New flights across EX-YU

SAS launching Sarajevo flights as Turkish Airlines boosts EX-YU presence

Airlines are steadily announcing new routes they intend to operate next summer season, with EX-YU cities high on the agenda for some. Since our last update a month ago there have been further developments. SAS Scandinavian Airlines has confirmed the launch of a seasonal summer service from Stockholm to Sarajevo. The service, which will resume after more than a decade, will operate three times per week starting June 21, 2014. Flights will run until August 30. The airline will go head to head with Norwegian Air Shuttle which operates the route on a yearlong basis. Earlier this year Sarajevo Airport said it was in negotiations with SAS to launch flights to the Bosnian capital. The airport, which has handled record traffic this year, will see two new routes by the end of the year. B&H Airlines has now officially confirmed it is launching flights to Belgrade on December 16 while Moskovia Airlines will inaugurate flights from Moscow on December 20.

Croatia Airlines will face fierce competition on its Rome flights next summer. Etihad Regional recently announced plans to launch services from the Italian capital to Zagreb. Furthermore, low cost airline Vueling will open a new base at Rome Fiumicino Airport with seasonal flights to both Split and Dubrovnik, competing directly against the Croatian carrier. Meanwhile, Estonian Air will operate the first ever scheduled service from Tallinn to Split. Flights will launch on May 10 with further details available here. Ahead of the rest of the pack, Turkish Airlines has announced it is boosting its presence in Zagreb. Starting January 20 the Turkish carrier will operate two daily flights between Istanbul and the Croatian capital. Currently the airline runs ten weekly flights between the two cities. Croatia Airlines, which suspended the route a year ago, will codeshare on the service.

Turkish Airlines has also said it is introducing a third daily flight to Belgrade on selected days from next Monday. As a result, the airline will operate seventeen weekly flights between Istanbul and the Serbian capital. Ozgur Boran, General Manager for Turkish Airlines in Belgrade, says the additional frequencies will give more opportunities to businesspeople which will be able to arrive in Istanbul in the morning and depart for Belgrade in the evening on the same day. The new flights also allow for better connections through Ataturk Airport for transfer passengers. As was previously reported, Vueling (Barcelona), Etihad Regional (Geneva), easyJet (Geneva) and Air Serbia have all announced new flights from Belgrade next year.

Belle Air Europe has said in a statement it plans to launch flights from Pristina to Dortmund. It comes despite the grounding of its Albanian sister company Belle Air. No firm date has been given for the new route launch with the airline saying the flights will begin “later on in the winter season”. Belle Air Europe will also operate a holiday service from Skopje to Rome from December 15 until January 15.


  1. Anonymous10:05

    Ohoooo there is room for third daily flight between ist and beg for TK, but no room for JU to get extra slots at ist. That,s how this are working at east

    1. Anonymous10:13

      Same thing with Aegean which was granted 04.30 departure slots out of Istanbul. The Greeks have retaliated by refusing to grant Turkish Airlines a second daily flight to Thessaloniki.
      It's a shame Turkish Airlines has been allowed to add flights, to me it seems like dumping capacity.

  2. OT: Does anyone know why Air Serbia flights are not available on Expedia (but are in Amadeus, Kayak, Ebookers etc)? Any chance of introducing them soon?

  3. Anonymous12:40

    Any news about flights to Mostar?

  4. Anonymous13:57

    Zasto nemaju letovi beograd pristina? Dali neko zna odgovor?

    1. Anonymous14:57

      pa najpre priznavanje, pa onda medjudrzavni ugovori o vazdusnom saobracaju, pa onda ce da bude letova.

  5. Anonymous15:03

    Politički razlozi. Tko bi putovao između BEG i PRN, ili via BEG? Pa tamo je još uvijek ratna psihoza, a ta dva naroda su smrtni neprijatelji. To je kao da pitate zašto 1996. nije bilo letova između ZAG i BEG.

    A i da je najbajnije mirnodopsko, prijateljsko stanje BEG i PRN su na samo 245 km, pa je i linija neisplativa. Malo je zemalja u kojima postoje takve linije (npr. GRZ-VIE), no i tamo one nisu isplative, nego postoje drugi razlozi zašto egzistiraju (konekcije, politički razlozi, bogata država pa ima vrlo mnogo potencijalnih putnika od kojih 0,1% uspjeva napuniti dostatno letova...).

  6. Anonymous15:09

    - Pula - Dublin 2 weekly from April 19, 2014.
    - British Airways added second daily flight to Dubrovnik on Thu (8 weekly in total whole summer season-7 months) During the winter season 2 weekly!
    - Edelweiss added second and third weekly flight from Split to Zurich
    - Air Serbia four weekly from Belgrade to Split from end of March (last year flights started in early June)
    - Thomas Cook one weekly from Lille to Split and Dubrovnik from April 18
    - Wizz Air added one more flight from London LTN to Split from mid June (total 4 weekly)
    - SAS increased services between Split and Bergen and Stavanger (2 weekly next summer )
    - SAS increased services between Pula and Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm (3 weekly next summer)

  7. Anonymous17:18

    Admine Admine, manipuliras so informaciite, belle air europe veke 3 godini leti od skopje, vo prvite 2 godini letase na poveke linii kako : Rim, Venezia, Ancona, Diseldorf i Vienna do pred izvesen peridot letase na relacija Ancona, Rim - Skopje za da po vednas po prizemjuvanjeto na Belle Air gi restriktira celosno letovite na relacija Skopje - Rim i dade informacija deka ke gi obavi letovite samo za period okolu praznicete, taka da Rim - Skopje ne e ni od daleku nova relacija tuku e stara koja funkcionisa veke 3 godini !!!!

