATR will soon be heading to Germany for repairs while the leased aircraft from Spain has been returned to its owner. B&H Airlines now has one fully operating ATR72 in its fleet. “The aircraft will be able to operate two out of three rotations per day. Since we drafted our summer timetable back in January we will have to modify it as we planned to have two aircraft in service. Since now we only have one aircraft we will offer passengers who have already booked or purchased their tickets to travel on different days or be rebooked on other companies”, B&H Airlines’ spokesperson, Edin Hrapović, said.

B&H Airlines had plans to launch services to Skopje this summer and has kept its slots at Amsterdam Airport in the hope of resuming flights to the Netherlands. Earlier in the year the airline confirmed it had plans to lease a 100 seat jet engine aircraft. However, these did not materialise after the carrier’s accounts were frozen in March. Despite B&H’s woes throughout the year, its hub has gone from strength to strength. Sarajevo Airport has seen a considerable rise in passenger numbers so far this year.


  1. Anonymous09:12

    Have some of OU cabin attendants gone on an unofficial strike today? Certain flights have been cancelled due to a high number of staff going on the sick!

  2. Anonymous12:21

    Let them just go to hell...hope the ATR has sufficient range to reach the gates of the inferno and fall into.

    1. Is it OK that JAT flies with 733 older then 25 years and make a loss of 170.000.000€?
      Should JAT also go to hell? Or just B&H Airlines? Or even both?!

    2. Anonymous16:28

      What has Jat got to do with anything? Stop discriminating against the Serbs.

    3. About which discrimination are u talking about?


    4. Anonymous17:51

      Hi Sarajevo,
      I have some question to you!
      Would you please provide us with information about SJJ-IST
      flights especially about which aircraft are used?
      Unfortunately their webpage does not show any aircraft utilization.
      Today there are six flights:
      Twice Turkish
      twice Onur Air
      once B&H
      and once Pegasus...

    5. Hello. Sure I can.

      Todays departures from Sarajevo to Istanbul:

      07:00 Onur Air with A320 (180 seats)
      08:50 Turkish Airlines with A321 (186 seats)
      10:00 B&H Airlines with ATR72 (66 seats)
      12:00 Pegasus with 737-800 (180 seats)
      12:05 Onur Air with A320 (180 seats)
      20:35 Turkish Airlines with 737-800 (165 seats)

      Overall flights: 6
      Overall seats: 927
      Departed passengers: 764
      (including passengers departing at 20:35)

    6. Anonymous00:11

      Thank you so much Sarajevo!
      I really appreciate this info and ask you if you could
      provide us with numbers of SJJ-IST also in the following days?
      Of course only if you are interested and have time as i dont want to urge anyone.
      All the best to you!

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Sure. It´s my pleasure to contribute to this blog!

      08:50 TK, 737-800
      10:00 B&H Airlines(JA), ATR72
      14:10 TK, A321
      20:35 TK, A320
      Capacity: 576 seats

      08:50 TK, A321
      10:00 JA, ATR72
      12:00 PC, 737-800
      20:35 TK, A321
      Capacity: 603 seats

      08:50 TK, A321
      10:00 JA, ATR72
      12:00 PC, 737-800
      14:10 TK, 737-900
      20:35 TK, 737-800
      Capacity: 748

      08:50 TK, A321
      10:00 JA, ATR72
      16:05 PC, 737-800
      20:00 OHY, A320 (180 seats)
      20:35 TK, 737-800
      Capacity: 777 seats

      Overall capacity in the following days: 2704
      Expected passengers: 2247 (SIA statistic).


  3. 3-4 handlers working on few pieces of luggage for such a small aircraft??? This photo must be from BNX. Aren't they one of those airports who practically have no flights and have like over 60 people employed? I am wondering what the other 57 are doing :)

    1. Anonymous16:44

      Would you feel better if only one person were unloading the luggage?

      -- Charlie

    2. Anonymous17:40

      Every bag has its 2 handles.

  4. SAR-AMS with a ATR, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's inhumanity sorry.

    1. SAR-AMS route was flown with an A319 !

    2. In the past yes, but they are talking now about AMS & atr for the future, such a long trip with a plane like that is bad even if they payed you.

    3. Well, Croatia Airlines also flies Zagreb-Bruxelles and Zagreb-Copenhagen with their Turbo Prop and Nobody is claimong.

      So, why should not B&H Airlines fly from SJJ to AMS?

      Believe me, flying from AMS to SJJ with B&H Airlines is better then transit via MUC, VIE, LJU or ZAG.

    4. Anonymous23:34

      ZAG-BRU is at least half hour shorter than SJJ-AMS + Q400 is significantly faster than ATR. So it is at least 1 hour differance. And still passengers does not like flying to BRU and CPH with Q400.

    5. You are totaly right, but, for instance, my familiy from Rotterdam flies 2 times per year from AMS to SJJ, and they prefere rather B&H's turoprop then long transit via LJU or ZAG or tu expencive transit via MUC.

  5. Anonymous17:02

    Why are you equating Jat with "the Serbs"? Yes Jat is the national air carrier of Serbia, but if one criticizes Jat it does not mean they are also criticizing "the Serbs." It's like if someone says they do not like the new Fiat 500 (assembled in Serbia) that they do not like Serbs.

    Try to distinguish between criticism and chauvinism.

    -- Charlie

  6. Anonymous17:04

    My above comment was meant to be directed at Anonymous at 4:28 PM

    -- Charlie

  7. Anonymous17:30

    Well B&H gets financed by the taxes of airlines that fly into SJJ
    and as SJJ really is booming especially with flights to Turkey-
    i see also green light for B&H.


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