Belgrade and Croatian coast see growth

Belgrade, Split and Dubrovnik see record April growth

The airports in Belgrade, Split and Dubrovnik have all recorded strong passenger numbers in April with double digit growth seen across the three cities. Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport led the way, welcoming 368.171 passengers through its doors, an impressive increase of 46.2% compared to the same month last year. Serbia’s busiest airport also recorded 4.663 flight operations, up from 3.349 in April 2013, or an increase of 39.2%. During the month, Belgrade handled its millionth passenger for the year, almost a month ahead of 2013. So far this year, Belgrade Airport has welcomed 1.153.467 passengers, an increase of 34.8% on the same period last year. Several new routes are still scheduled to launch this summer including Warsaw, Beirut, Barcelona and Lisbon. Over the weekend, Croatia Airlines resumed its seasonal flights from Split while next week Air Serbia will launch seasonal services to the Croatian coast as well.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN270.784 28.9
FEB232.061 33.8
MAR282.447 28.2
APR368.171 46.2

On the other hand, Split Airport ended its run of declining numbers by posting healthy figures in April. The airport saw 79.284 passengers come through its doors, an increase of 19.6% compared to the same month last year. So far, Croatia’s second busiest airport has handled 154.438 passengers, an increase of 3.6%. Apart from the resumption of scheduled seasonal services, this summer Split will see the arrival of new airlines such as Estonian Air and Air Croatia. Last week, Vueling Airlines announced the launch of its new service from Florence to Split starting July 2. The one hour flight will operate three times per week with further details available here.

MonthPAXChange (%)
MAR27.580 16.8
APR79.284 19.6

Finally, Dubrovnik Airport also reversed its recent trends to see growth of 12.7% in April. The airport handled 87.774 passengers compared to 77.910 travellers last year. In the first four months, Dubrovnik has welcomed 140.110 passengers, which is still down on the same period in 2013 by 3.5%. Meanwhile, the airport applied for funds from the European Union last month to complete its expansion project which has already seen Dubrovnik open a brand new terminal in 2010. The entire project, scheduled for completion by 2020, will see the construction of an additional new terminal in place of the old airport building, constructed in 1962.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN15.950 15.5
FEB14.423 15.9
MAR21.963 29.6
APR87.774 12.7


  1. Nikola09:10

    at this rate (35%) BEG will reach 4,7 milion this year (4.783.312 to be accurate)

    1. no way it will be this good in the 2nd part of the year. My estimation 2m pax around 25th June, 3m pax around 15th August, 4m pax around 10th November, so there should be some 2.45 million. Possibly numbers for July and August should be less than expected, if the airport gets stuck with excess flights they cant handle which may drive the authorities direct some (if not all) charter flights to BJY, but that would happen only if terminal jams contribute to significant delays and carriers start complaining on that (new Serbian gov is keen on ad hoc solutions)

    2. Anonymous09:39

      Hopefully JU will get their act together and launch online check-in which should prevent queues and delays in BEG:

    3. 1. Online check in , seat allocation and full implementation of that new information system - June 2014.
      2. 1st phase of fleet renewal ends as the last B733 is phased out - October 2014.
      3. Further fleet expansion with new A319, A320 and AT75 - first half of 2015.
      4. Official announcement of long haul plans and wide body fleet details - September 2015.
      5. Long haul tickets put on sale - October 2015.
      6. First long haul flights - December 2015.
      7. Expansion of long haul network - first half of 2016.
      8. Replacing all the old AT72 with AT76 - by the end of 2016 or early 2017.
      9. BEG reconstruction complete with Air Serbia+Etihad Group dedicated terminal and lounge - June 2017.
      Placing new orders for long term fleet - 2017. That would include the next generation widebody aircraft such as A35X or B78X, but also new turboprops. Deliveries will take place in the first years of the next decade.
      Entry into service of the first A320 NEO - first half of 2018.
      By the end of the decade Air Serbia would operate up to 1000 weekly flights to around 60 destinations, of which five would be long haul. The main goal should be flying five million pax in 2020.

    4. Anonymous11:21

      Is this just your conjecture or you have insider info of some sort?

    5. Anonymous11:50

      Miroslav Milosevic, how about making profit for starters?

    6. AnonymousMay 6, 2014 at 11:50 AM and anyone here questioning the profit issue, grab some investment management book and learn more about long term investments and business strategies.

      AnonymousMay 6, 2014 at 11:21 AM, no its my estimation based on realistic expectations and information, as well as some tech info (AT72 resource is to expire in few years). I also have in mind possible EY takeover of AZ (which wouldnt be as favourable to AZ as it seemed a month ago, at least wont make all other Etihad Aviation Group members from Europe feeders for FCO and MXP, it will be more about reducing costs of AZ). Beside that, other possible threats to JU development is dealy of BEG reconstruction (very likely), negative FAA assessments (not likely) and perhaps QA investing in OU (also not likely coz of LH)
      Other than that, have in mind the cargo terminal is to be built which would mark JU interest in building a cargo fleet.