  8. Anonymous19:54

    It looks like Belle Air Europe just finished its last flight, transfering A319 EI-LIR to storage at Ostrava.

    1. Pera Kojot21:26

      Ok, so 5th Air Serbia Airbus just became available ;)

    2. Anonymous19:22

      They already have 6 leased aircrafts, one of which is ex F-ORAH of Belle Air. But who knows ... ;-)

  9. Anonymous20:30

    ^ Oh oh...
    When i looked todays timetable they still flew to Basel.

  10. No No, from the time table on the Pristhina Airport all flights on Belle Air Europe are REMOVED !!!! If you don't trust go on the web site on pristhina airpot only 10 flight today :)))

    1. Anonymous22:08

      lol what a busy airport... good news for Skopje, it will go back to being the strongest airport in the region again. :)

    2. Anonymous05:52

      Region of? Kosovomacedonia? ;-)

  11. Wait, didn't Belle Air Europe say just yesterday that they'll continue flying and that Albanian Belle Air doesn't have to do anything with them?

  12. Anonymous23:56

    Well today is another day:-))
    Probably JP will be even more eager now to add more destinations and frequencies out of PRN. If they're smart cause they missed SKP when MAT was grounded.
    And they're just opened the new terminal. This is called bad luck. Probably SKP will get some benefit in short term especially that L9 was flying almost the same destinations as W6 from SKP!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Albanian low-cost carrier (LCC) Belle Air has suspended services while it seeks new investors to help restructure the airline.
    Article on:
    The company, which began operations in 2005 and was Albania’s first LCC, has a network of around 25 destinations, heavily biased towards Italy, where there is a large Albanian diaspora.

    It operated a small leased fleet of three Airbus A320s and four A319s, plus two ATR 72 turboprops.

    In a statement on its website, the company said it had been forced to temporarily suspend operations “due to the general economic situation, the decline of purchasing power, recession in the markets it operates as well as from the freezing for over 18 days of its bank accounts.

    “We thank you for your trust in all these years. This is a sad day for you and for us at Belle Air.”

    It said that it was starting a restructuring process “aiming to return with lower prices and quality service in the Albanian market”, adding that it was seeking both domestic and international investors.

  15. Anonymous11:06

    flydubai will also increase Dubai-Belgrade flights to 4 weekly from March 2014. Also, they have added additional five flights to Belgrade around the Christmas time. Nice to see them doing well despite Air Serbia and Etihad considerably increasing their presence in the market.

  16. Anonymous11:21

    Belgrade needs Belgrade - Helsinki line!!

    1. Anonymous11:34

      Not gonna happen any time soon. O&D demand is minimal while Finnair can't compete with Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot, Persian Gulf carriers... for the Asian market.
      The only way it could happen is if Air Serbia one day expands into the market in order to feed its Belgrade network.

  17. 27/11/2013
    Wizz Air announces rescue fares for Belle Air Europe passengers

    Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, today announced €39.99 (MKD 2490) rescue fares for passengers affected by the sudden closure of Belle Air Europe, based at Pristina Airport (Kosovo). These rescue fares are available for passengers with valid bookings on the defunct carrier and are valid on Wizz Air’s Skopje routes (just 2 hours from Pristina Airport) to Basel Mulhouse, Dortmund, Milan Bergamo, Venice Treviso and Malmo. To qualify for the €39.99 rescue fares passengers must be in possession of a cancelled Belle Air Europe flight reservation, book via the Wizz Air call centre or online at (available soon) and bring their original reservation when they travel. Wizz Air launched this rescue fare of €39.99 to minimize disruption to Belle Air Europe passengers. Travel on these rescue fares must be concluded until 15 December and is subject to seat availability.

    Call Centre

    Macedonia: 059 030 440

    Switzerland: 0900 000 410

    Germany: 0900 120 4021

    Italy: 899 018 874

    Sweden: 00 100 33 10




    Basel Mulhouse

    Tue, Thu, Sat


    Tue, Thu, Sat

    Milan Bergamo

    Wed, Sun

    Venice Treviso

    Mon, Fri


    Tue, Thu, Sat

    Rescue fares are subject to seat availability and for travel until 15 December. Bookings must be made until 30 November.

    “We understand the difficulty that passengers affected by Belle Air Europe’s closure will have in finding affordable alternative travel arrangements. For these passengers, we are now offering a ‘rescue fare’ of €39.99 on five of our Skopje routes and hope that this minimizes the disruption suffered. Bookings can be made via our call centre or our website until the 30th of November and the original Belle Air Europe reservation must be brought to the airport when flying on Wizz Air’s rescue fare”, said Daniel de Carvalho, spokesperson for Wizz Air.

    **one way price including taxes

  18. Anonymous14:40

    A6-SAB is back again in regular service, it is about to take off to Athens right now.

  19. Anonymous19:27

    Does anyone know if the A319s have been used to increase frequencies on existing routes or just to relax the utilisation of the B737-300 fleet?

    1. Anonymous22:34

      The A319 is to replace all the 737-300.

  20. Anonymous21:33

    It sounds, hard times are coming for BH Airlines and Croatia Airlines.


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