Air Serbia and Adria work on in-flight entertainment

Air Serbia and Adria Airways to offer in-flight entertainment options to passengers

Air Serbia and Adria Airways are both developing in-flight entertainment options for their passengers, becoming the first carriers in the former Yugoslavia to do so. Earlier this week, the Chairman of Air Serbia's Supervisory Board, Siniša Mali, confirmed that the airline will offer passengers wireless Internet connectivity on its Airbus fleet by year's end. "We are fully committed to ensuring that Air Serbia remains at the forefront of its regional peers in providing the best products and services for our guests ... and that is why Air Serbia will have a Wi-Fi system on board its aircraft by the end of the year". The service was originally to be unveiled during the second quarter of 2015 but has since been pushed back. Nonetheless, its roll out is expected in the coming months.

The new 'Wi-Fly’ app will enable Internet access on board flights, which will be accessible via personal WLAN/Wi-Fi equipped devices, such as laptops, tablets and smart phones. In addition to Internet connectivity, Air Serbia’s ‘Wi-Fly’ will enable free content streaming which will feature new release movies, popular TV programs, and a variety of music. On Wednesday, the airline's CEO, Dane Kondić, said that passengers will be able to use the Internet and make calls in-flight. A growing number of European carriers offer Wi-Fi Internet access on board a select number of their aircraft. Some of them include British Airways, Lufthansa, Air Berlin and Turkish Airlines. The product is widely available in the United States as well as the Middle East.

Adria Airways is also developing its own in-flight entertainment options. The carrier's CEO, Mark Anžur, says the airline will roll out a new multimedia channel called “In Flight Entertainment”, which will be available across the carrier’s fleet. “Using this new system, passengers will have a simple way to access important information about individual flights and general tips on air travel. The channel will also give access to a wide variety of entertainment options. At the same time, the system will enable more interaction between passengers and the company”, Mr Anžur says. According to the CEO, the latest innovation, which will be introduced “in the near future”, will offer high-quality content on board its aircraft and is in step with the times. Further details and a set time-frame for Adria’s new service are expected soon.


  1. Anonymous09:37

    Stream-ovaće Žikinu dinastiju kao u svakom gastarbajterskom busu

    1. Anonymous10:21

      Gledaj sta hoces.. ko ti brani.

    2. Anon 9:37 AM,
      vec se unapred brinete sta ce ko ''streaim-ovati. Ko plati kartu taj neka ''strimuje''. Oni koji se voze samo koje kakvim autobusima kao sto sam cinim, avioni su mislena imenica za nas na cetiri tocka. Kakva bih sreca bila da poletim, pa makar ''strimovao'' dynasty!. How care!✈😊. Srecan ste Vi anon, covece. Kada ste vi tako ''prozorljivi'' da vidite sta ce ko ubuduce gledati, leteci avionima Er Srbije... Pozdrav Vama, sa sve dinastijom. Pa bila ona i Zikina. Rod & Jet Set.✈🌏✈ Kraljevo✈Sydney.

    3. Anonymous12:41

      Bolje Žikinu dinastiju i Maratonce i sl. nego prenos skupštine, parove, maldive, veliki brat, farmu, grand, razne pinkove,...

  2. Anonymous09:43

    It's good to see that these companies are starting to realise the importance of investing in customer friendly products.

    With the recent opening of JU's business lounge and together with this wi-fi initiative, they will be at the head of the ex-yu pack for sure.

    With its nearest competitors moving ahead, what is OU doing ?

    There are no announcements whatsoever and nothing for its customers to look forward to. They will soon have probably THE best terminal in all of ex-yu - the perfect opportunity in which to have their own dedicated business lounge - and yet nothing, no announcements and no plans to have their own lounge .... No plans either for on board wi-fi ....

    So what is their management team doing ? These are all customer and product initiatives that have nothing to do with restructuring and terms set by the EU - which were all related to routes and where they could fly.

    Management should have been thinking of and investing in customer services while they were restricted from flying to new destinations ....Instead, they have done nothing and wasted the opportunity, while their competitors have moved forward in leaps and bounds.

    Is there anything that this management team is capable of doing, other than nothing ?

    1. Anonymous10:07

      And let's not forget that in a few days we'll find out if JU is going to the US, and all the details about it

    2. Anonymous11:07

      What does JU going to JFK has to do with OU's lounge or onboard entertainment options?

    3. Anonymous15:39

      Exactly, he is just a troll!!

