Eurowings to promote Croatian tourism


Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings, which has expanded significantly across Croatia this year, has applied stickers to one of its Airbus A320 aircraft promoting Croatian tourism. The Stuttgart-based jet will fly across Europe featuring the special markings advertising both Croatia and Istria in English and German with the slogan "Full of Life". The aircraft is a frequent visitor to the country and has operated services from Stuttgart to both Split and Rijeka over the past few days. Recently, the Croatian Ministry for Tourism said Eurowings is considering opening a base in Rijeka next year as well as services to the island of Brač.

Photo credit: Robin Langfelder and Ramin


  1. Anonymous14:46

    Eurowings will open new routes from Germany to Pula and Rijeka next summer season, they already made agreement with those two airports!

    1. Anonymous15:00

      That sounds much more realistic than opening base in Rijeka. Is someone know from where they will fly to this two airports? Because, they are flying from 6 or 7 destinations from Germany to pula and rijeka.

    2. Anonymous15:17

      They will base the jet in RJK!

    3. Dont believe that RJK will be a base. That would mean, EW would fly between 2-3 destinations daily. Nowadays EW doesn't fly daily from RJK, only Thursday's and Sunday's RJK has 3 daily flights.

      And I doubt that RJK has a big demand to other destinations to work as a base. SPU would have more sense

    4. On other days EW flies 1-2 times a day to RJK and that also not daily

    5. HLX tried to fly from FMM, MUC and LEJ and failed.
      BLUE panorama tried to start from FCO to RJK and twice it was never realized.

      Which other europ. destinations would make sense to start from RJK on a daily basis?
      More British and Scandinavian destis?

    6. Anonymous16:46

      Yeah, Oslo should be operated longer during the summer (now just one month), Gotheborg would also work, and definitely London with some carrier, Ryanair is flying to STN just from June until September.

    7. Anonymous21:22

      I think new routes from Rijeka which can work are Frankfurt (Condor earlier served that route), Amsterdam and London Gatwick. Those 3 airports have huge number of connections. Also, a lot of tourists from Germany, UK and Netherlands comes to Kvarner every year so there is a big number of P2P passengers.

  2. Anonymous20:04

    And for brac somebody knows when they and where they will fly?

  3. Anonymous20:47

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  4. Anonymous10:30

    Amazing. Bravo Hrvatska. Keeps getting better


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