Niš Airport breaks passenger record


Niš Constantine the Great Airport handled its 100.000th passenger yesterday, the first time it has managed to do so in a single year. Miljana Todorović from the town of Leskovac was the 100.000th traveller, arriving on a Wizz Air flight from Eindhoven. The airport has recorded an average growth rate of over 250% this year after Wizz Air and Ryanair introduced new services to the city. Furthermore, Turkish Airlines commenced scheduled cargo flights from Istanbul to Niš. Next year, Swiss International Air Lines will launch operations from Zurich to the southeast Serbian city. The airport's management initially estimated Niš would welcome some 100.000 passengers in 2016, however, this figure has now been surpassed. In 2017, the airport expects to begin work on expanding its terminal building and handling 300.000 travellers.


  1. Anonymous10:57

    Wasn't that a passenger flying in from Eindhoven? Maybe I'm mistaking.

  2. Anonymous11:01

    Good for INI, this is only the beginning. There is simply no logical explanation how they couldn't handle anything while SKP handles over one million.

    With FR, W6 and LX in town, I am sure that we are looking at at least 400.000 passengers in 2016.

  3. Anonymous13:00

    W6, FR & LX are offering 390'000 (207' + 158' + 25') seats if the flight number wont change. With no additional service, there is no chance to surpass 400'000.

    1. Anonymous14:00

      They've already added additional flights around the holidays. Same can happen in summer.

    2. Anonymous14:29

      This is max. seats with loadfactor 100% (and LX starts in april so they offer 6'000 seats less for 2017). Max capacity with the extra holiday flights wont be more than 390'000. But maybe there will be new/more flights/destinations/airlines...

  4. Anonymous17:45

    Add some charters, general aviation flights. That could bring couple of hundreds.

  5. Anonymous09:40

    Congrats to Niš airport!!


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