Turnaround for Slovenian aviation

Adria, Ljubljana and Maribor anticipate busier times ahead

After several years of declining passenger numbers and worsening financial results, Adria Airways and both Ljubljana and Maribor airports expect to see a turnaround during 2013. Adria’s recent run of promotional ticket sales has helped boost passenger numbers. Furthermore, the carrier is considering launching new flights in the coming period, despite singing a letter of intent last week to lease of two of its Airbus A319s to Jat Airways. During this month, the Slovenian national carrier will sign an agreement with fellow Star Alliance member US Airways, allowing for more affordable tickets for its passengers heading to North America. However, Adria has hit a new hurdle recently after an internal investigation revealed that the previous management gave away free or discounted tickets to politicians and celebrities. The company has handed over all documents in connection to the scandal to the Corruption Prevention Commission.

Meanwhile, Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is also anticipating passenger growth this year, for the first time since 2008. The airport estimates it will record a 2.2% passenger increase by the end of the year. Slovenia’s busiest airport has registered growth in the first quarter although it has not publicised its results in detail. The growth is being fuelled mostly by foreign carriers such as Turkish Airlines, Finnair, easyJet and Wizz Air. According to the airport, talks are underway with low cost airlines for the introduction of flights to Scandinavia, Northern Germany and Spain. Previously, Wizz Air has said it is considering expanding its flight offer from the Slovenian capital. The upcoming European Basketball Championship, to be hosted by Slovenia in September, is further expected to boost passenger numbers.

With a brand new terminal, Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport also has reason to be optimistic in 2013. The airport is expected to see its busiest summer season in years. Adria Airways will operate charter flights from Maribor to Nicosia and Antalya while Aegean Airlines will be operating services out of Kos. The airport intends to handle some 25.000 passengers during the summer season. Edvard Rusjan Airport says they are negotiating with other carriers as well, with their aim being “to attract quality airlines and offer lower prices than the competition”.


  1. Good news for LJU!
    Ljubljana used to be transit point for SKP, SJJ, PRN and TIA.
    During the past years, all those cities get direct connections to west Europe and now LJU serves mostly Slovenian passengers and less the Balkan once.
    Some 1,2 million passengers are OK for the region LjU serves and few transit passengers from former Jugoslavia.
    Many Slovenians also use Treviso, Zagreb and Graz.

  2. Anonymous13:01

    So where are those planes for Jat?

    ATR should come in beginning of summer time-table. And that was in March. Now is May and I don't see any new ATR's in Belgrade.

    And for Airbus it is LoI? Far away from contract...

  3. Adria will fly from MBX to ZTH and AYT, you are correct about Aegean, BUT to Northern Cyprus there will be two ad hoc charters operated by Onur Air that is already flying from LJU (via AYT).

  4. Anonymous14:15

    Signing the document and considering lunching new flights are in direct contradiction. But who knows they might turn on regional flights only. Something like LJU - BEG. Then they really wouldn't need an a/c such A319 is.

  5. Anonymous00:02

    Today Qatar Airways was in ZAG in same time with A310 and A321.

  6. Anonymous16:32



    1. Anonymous18:41

      Ljubljana airport is bullshit airport grow.
      And yeahh they need to spend hundreds of EU millions for airport improvment NOTHING ... just for mafia people to steal taxpayer money and Eu loans (not necessary to be given back).
      Words are harsh but true.

      Who is flying them under thios conditions?
      Airport not friendly for other operators except for Adria.

      Maribor airport? Some potentiall ... few in fact ...
      poverty rising in that area ... From Graz to VIenna not to Maribor tha'ts is the true.

      I doubt Adria is going to be sold soon to foreign owned airline or company... despite the fact ttey are talking in the news the opposite.
      YOu will see.
      Excuse is ready: no interest under rthis conditions blblabla
      Adria can't get taxpayers money if private. SO they will not sell it.

      Business loads etc. is of secondary importance for them.
      Revenue who cares
      as long as taxpayers money is here

      and Slovenia Style actions are in place to blurr the scene and play under the table nasty jokes.



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