Croatian start-up Dalmatian to launch flights

Dalmatian to launch Zagreb - Hamburg service

A new Croatian start-up, Dalmatian, which has been in the works for several years, will launch flights from Zagreb to Hamburg this June, according to the German airport. The new airline has been granted permits to operate four weekly flights between the two cities, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday starting June 2. Tickets are to go on sale later this month according to Dalmatian’s founder and CEO Željko Romić. In addition, the airline says it has secured a range of contracts to operate charter flights this summer season. Plans to launch Dalmatian date back to 2006 when the airline intended to start up as a low cost carrier which would offer long haul flights from Croatia.

According to Dalmatian, the airline will operate as a hybrid low cost carrier and was “founded to pursue the growth opportunities in emerging markets of short and long distance air travel”. The airline adds, “As the low cost/low fare model continues to grow around the world, with leisure and business travellers recognising the value of the low cost airline business model, Dalmatian intends to become an industry leader of the mega-trend of the future model of air transportation, a trend that was first born in the competitive landscape of the Australian air transport industry”.

With Croatia’s entry into the European Union last summer, a flurry of new airlines have announced plans to open up bases across the country to capitalise on the country’s booming tourism industry. Air Croatia, Libertas Air and Adriatic Skyways have all announced their intention of launching flights from the country. Air Croatia will inaugurate services from Stockholm and Gothenburg to Zagreb, Split and Zadar starting June 14. Flights will be operated with a ČSA Czech Airlines Airbus A319. Adriatic Skyways has also uncovered plans to fly out of Dubrovnik, though, no firm timeframe has been given for its launch. The new carrier will utilise Denim Air’s air operator’s certificate (AOC), allowing it to inaugurate flights more easily and bypass additional bureaucratic procedures in Croatia.


  1. Anonymous09:02

    Boring day ahead...

  2. Purger09:09

    1. Prva linija će konkurirat ni manje ni više nego Germanwingsu!
    - e to je recept za uspjeh

    2. Karte još uvijek nisu u prodaji, a linija starta za menje od dva mjeseca. Nema još čak ni ozbiljne web stranice!
    - recept za uspjeh

    3. Gdje je baza, sjedište, osoblje, prodaja, održavanje, posada, AOC, kojim avionom?
    - ma to su tračarije koje uopće nisu potrebne za uspjeh

    4. Četiri leta tjedno i nešto chartera?
    - OK možda je to tek početak najava, pa će nas bombardirati tijekom idućih tjedana novim linijama, ali još jednom manje od dva mjeseca, pa kad će najaviti, početi prodavati, reklamirati...

    Bože moj... pa ovo je više nego dilentantizam.

    1. On their website it says that they will operate A320 and widebody aircraft:

      "If you are a successful applicant, you will start your Dalmatian career on our Airbus A320 aircraft, and possibly progress to the Dalmatian wide body aircraft."

      "Dalmatian will be one of the fastest growing airlines in the world operating a modern fleet of narrow and wide-bodied aircraft across a global network"

    2. Anonymous04:36

      Looks like another Solyom LOL :D

  3. Anonymous10:01

    Ne razumem ovu naglu ekspanziju "novih" aviokompanija koja se dešava u Hrvatskoj u poslednje vreme.

    1. Anonymous23:38

      1. Pozicioniranje na trzistu u momentu kada je buducnost "Croatia Airlinesa" upitna i mogucnost eventualnog "uskakanja" na njeno mesto

      2. Potencijal trzista koji do sada nije mogao doci do izrazaja zbog protekcionistickih mera nacionalnog prevoznika i drzave, u korist samo jedne alijanse/jednog velikog prevoznika

      3.Potpuno uklanjanje svih do sada postojecih administrativnih prepreka (AOC samo najkarekteristicniji primer), ulaskom u EU

      4. Zapoceti radovi na novim terminalima u Zagrebu, Splitu, Dubrovniku

      5. Konstantni visegodisnji rast broja putnika na razini drzave, ukljucujuci dvocifreni rast svake godine sa prekomorskih trzista

      6. Ocekivano ukidanje viza sa SAD-om ove godine i ulazak u Schengenski prostor 2015

      7. Geografski najpovoljniji polozaj u odnosu na sve ostale ex-Yu zemlje i jedina od njih koja ima pretpostavke za isplativi aviosaobracaj i na domacih linijama

      Mogao bih jos, ali nadam se da je i ovo dovoljno.