    4. Anonymous17:50

      It's not bad enough that someone has to infect this thread with non relevant comments, but, i think i represent the view of many people here when i say that i am sick of hearing these comments about JU flying to the US. WTF ??? It's as if they are THE only airline flying to the US !!!! Enough already !!! If you can't help yourself, then at least start your own OT thread rather than feed your irrelevancies here ....

      This thread is asking about OU and what they are doing with regards to investments in customer friendly products and services.

      I can't believe that with a brand new terminal, they have no plans to build their own dedicated lounge. WTF have their leadership been doing all this time during their restructuring ???

      No lounge, no wifi onboard - are these people serious ??

  3. Aэrologic09:56

    I am for one glad Air Serbia isn't inveting money in a classical IFE which is a complete waste of money and a box for idiots. I'm sorry but if at an adult age you can't do without entertainment for 2-3 hours then something is seriously wrong with you. Ipads should be distributed to all passengers on flights to Abu Dhabi.

  4. Beograd na Vodi10:02

    (Unless it changed since June)

    Maybe not freaking out about switched on mobile/tablet with "flight" mode during take of/landing would be start?

    I am sure its a miracle that U2 and FR passengers survive with their devices on...

    1. Anonymous15:33

      Ima nas mnogo koji ne volimo AV ali vi nam idete na qrc. Beograd na vodi je samo jedno od mnogobrojnih naselja koje je nicu poslednjih godina. Ja sam neki dan strimovao seriju na telefon u Nis ekspres busu, u lcc kompanijama ce se to dodatno placati kada uvedu. Sjasite vise malo.

    2. Anonymous19:24

      Nobody is freaking out at you, you are breaking the law. It might be outdated and obscure but it still is the law and the crew has to respect it untill it's changed.
      If you were on one of my flights, I'd have you offloaded sooner then you'd get to say 'it's off'
      Greatings from Emirates.

    3. Beograd na Vodi20:03

      @Anon 7:24

      Yup mate. Amount of time wasted on shouting at passengers who dont comply with outdated theories...might be better spent. what point did I say I do not comply with law?

      Wouldn't be nice to have up to date law with evidence based practice for start?

    4. Anonymous21:44

      @Beograd na vodi, airlines do not write or change that law and neither do airline blogs. This is how not following the law and flight attendant instructions to turn off mobile phone can land you in jail:

      Woman arrested on plane for talking on cell phone, on US Airways:

    5. Beograd na Vodi23:54

      Again...Have I said I dont follow the instructions?

      And...I guess this blog is where people leave their opinions...more or less relevant.

      With four flights per month and mainly not on JU movement to be in line with the rest of (shall I say?) bigger ones might be a good idea?

    6. Anonymous00:27

      BNV, go fight to change the law and let us know when it's changed. No point in continuing until then.

  5. Anonymous13:34

    This is great news. Finally some progress in our neck of the woods :)

    1. Anonymous19:33

      There will be more to come. Automated check in without human interaction is coming to Belgrade airport in a couple of months. Passengers will be able to check in online or at airport kiosk, print baggage tags at the kiosk and use self service baggage drop machines. This service is currently available at a limited number of European airports.

    2. Anonymous21:21

      Sure, for tech-savvy pax this toy is going to be an interesting feature. Realistically, this is a cost-saving measure, as automated check in actually decreases the need for employees manning the desks and this is the only reason why they implement it anywhere. Not because it makes pax life easier. It's not like online check in, where you get to bypass physical checkin and pick your seat...

      And this is why all the airports that have those automated booths still maintain physical desks for business class and premium pax - as this is still the easiest and most convenient way to check in (with baggage, ofc).

      I'm not saying it's a bad thing, everybody's doing it, so there must be something to it. But I'm afraid that something is less costs, not more pax comfort. By the way, is that BEG or JU who's doing it?

    3. Anonymous08:38

      Doing what?

    4. Anonymous11:41

      Who's installing the automated check-in - BEG or JU? JU has its own ground staff, other primarily use Airport's (with some exceptions). Is the service going to be available to JU pax only, or to pax of other airlines whose check-in is handled by BEG...

  6. Anonymous13:46

    OT: Are Wizzair planning to discontinue flights from Belgrade to both Eindhoven and Beauvais next year? No schedule for those 2 towns...

    1. Nope. Those flights are operated with aircraft which is not based in BEG, so that's why there is still no schedule.

  7. Anonymous17:44

    Looking forward to hearing more about Adtia's inflight entertainment. But really good news :)

    1. Anonymous17:52

      What about OU ?


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