VINCI confirms Ljubljana acquisition plans

France's VINCI Airports confident in Ljubljana Airport development

The French based concession holder and operator VINCI Airports has publicly revealed plans to acquire Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, which the Slovenian government hopes to sell this summer. VINCI, which runs 23 airports across France, Portugal and Cambodia, says it can help develop Ljubljana Airport. “We are confident that we can contribute to the development of Ljubljana Airport. If we purchase it, the airport will retain its name and location and will not become French overnight”, VINCI Airports Chairman, Nicolas Notebaert, said in a statement. Mr. Notebaert added the company’s main acquisition model is through Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

"Our main goal is to establish a decentralised model, where Ljubljana is at the centre, not a branch of the airports in Paris or Lisbon", the VINCI Airports Chairman said. He added one of the company’s key objectives would be to grow traffic at Slovenia’s busiest airport, “The growth in traffic and investments go hand in hand. It is a model used everywhere". Mr. Notebaert noted the European Commission’s ruling on whether Adria Airways’ received illegal state aid contrary to competition laws, which is expected to come soon, will not impact on VINCI’s decision to purchase the airport. “Growth and development cannot be attributed to a single airline. Regardless of Adria Airways’ fate, our decision to purchase the airport will remain unaffected”, he said.

More than twenty companies have expressed interest to purchase a 75% stake in Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. Among them are airlines, airports and pension funds, as well as investment groups specialising in restructuring companies for later sale. Among the interested parties is Asia’s busiest carrier, China Southern Airlines, as well as the Fraport Group, which manages Frankfurt Airport. Others who have expressed strong interest to bid for Slovenia’s busiest airport include Munich Airport, Zurich Airport, French engineering and consulting group Egis, as well as Italy’s SAVE which manages Venice Marco Polo Airport, Treviso Airport, Verona Airport and is the part operator of Charleroi Airport in Belgium. The sale of Jože Pučnik Airport is expected to be finalised during the summer. A new owner will have to address the issue of constructing of a new terminal building. Late last year, the airport’s minority shareholders, mostly made up of banks, rejected plans for the construction of a new terminal, which was pitched by the state.


  1. Anonymous11:30

    It would be interesting to have two French companies owning airports in ex-YU. Zagreb and Ljubljana

    1. Anonymous16:35

      But they're different companies, so it's not quite the same! Wish good luck to Ljubljana airport!

    2. Anonymous19:26

      Zagreb airport - a story that left many in deep sorrow.

  2. Anonymous14:31

    Veliko intetesovanje za današnji članak:-)

    1. Anonymous15:04

      Lepo je vreme, vecina posetilaca su Srbi, a danas igra Nole ;)

  3. Anonymous14:34

    Nice to see so many companies interested in LJU. Why didn't they include Maribor and Portoroz in the deal as well?

    1. Anonymous14:40

      They can't. Both are privately owned I think

  4. Anonymous14:51

    Ljubljana Airport looks nice in that photo. Where exactly did they plan to build the second terminal?

    1. Anonymous18:32

      On the left of the old one if you look the picture.

    2. Anonymous19:32

      Makes sense. Thanks :)

  5. Anonymous15:00

    OT: what happened with Banja Luka - Tivat flights? Are those regular ones or charters? They aren't on the website as well...

    1. Anonymous15:08

      The flights are seasonal. They run once per week(every sunday) starting from june 29. Tickets can ONLY be purchased at ARS-Tours(travel agency).

    2. Anonymous15:11

      That explains their absence from the B&H website. Thanks.

  6. Anonymous16:03

    Banja Luka - Belgrade 08.06.2014. (today)
    LF 64%

    1. Anonymous18:09

      There were 39 passengers on the way there!

  7. Anonymous19:23

    Turkish Airlines - Australia is our limit.

  8. Anonymous20:14

    Another crazy day for JU. I really wonder how many pax are missing their connections and how much this is costing JU? Just a couple of examples.