    2. Ја се извињавам али овде морам да те исправим. Када се прича о географској локацији, најбоље је позициониран Београд. Не кажем то јер сам националиста већ зато што се град налази у центру и на самом северу балканског полуострва. То значи да путници могу да лете преко Београда не само ка осталим деловима Европе већ и унутар самог Балкана.
      Што се тиче Хрватске, она има велику предност када је у питању тржиште Балкан-западна Европа. Али чињеница је да би развили то тржиште они морају да се прво отргну и ослободе окова Стар Алајанса, првобитно Луфтханса и њеног пулена у Бечу. Уз то, мање више свака компанија која лети за балканске градове испробава да отме део баш тог тржишта, што би представљало велики проблем за Кроацијан. Да би се позиционирали као поуздана компанија на овом тржишту њима је потребан партнер са јако дубоким џеповима, баш као што је био случај са нама. Можемо ми да причамо шта хоћемо али да Етихада није било, данас вероватно не би било ни Јата.
      Можда су Ер Сербијини летови полупразни и можда за сада губе паре али једна је чињеница, основа фирме се мења на боље. Много је пара и труда уложено да се искорене неке лоше навике и полако почињу да се виде последице тих промена. То је нешто што је било прекопотребно а то исто важи и за Кроацианом. Ствари се неће променити докле год вам не дође неко ко нема породично-политичких веза и ко нема других интереса сем да направи профит.

      Јат и Кроацијан су слични у многим погледима. Сетимо се 2010. године када су стране авио компаније преплавиле Београд, ако се не варам те године је дошло 10 нових фирми. Јат је био неспособан да се суочи са стварношћу што их је натерало да повлаче крајње глупе потезе, као што се сви сећамо. Како ствари стоје, чини ми се да ће и Кроацијан истим путем. Само је питање шта стоји на крају те цесте којом се креће ОУ? Да ли стоји неки Етихад или не?

    3. Anonymous09:01

      Iskreno i bez provokacija molim da pišete na latinici jer dobar dio nas stvarno nije u stanju čitati čirilicu. Ja osobno je ne znam čitati, kao i velik večina jer je nismo učili u školi (današnji 30-godišnjaci nisu učili čirilicu), a i oni koji su je učili prije 25 godina zaboravili su je pa je više ne mogu čak ni slovkati.

    4. Then you should urge all members of this blog to write in English. ;)

    5. Anonymous17:19

      @ Nemjee 08:18

      I have no problem reading or writing cyrillic manuscript, and I have just read what you wrote.

      I'm the author of the post 11:38 ("1-7"). I'm very glad you didn't try to oppose points 1-6, as they are solid as a rock.

      Concerning number 7, I can fully accept what you are saying about BEG, as it is the fact it has very good geographical position. However, in order to understand my point about "7", you should know, which you probably don't, that intentions and plans of Dalmatian are not limited to Europe only, but to the North America as well, and asap (of course it's impossible in the first, maybie even second year of operations). In that view, Croatia, not only ZAG. has better geographical postion.

      I personally think that the wish and intention of Dalmatian is to do what Croatia Airlines was supposed and expected to do, a decade ago. That's why I think they are starting NOW, and haven't started before, as expalined in 1-3.

      Furthermore I sincerely believe that Mr. Romic has absolutely no intention to operate, work and employ according to the Balkanian Party-Godfather-Family pattern.

      Concerning similarities between ex-Jat and present-Croatia, fully agree - they are almost the same.

      And frankly speaking, I would be more than happy if this story can finish with a close Dalmatian-Air Serbia cooperation, for the benefit of both passengers and people who love aviation all around ex-Yu.

      Best regards from Croatia !


    They actually have a pretty decent website full of lots of info but seem to be nowhere near ready to launch flights this year.

    This is not just because of the points Purger raised but are also only accepting expressions of interest for employment, including for flight crew but not actually hiring yet....

    I'm not too sure who this management team is and how experienced they are at managing airlines but I will guess they have nowhere near the required funding for this project.

    I found this YouTube link of the would be CEO,

    Looks to be just a dream for now.

  5. Anonymous10:26

    It's true Hamburg Airport has listed Damlatian as a new airline flying to the city.