  2. Anonymous09:22

    eto i ja cu malo da pomognem, jedva cekam ovo leto da letim opet BEG-SPU!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous09:34

    Good job, Dubrovnik and Split! During summer, Split usually has more than 100 flights every Saturday, which is great!

    1. Anonymous16:36

      Last saturday 110 flights ;)

  4. Anonymous09:36

    1. Anonymous11:52

    2. Anonymous12:48

      Mrka style, a?

    3. Good to see!

    4. Anonymous15:23

      HOW DARE YOU?! Off topicing on this site with Croatia related news... It's only reserved for Air Serbia!!

      ON TOPIC: Air Serbia plans to buy 450 A380 by the end of 2016., profit is unimportant.

    5. This article also refers to Croatian airports, yesterday's article mostly referred to Croatia Airlines' operating results, Saturday's news was related entirely to Croatia (new service to Sofia)... So I fail to see how this site is reserved for Air Serbia.

    6. Anonymous16:37

      Are you exyu admin Joker on

    7. Anonymous20:28

      Zagreb saw slight growth in April, mind you OU still operated at reduced schedule, with 8% less flights out of Zagreb. But things have stated to move, still OU will operate at reduced schedule from Zagreb, but arrival of new European carriers things should improve dramatically and 8% growth should easily be achieved.

      Zagreb had 192400 passengers in April, 5800 more than same month in 2013.

      Things should now improve for better. OU will also start operating at normal schedule from March 30th 2015, so we should see increased numbers in 2015, hopefully dramatic increase in pax.

      Works on new terminal are proceeding ahead of schedule, they've taken down all the Croatian AF buildings that were located on site of new terminal, including 2 old aircraft hangers and Air Force traffic command centre.

      Croatian Government is talking to the EU and NATO in regards to construction of 2nd runway at Zagreb airport, 2nd runway would be used by both civilian and military aircraft, the EU funds are sought for civilian aspect of the project and NATO's support is sought to help with logistics and long term use by NATO's command.

      2nd Runway is expected to cost in region of €150 million, half of the cost attributed to land that is currently owned by private land owners (there are several small settlements in way of 2nd runway, 300 homes need to be knocked down)

      Air Force operations are expected to move away from new terminal.

      Great news for Zagreb, what ever the case.

    8. Anonymous22:47

      ^ That was a very short NO...
      ExYu Admin is not very happy to be compared with Joker on
      Well Joker is too over-enthusiastic and somehow childish in his naivity.

      But Aerologic is Tupolev190 on

  5. Anonymous11:09

    Great results all round. BEG growth is amazing. Well done to all

  6. Anonymous14:49

    Some LJU airport numbers in Q1/2014:
    249.411 pax (up 12,9%)
    6986 a/c movements (up 4,2%)
    4785 tons of cargo (up 9,4%)

    Biggest growth in pax numbers Adria and Turkish. Biggest decline Air France.

    Busiest destinations (in this order): London (LTU, STN), Frankfurt, Istanbul, Munich, Zurich, Paris, Brussels, Moscow, Vienna, Skopje, Pristina, Tirana, Belgrade.

  7. Anonymous15:33

    Great year for ex-Yu airports. Growth everywhere :)

  8. Marko16:31

    @EX-YU AVIATION You have to understand him because when he saw results of Belgrade airport, jealousy just totally blinded him hahahaha. He is probably the same one who commented yesterday that Belgrade airport has not released aprils results yet because they are not good. Right only 46% up hahahahahaha.

  9. Well done Belgrade, Ljubljana, Split, Dubrovnik, Skopje, Tuzla! This is really great period for aviation in this region! :) Hope that other airports will start to improve numbers.

  10. Anonymous18:25

    Zagreb is up with "poor" +3.1% not enough...

    1. Anonymous18:49

      Why is it poor? Not enough for what? We don't have Arabs to save our national carrier, there are still 8 months in this year, any growth will be good, by the end of this year we will know what will happen with Croatia Airlines, if it goes bust, well, hopefully someone else will jump in... In aviation everything is possible, Jat was a great example for that...

    2. Anonymous19:07

      Well, that is just my opinion... So far, 3.1% wasn't the percentage that they desired to be...
      I am really looking forward to next few months, and what's going to happen at ZAG airport...
      Anyway, we can expect an interesting summer, with SPU and DBV on the coast, along with ZAG and good growth at BEG and SJJ.

