Ryanair launching new EX-YU flights

Ryanair to inaugurate flights from London to Osijek and Podgorica

Europe’s largest low cost airline, Ryanair, will launch new seasonal flights from London Stansted to Osijek and Podgorica next summer season. The low cost airline will return to Osijek after five years while the new route to Podgorica will complement the existing seasonal service from Charleroi. As a result, Montenegro Airlines will lose its monopoly on the London route since it operates seasonal summer flights to Gatwick. On the other hand, the news has been warmly welcomed by Osijek Airport which has struggled to attract passengers over the past few years.

John Alborante, Ryanair’s Sales and Marketing Manager for Italy, Croatia and Greece says, “Osijek will become the fourth airport to be served by Ryanair in Croatia. We will fly twice per week between Osijek and London, every Monday and Friday”. The airport’s CEO, Domagoj Marinić, says it is important for Osijek to be connected to a large hub such as London. “This does not mark the end of our pursuit to expand the network of low cost airlines operating to the airport. In 2015 and 2016 we will further expand this offer, particularly with flights to Germany”, Mr. Marinić says. Flights between London and Osijek will be inaugurated on March 31.

London will become the second destination Ryanair will serve from Podgorica in addition to the existing Charleroi service which will resume next summer (on March 31). Ryanair, which launched flights to the Montenegrin capital in June last year saw success on its initial service from Charleroi with its load factor exceeding 90% within a month. Services between the British and Montenegrin capital will be inaugurated on April 1. The new flights come as part of Ryanair’s commitment to operate services to Montenegro over the next three years. According to an earlier announcement, Ryanair also plans to launch flights from Tivat to Milan, Barcelona, Stockholm, London and Oslo in 2014.


  1. Nikola09:13

    this is great news for both OSI and TGD. also, if they start TIV routes, it will be awesome. only remains to start flying to Serbia. though, if BEG is expensive for them, they could go with INI (INI-HHN or INI-STN). i believe that INI would give them lower prices just to lure them

  2. Anonymous09:33

    I fear that London-Osijek flight will kill any chances of having Wizz Air's Tuzla-London flights. I hope they stay in Osijek this time around, the airport desperately needs them.

  3. Anonymous11:01

    This is awesome news from OSI ;) I think Ryanair should consider new routes from Nis and Maribor airport as well as they have a big potential but non of the airline operating from there. Apparently together with Mostar which has a lots of charters those airports are only "dead" airports in the ex-yu region.

    1. Anonymous11:07

      I am just suspecious about Maribor because Klagendurt is too close.. Nis has a huge diaspora and has big surrounding with great potentials. Mostar is has big religious tourism so I am sure there is a need of few all year long flights

    2. Anonymous12:46

      +2 I think that Ryanair could make some money from INI. Flights are cheaper that Wizz Air's and their planes are very modern. INI is main airport to 600.000-900.000 people. As citizen of Niš i have to say that driving to Sofia isn+t that bad during this months, but in the summer and winter season it is terrible. Waiting at the border for hours is not comfortable at all. And then people have to go to BEG.

      Still I think that an A319 could operate up to 2 daily flights from INI. I would rather fly with airline of my state than some other airline. And with new airplanes, airplane seats and catering I think that Air Serbia could be in Europe's top 10...

    3. Anonymous15:07

      The best solution for INI is a low cost airline because cheaper prices and bigger number of destinations to fly.

  4. Anonymous11:51

    Ryanair to SLovenia?
    Why flying nearly everywhere except to Ljubljana or Maribor?

  5. Too bad they're aren't any good bus connections from Osijek from Belgrade

  6. Anonymous15:13

    Great news for Osijek and Podgorica !

    With only 69km from TGD to Budva, will they call it Budva (North) :-)

    1. Anonymous15:59

      Wouldn't it make more sense to call it Tirana north... bearing in mind that Tirana market is bigger than the one in Podgorica.

    2. Anonymous17:45

      let's not push it :-)

    3. Anonymous18:21

      Who not just name the destination Podtiranogorica and advertise as an airport for both cities. :D

  7. Anonymous15:14

    off topic, but current

    National air carrier Croatia Airlines (CA) plans to cuts its capital to cover losses from prior years and then issue 4.0mn new shares, said the company in a bourse filing yesterday. General meeting is set for Dec 20, the statement added. CA's consolidated net profit reached HRK 20.3mn in the first nine months of 2013, turning from a net loss of HRK 10mn a year earlier. The improvement was mainly on the back of decrease in expenditures which fell by 10% y/y due to fall in the fuel prices and decrease in all cost categories except maintenance. Revenues also declined, but by lower 8% y/y to HRK 1.2bn in Jan-Sept. Number of passengers fell by 7% y/y on the back of the May’s strike but also due to restructuring.
    A month ago, the state enterprise restructuring and privatization body (CERP) invited for submitting of letters of intent by NOV 27 for purchasing of a 49% stake in Croatia Airlines. After the letters of intent are collected, the govt will decide on the initial price and the process of public tenders for the binding bids. Croatia Airlines could be sold under two models – recapitalisation or selling company shares. The new owner would be selected by Feb 2014. Companies outside the EU can acquire up to 49% ownership, according to EC rules or otherwise the carrier will lose its status of an EU airline. Local media have recognised Garuda Indonesia, China Southern Airlines and Etihad from the United Arab Emirates as possible parties interested in the privatisation. Croatia Airlines operates a fleet of 13 aircraft.

    1. Anonymous16:02

      Well, Etihad said that they are out of the picture. However, Croatia Airlines will have an other problem when it comes to privatization. Like it or not, the airline business in Zagreb has had its hickups. The ongoing strike is not helping either, not to mention that OU did struggle in the past with its unions.

      By the way, just a question for someone who might have more information on this. Are the Croatian unions the worst in ex-Yugoslavia? No one seems to be striking as much as they do. Naturally, I am referring to the ones in the aviation business.

    2. Anonymous17:32

      worst or best? depends on your political views

    3. Anonymous18:08

      True that. However, I doubt many foreign investors are left-leaning businessmen. :D

  8. Anonymous06:53

    No flights from TIV until opening the new terminal building (approx time of completion: S16). TIV have no space for flights expansion without major apron & terminal building upgrade.


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