    JU 811 TEL AVIV 15:45 19:43 A3 Boeing 737-300 Landed at 19:51
    JU 381 LONDON HEATHROW 17:10 17:47 C2 Airbus A319 Landed at 17:51
    JU 513 ATHENS 17:15 17:52 A1 Airbus A319 Landed at 17:56
    JU 364 AMSTERDAM 16:30 16:50 A1 Boeing 737-300 Airborne at 17:27
    JU 174 PODGORICA 17:55 20:30 ATR 72 Gate open
    JU 208 LONDON HEATHROW 18:15 18:40 C2 Airbus A319 Airborne at 19:00
    JU 544 MILAN 18:15 18:35 A1 Airbus A319 Airborne at 18:59
    JU 374 ZURICH 18:30 20:25 A3 Boeing 737-300 Gate open
    JU 534 ROME 19:10 21:00 A5 Boeing 737-300 New time at 21:00

    1. Anonymous21:24

      Well, the flights were late when departing so that the passengers don't miss their connections and so that their luggage arrives.

      London was delayed because of a slot.

    2. Anonymous22:27

      Because of slot? Because of slot you have to be on tome. If you miss slot in LHR than you pay penalty, get another one but it is up to LHR to decide whan!

    3. Anonymous23:40

      Because of ATC slot.

    4. Anonymous01:39

      Evening wave of departures:

      JU 826 BEIRUT 23:40 (08.06.) 23:40 A1 Airbus A319 Airborne at 00:41
      JU 656 MOSCOW 23:40 (08.06.) 23:40 A2 Airbus A319 Airborne at 00:15
      JU 800 ABU DHABI 23:55 (08.06.) 23:55 C1 Airbus A319 Airborne at 00:20
      JU 506 LARNACA 00:00 00:40 A3 Airbus A320 Airborne at 01:22
      JU 526 THESSALONIKI 00:05 00:05 A9 ATR 72 Airborne at 00:33
      JU 132 VARNA 00:25 00:25 A10 ATR 72 Airborne at 01:15
      JU 166 SKOPJE 00:25 00:25 A4B ATR 72 Airborne at 00:36

    5. Anonymous07:31

      Not unless they move your slot to a later period as is often the case with Amsterdam, Brussels, London... the first are usually the case in the afternoon bank of departures.

    6. Anonymous08:11

      As a result:

      JU 507 LARNACA 05:45 06:40 C2 Airbus A320 Landed at 06:45
      JU 827 BEIRUT 05:50 06:22 A1 Airbus A319 Landed at 06:28

      which delays other flights:
      JU 310 PARIS 06:40 07:50 C2 Airbus A320 Airborne at 07:56
      JU 320 DUSSELDORF 06:40 07:40 C6 Boeing 737-300 Airborne at 07:35
      JU 350 BERLIN 06:45 07:20 A4 Boeing 737-300 Airborne at 07:40

      A never ending story of delays.

    7. Anonymous08:17

      What are you going on about? The past few weeks there were no problems. Get a life.

    8. Anonymous09:19

      I'm sorry, I might have misread something. You are saying that 1h+ delays are not delays?

  9. Anonymous23:23
    Jel moze neko da mi objasni sta misle sa npr 2500 USD BH :)
    Hvala unapred:)

    1. $2500 per "block hour".

      Block time is the time from break release prior to departing to the time where you set the breaks at your destination.

    2. Anonymous23:48

      is it cheap for an Airbus A320 2500USD BH

  10. Anonymous23:43

    Breaking News.
    Soon JAT designator will be available, so guys...anybody wants to establish an airline...go and grab it ;)

    1. Anonymous00:38

      so what will be the new one? i hope only the 3 letter designator is to change and JU to stay,but JAT is a name that shows tradition

    2. Anonymous02:46

      ICAO code will be ASL and callsign Air Serbia.
      For IATA code dont know

    3. Tis news waiting since 26 of October last year. Just about two week ago we have story on this blog for code, transformations of AIR SERBIA in all fields. Naturaly as idendity, and everything else goes and follow Serbian airline.will be done.
      Griting from Sydney. Rodney Son & Co

  11. Anonymous21:44

    Hey guys, don't talk off topic, please ;)

  12. Anonymous05:47

    Vinci Group expressed interest on Thursday in investing in Airports of Montenegro.Link (only on serbian)


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