  6. JU520 BEGLAX10:32


    this Sunday in Rovinj, Croatia: Red Bull Air Race

    1. Should be awesome!

      Wish I could be there.

    2. Anonymous17:03

      I wish JU would fly to Pula again...
      Istria is such a wonderful place.

  7. Purger10:59

    - poznati brend
    - lokalni brend (njemački)
    - dokazan i pouzdan
    - LCC sa niskim cijenama
    - mogućnost dumpinga koji oni i te kako koriste
    - mogućnost kombiniranja flote (pa ako treba uz dumping ubacit će oni i A319)
    - mogućnost konekcija
    - svi ostali benifiti (ff program, mogućnost reakcije u slučaju kvara aviona, velik broj djelatnika u samom Hamburgu, backup Lufthanse...)

    dalmatian kao konkurencija Germanwingsu:
    - potpuno nepoznat brend sa nikakvom reklamom
    - "tamo neka firma iz Balkana"
    - "jesmo li sigurni da će oni uopće poletjeti", poglavito nakon "uskršnjih najava" koje se vrše već 8 godina
    - koliko će biti pouzdani samo samo jednim avionom, kojim (hoće li to biti neko staro i nesigurno groblje), od koga (sugurno u mjesec i pola neće nabaviti svoj avion)
    - hibridna kompanija, pa je upitna i cjenovna politika
    - kako će odgovoriti na dumping Germanwingsa (hoće li skidati cijene i propasti preko noći, ili držati cijene i biti prazni, pa opet propasti)
    - što imaju imaju, nema kombiniranja, pa je i mogućnost reakcije na tržište nemoguća
    - nema konekcija, znači samo i isključivo P2P putnici
    - a što ako se pokvari avion, kako će ti putnici doći do ZAG (za 3-4-5 dana, nikada, ima li mogućnosti alternative preko drugih aerodroma u Njemačkoj, moš si mislit)

    I sad ti kao putnik kad si postaviš ova pitanja, koju češ firmu odabrati? Pa i da je Germanwings skuplji, što bi odabrao? Bi li kupio kartu par mjeseci unaprijed ili bi se bojao da će ti lova propasti a da ti nikad nečeš poletjeti?

    1. ja bih cak i izmedju Dalmatiana i skrnavog Croatia Airlinesa izabrao OU. Postoji samo jedan razlog: uvek treba izbegavati "prevoznike" koji imaju samo jedan avion! Sa Croatiom bar znam da ako mi otkazu let mogu da racunam na adekvatnu zamenu i brzu vezu, a od ovakvih mogu samo da ocekujem da me obestete posle neka tri meseca i rizik da mi propadne mnogo planova. OK je imati jedan avion i koristiti ga samo za cartere, kao kod nas Aviogenex, ali linijski saobracaj takvima bi trebalo unapred zabraniti.

    2. Anonymous12:11

      Koji imaju jedan avion? Ma nemaju oni ni jedan avion!

    3. Anonymous22:11

      A vi imate kristalnu kuglu pa znate da ce biti u floti jedan avion. A izvinite a GDE TO PISE u clanku da ce biti jedan avion i da ce biti krs? A sta ako budu (za pocetak) dva (relativno) nova i dobro odrzavana A320 sa evropskim AOC-om i (za pocetak) strane (evropske) posade (cockpit)? Je li to bas tako nemoguce? I da li stvarno mislite da ce u "spicu" sezone avioni Nemacka-Hrvatska, sa jeftinim kartama, biti prazni a letovi neisplativi? Pa za ovo ne treba cak ni elementarno poznavanje komercijalne civilne avijacije, dovoljan je zdrav razum

    4. Anonymous09:06

      Ne piše, ali je problem da nitko, ali nitko u Hrvatskoj nema informaciju o najmu, niti o traženju aviona. Konačno, da je avion i najbolji na svijetu, potpuno nov, pouzdan i briljantan, teško da ce netko da se odluči na njih uz Germanwings.

      Da su otvorili DUS, ARN, PRG, WAW, HAJ... gdje bi bili jedini to bi još imalo logike, ali ovo je diletantizam.

      A ako su se odlučili za više od jednog aviona radi 4 leta tjedno i pokoji charter, e onda su tek na putu da bankrotiraju za par dana.