    3. Anonymous00:57

      @AnonymousMay 6, 2014 at 7:07 PM

      U do understand OU operates with reduced schedule out of Zagreb, the growth you see is driven by the foreign carriers not OU, OU is down on last year as already posted on this blog.

      Only from March 2015 we'll see OU returning to full on service, OU needs to pay back what it owes, you see OU can't go to Croatian Government and demand bail out money like JAT and Air Serbia does, they need to make profits or cease to be. Air Serbia from what I understand is piling massive losses, heard for the first month of the year they're down 650 million dinars, I can only imagine how things gonna look by the year's end, as it seems at 6.5 billion dinars or 60 million euros. I'm sure Arabs will pick up the tab, loads of agricultural lands in Serbia to sell. [/sarcasm]

    4. Anonymous01:42

      OU was bailed out in January 2013 so save us the moral high ground.

    5. Anonymous01:43

      + is being subsidised by the government i.e you on every single domestic flight, all of which are highly unprofitable

    6. All four ex-yu flag caririers and Wizzair are still subsidized. Even JU will have to be subsidized for the next two or three years before it starts making profit.

    7. Anonymous04:06

      @AnonymousMay 7, 2014 at 1:43 AM

      OU's debt was consolidated in to one, OU wasn't bailed out, as airline needs to pay back every penny back and it has to do it by the end of 2016.

      And OU is paying back every penny, not something we can say for JAT or Air Serbia.

      And yes all airlines get some subsidies, OU ggets around 40 million kuna each year to maintain low yield routes throughout the year, and this is a standard policy allowed with in the EU air market to maintain vital air links, but these routes are rarely profitable.

      Air Serbia/JAT on the other hand piled up over $350 million debt to Serbian taxpayers

      And with Air Serbia now looking to add additional 90 million to Serbian tax payers debt in this year alone, we can only guess how much they'll add in 2015 or 2016, and if Air Serbia will be around after 2017.

    8. Very interesting. Thank you for this detailed analysis. One question, how did you calculate JU's loses to 90 Million for this year?

    9. Anonymous07:44

      He made it up like every number of his every "analysis". Never forget his BEG 3.8m/ZAG 2.5m "predictions" for this year (lol).

    10. Anonymous08:09

      He must be the Ceo of Croatia Airlines ( Mr. Kucko)

    11. Yeah I can tell that he is full of hot air, but I want to see how he explains his 90 million figure. How on earth did he come up with exactly 90, why not 80 or 100? Is he really that delusional that he just came up with a random number and got himself to believe in it by repeating it in his again over and over again?

  11. Anonymous17:26

    @Aleksandar StojanovicMay 7, 2014 at 8:20 AM

    At least $90 million, as if $350 million JAT/Air Serbia owes to the Serbian taxpayers isn't enough, lol.

    90 million figure is based on the fact that Air Serbia is loosing around 650 million dinars per month, based on first month reports. Assuming numbers remain at that or near that level for the remainder of 2014 you can assume losses will pile up, naturally the Serb Taxpayers will pick up the tab, as was the case in the past.

    But of course us Croats aren't allowed to criticize Serbia or JAT/Air Serbia, if we do we are all fascist and Serb haters, yet you Serbs are allowed to say anything to anyone, cause its your biblical right. Reason perhaps why most Croats never bother to post on this blog, or Slovenes, or Bosnians.

    1. You really think that JU will be losing the same amount during AUG as it did during the first month?

      You are not critiszing JU, you are slandering it with false accusations that you made up just so you could paint JU in the negative light.

      Perhaps fewer Croats visit this blog is because there are fewer Croats than Serbs. Also there is less happening in Croatia right now in the world of aviation, so they might not feel interested in reading this blog.

      But of course you must turn this into a Serbia vs Croatia deal...

    2. Anonymous18:18

      Actually, if you look at the flag counter, Slovenes and Croats are number 3 and 4 by the amount of visits to this site so I wouldn't say they are not visiting.

  12. Anonymous20:44

    @Aleksandar StojanovicMay 7, 2014 at 5:47 PM

    LOL, if facts abut JU makes JU look like some shitty airline, don't blame the facts, blame the leadership of the airline, instead of singing kumbaya and ignoring all the facts. Us Croats are critical and question our government actions, including investments in to our Airline, or airports/infrastructure by a foreign investors. In Serbia, corruption, deals done under the table and selling off state assets under murky circumstances are welcomed and never questioned. U wonder why Serbia is in such a mess.

    Also number of Croats visiting this site is low considering the number of visitiors, I visit this site at least once a week, and I am sure there are few more who do the same, but many visitors from Croatia and elswhere are now less keen to visit this site after constant attacks by Serb nationalist trolls on everything that is Croat, Slovenian, Bosniak and even Montenegrin.


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