Five qualify in Belgrade Airport concession


Five non-binding bids have qualified into the second phase for the 25-year concession to finance, develop (through construction and reconstruction), maintain, and manage infrastructure at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. The five in question are:

• Consortium Meridiam Eastern Europe Investments (France), Zurich Airport (Switzerland) and Eiffage (France)
• Consortium GMR Infrastructure Limited (India) and Terna (Greece)
• Vinci Airports (France)
• Consortium Incheon International Airport Corporation (South Korea), Ic Ictas Altypi (Turkey) and VTB Capital Infrastructure Holding (Cyprus)
• Consortium Hainan Air Travel Service (China) and China National Aero-technology International Engineering Corporation (China)

There were a total of six bidders, however, Russia's Novaport Invest failed to qualify. The five now have 75 days to submit their binding bids.


  1. Anonymous11:07

    pa bre ovo je vec pre nekoliko nedelja prodato Hainanu

  2. 4 stub offers, which means it's going to Hainan. Vinci is the most laughable one considering their interest in Zagreb. Chinese are ramping up investment into Serbia and this is the payback. Fair in my opinion.

    1. Anonymous15:28

      Vinci has no interest in Zagreb.

    2. Anonymous16:31

      Just to correct myself, Vinci has an ownership in ADP, which in turn has an ownership in MZLZ which is the management and holding company for Pleso Airport.

      Vinci is a very strong contender for BEG.

  3. no fraport or strabag? i am very suprised!
    vučić went to visit state of hesse which owns fraport, and also one of his "advisers", guzenbauer, is involved with stragab.

  4. Anonymous11:42

    Koreans or Chinese ...

  5. Anonymous13:42

    Hopefully Koreans, if not Chinese second best.

    1. Anonymous20:59

      I'm hoping the Koreans get the contract too

  6. Anonymous15:10

    I would prefer the French

  7. Anonymous15:54

    Of this lot, the Swiss (ie. Zurich) led consortium is strongest.... they should get it and if they don't, then it will be politics that gets in the way and decides

    1. Anonymous16:57

      I am not familiar, what did the swiss offer that made their bid more competitive?

  8. Anonymous04:16

    Can someone explain to me this Korean partnership - Consortium Incheon International Airport Corporation (South Korea), Ic Ictas Altypi (Turkey) and VTB Capital Infrastructure Holding (Cyprus)

    Will these three have split 33.33% stake or how does this exactly work...?

    Personally I believe the Chinese option might be the bet based on other investments in Serbia.

  9. Uveren sam da korporacija koja je najsposobnija da privuce milione putnika, a sa kapitalom je u umogucnosti da izgradi infra strukturu na aerodromu koju bude ugoverna sa drzavom Srbijom ce sigurno dobiti menadzment iducih cetvrt veka.
    Kome ce od ovih pet takmicara za Nikolu Teslu,
    "Upasti sekira u med" iskreno, nije tako bitno.
    Bitan je KNO HOW, Capital i Good Will.
    Toga ce sigurno biti. Ogroman novac i investicije su na stolu.
    Rodney Marinkovic


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