    5. Anonymous17:37

      Pa covjece u kojem ti stoljecu zivis? Jesi cuo da je HR u EU? Jesi cuo da je europski AOC sada domaci AOC? Zbog cega mislis da netko u Hrvatskoj mora znati da 320-ice ne-hrvatskih ali europskih registracija, "pokrenute" privatnim kapitalom, pocinju letjeti iz Hrvatske. Kome bi se o tome po tebi trebali polagati racuni? Tebi? Meni? Kucku? Karamarku?

      Sto se tice izbora odredista, siguran sam da HAM nije zadnji let koji ce poceti ove godine. Germanwings sa dva leta tjedno CRJ-em, i petpostavljam ipak puno skupljim cijenama, nije konkurencija, odnosno 320 sa nizom cijenom i puno vise mjesta samo nadopunjava "leisure" segment.

      Sto se tice bankrotiranja za par dana, samo da podsjetim da je prije dvadesetak godina,nekako paralelno sa Croatia Airlinesom, startao Ryanair, sa dva unajmljena BAC S1-11.
      Pogledajmo gdje je sada FR a gdje OU. Toliko o kompetentnosti svih koji su do sada radili u HR zrakoplovstvu, pa cak i samo kao "savjetnici"

  8. Anonymous11:59

    this is nothing else but dreams. they don't have planes, pilots, fa, AOC, not even office to start planing. And they will have first flight in 53 days? Hahahahaha...

    1. Anonymous23:21

      Some people here were saying about Jat/Etihad/Air Serbia deal to be nothing but dreams. Sometimes its easier to start from the beginning, or from zero, than to correct existing bad business. So, just maybie, let's hope that Croatia's 5 minutes in civil aviation are comming as well

  9. Anonymous14:00

    They have a post on exyuaviation.

  10. Anonymous14:04

    Mozda ce imati Fokker 100 ili Embraer 190-200.

  11. Please guys, let's cut some slack to Dalmatian. I'm from Serbia, but I'm also more than happy to see new airlines launched in Croatia. Now, I'm not saying Dalmatian will be a world-class operation, but it's still early. Let's wait and see what they will accomplish (or not) and then give our comments.

  12. Last 3-4 months we saw several announcements like this or announcements of an airline opening new line or basing planes on one of the Croatian airport or something else. Now, I’m Serbian and Croatia and Croatian Airlines mean as much to me as Brazil and TAM for example, but I just hate to see such potential wasted. There is some many tourists visiting Croatia every year that OU should be making money like there is no tomorrow, growing every year at least in tune with the visitor growth. Instead, they reduce fleet, cut destinations etc. And what do you have is some nice blonde girl from Netherlands making money as a FA instead of nice Croatian girl. What a shame!!!

    1. Anonymous19:53

      Agree! Shame that Croatia with such potential is a victim of both LH and the Government (CEO Kucko) who don't give a sh.. about OU! Once Croatia loses OU, the damage will be huge!

  13. OT, i have to share with you this wonderful video and i hope you share your impression about it here


  14. Anonymous23:51

    It is 55 days to first flight AND THEY DON'T SELL TICKETS!!!!

    The end! End of descussion.

  15. Anonymous23:52

    Isn't that te same company that last year ask for slots in Belgrad? And what happend?

  16. Anonymous02:22

    Kroacija ko Nokija, sve manja i manja.

    1. Anonymous09:08

      Originalna dosjetka je bila

      "Srbija ko Nokija, sve manja i manja"

    2. Anonymous09:19

      Yeah but now we have to adapt it to the current situation which is related to OU.

    3. Anonymous19:45

      Actually I don't think this saying was about (Air) Serbia, because it didn't exist at the time. If you can remember, it was Jat Airways till recently. The saying actually refferred to Serbia as a state/country, because at that time Serbia was becoming smaller and smaller by losing "serbian territories" in Croatia, then in Bosnia, followed by Montenegro, followed by Kosovo...

      And if you ask me, despite all my love for aviation, I would allways prefer that Croatia Airlines gets smaller and smaller, not Croatia as a state/country...

      Greetings from Croatia !

  17. Maybe they intend on getting a foreign carrier to operate the flights for them, just like Air Croatia (or whatever they are called)?

  18. Dalmatian confirmed!

    Hamburg to Zagreb in an A380!


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